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A Filipina's unabashed chronicle of her adaptations in the American kitchen. Includes step-by-step photos on how to make pan de sal, ensaymada, pan de coco, siopao, hopia, pandelimon, pianono, atsara, crema de fruta,etc., and if you are lucky, you will find videos too!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chocolate Kahlua Cake

I got the recipe for Chocolate Kahlua Cake from The Cake Mix Doctor , but instead of the coffee Kahlua, what I had were Hazelnut Kahlua 1 L and Torino Chocolate Syrup.  So I changed the original 3/4 c Kahlua into 1/4 c hazelnut Kahlua and 1/2 c chocolate syrup. And for the glaze, instead of 1/4 c Kahlua, I used espresso (prepared using Tassimo), which was around 1/8 cup, so to make it 1/4, I mixed it with half Hazelnut Kahlua and half Chocolate Syrup.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reader's Photo Gallery #23

Probably the biggest collection of photos I have received through email is from Lyra. Thanks for sharing your photos, Lyra!
hi manang,
I did try for the first time the pianono and it was a success, since I still have left over ube from ube ice cream, I made ube roll today and my kids love it, and all came from your recipe, dami ko na utang sa inyo...more power
Lyra of AZ

Spanish Bread and Ensaymada

Supersoft Ensaymada




Ube Ice Cream

Ube Cake Roll

Egg Pie

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Dairy Chronicle: Cream Separator

Cream Separator
 This post marks the start of my newfound interest in my rural American kitchen: DAIRY.

That includes milk, heavy cream, skimmed milk, butter, yogurt, and cheeses. The best part: I am getting the raw ingredient for FREE.

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