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Sunday, January 20, 2013

BanaNut Pancakes (Banana and Almond Nut Pancakes)

Fluffy BanaNut Pancakes
This is an adaptation of the Paleo Pancakes by the Caveman.

This is part of my gradual shift into a wheat-free lifestyle, and these pancakes are my first dive into the wheat-free goodies (subbing for wheat-foods that I used to enjoy). I am sure I cannot do full Paleo, as I know that I will still use some grains, mainly in the form of rice and some corn. I cannot fully do a low-carb diet because I am sure I will, although not too often, eat some goodies with high-GI carbs in them (in the form of cassava, potatoes, and sweet potatoes), which I will reserve in those "dessert weekends."

I and my sons love bananas, and I have been contemplating on making them one weekend, and this morning was it. We loved these! But the greatest thing for me was that, when I checked my blood sugar 2-1/2 hrs post-prandial, I was expecting it to be high, more than 110+ (I was not hungry when I had my breakfast enjoyed with coffee with cream, no sugar).  The reason I expected it to be high was because of the bananas and maple syrup, not to mention nuts are also carb-foods (though it contains fat and proteins as well). I had 6 of these wonderful mini-pancakes. Lo and behold, I only had a blood sugar of 99, and was still full 2-1/2 hours after eating them! Since ingredients are very much traditional and natural, it was really a guilt-free indulgence! So even though I am still technically doing Phase 3 of the Harcombe Diet/Lifestyle, such "cheating" with good carb sources are forgivable. 

I changed the method and added baking soda and baking powder, just to try to see if that would make it fluffier. (I am not sure if it made a difference compared to the method he used). 

For the almond butter, you can make your own using raw whole almonds processed in the food processor until they turn into nut butter.

3 eggs, separated
3 bananas
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder


Heat the pan on very low (#4 or #2 on my glass stovetop).

Whip the egg whites...
...until it forms stiff peaks
Place the rest of the ingredients in the food processor.
Turn on...
Until you come up with this liquid batter.
Fold the egg whites into the batter.
This is how it looks like after folding well.
Cook only small ones because they are hard to flip over (might break if they are too big).
Takes quite a long time to cook thoroughly, but be patient.
I even resorted to covering to hasten up the cooking process of the middle parts.

Slather some butter on top (I used homemade raw butter from our grass-fed cows), and pour maple syrup.



  1. wow! i can't believe this recipe has no flour :D I'd like to recreate it someday - maybe on a cheat day! Currently doing slow carb.

    1. Hi Kate, the cat lover! :) Yeah, the only thing holding the pancake together is the egg. Quite fragile if not cooked thoroughly in the middle (I made some failed flips). Makes me want to try letting the mixture sit (with eggs not separated) overnight with some tapioca flour or arrowroot flour to see if that helps. Flavor is fab, though, for banana lovers.


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