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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer squash

These are two types of summer squash (the long ones are with a young zucchini in the photo; shots are from last year's produce).

The long ones were given by my MIL; the round flat ones from my SIL.

I have tried them in various ways. They are spongy but not dry, with a good crunch when blanched. Very good in stir-fries.

Various ways I have prepared them include a quiche (chopped along with onion and carrots and some shrimps or tuna or ground beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked on stovetop covered under #3 setting for 7 minutes);

Or stirred into the still-hot sweet and sour sauce using Sassy's recipe for Sweet and Sour Fish, substituting my canned whole tomatoes for the water and tomato paste, and broiling the fish while brushing intermittently with butter for 10 minutes each side under low setting).

And also in my revised tinolang manok added together with the leaves after removing from heat.

Even kids love the summer squash! The consistency is like a cross between upo and cucumber. Don't peel this.

Tuna Sandwich

This is one of my hubby's quick lunch or supper when I am not in the mood to cook anything fancy...

Open a can of tuna in brine, add some mayonnaise (1-2 tbsp), a dash of pepper, then top with several baby spinach leaves.

I like mine with a squirt of lemon juice (according to taste) and some bits of chopped onion, mixed together well. I add salt to taste also.

We like toasting the bread. But when katam strikes, we don't.

Yan ang tanghalian namin kanina...It was too hot that I was not in the mood to prepare anything that would require me to spend time in front of a hot stove, and that would result to profuse sweating upon ingestion by virtue of the specific dynamic action of food.

Tamad magluto, tamad mag-post...yan ang resulta ng work-at-home status ko ngayon. Pasensya na po...

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