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Canning: Meatloaf

Homecanned meatloaf reminds me of embutido I was trying to free up some freezer space for this year's supply of beef for our family. As my followers know, our family sends homegrown chickens, pig and cow every year to the slaughterhouse. We then freeze them in our freezers (we have 4 freezers at home) and these will be our meat supply for a whole year (or more). Sliced meatloaf can be reheated in the pan Now that my sons are away most of the time because either they are in college or just graduated from college, we have been more slow in consuming these meats. So I end up with freezers still with lots of meat by the time the new batch arrives. Canning is a way for me to free up the space without throwing away anything. It also has the benefit of making ready-meals ahead of time, which my sons can bring with them to their dorm or apartment after visiting us. It is one way to get good quality meats to them; also lets them save some money (because grass-fed beef and pasture

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