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Monday, April 17, 2006

Chocolate Indulgence Cake

For husband's birthday, I ordered this mix from King Arthur Flour. I realized almost too late that I needed heavy cream to make the choco frosting, so that I had to ask hubby to go to town to get one. Small though it may be, it was sooo rich. Each had only a little piece and that was enough. Hubby brought some leftover to dinner at work the next day.


Pinakbet is allegedly an Ilocano original. My parents are both Ilocanos, but I admit that this pinakbet by my friend Ana from Davao is the best one I have ever tasted, so that I asked that she share her recipe so I can post it here. With her generosity, here is the recipe:

Ana's Pinakbet from Digos Davao Del Sur
· 4 tsp oil (Sesame oil is best)
· 1 Large onion diced
· 4 medium tomatoes diced
· 2 tsp garlic minced
· ½ cup diced pork meat
· 1 cup peeled small shrimp
· 1 cup sliced eggplant
· 1 cup cubed squash
· 1 cup sliced okra
· 1 bunch prepared green beans (B A L A T O N G)
· Generous amount of sautéed A L A M A N G N A H I P O N
1. Sauté onion & garlic until aroma is released and slightly brown
2. Add minced pork until slightly browned
3. Add tomatoes and let simmer for about ten minutes or until mush
4. Add eggplant and squash and simmer for ten minutes or until tender
5. Add A L A M A N G N A H I P O N (K A M A Y A N)
6. Add shrimp, okra and green beans until tender
Serve with white rice and vinegar on the side.

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