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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Dairy Chronicle: Compound Butters (Marrow-Herb Butter)

Marrow-Herb Butter
Marrow-Herb Butter
Before you start bashing me with comments that make you look like a doofus, just like one of the comments below, please educate yourself first and avoid thinking that your belief is the only valid belief on earth.

Those who have been following my posts on fb (as Manang Kusinera) know how I lost weight since I started my Harcombe Diet-turned into-High Fat Low Carb diet.  And now that my body has healed from all the symptoms I had prior (which was an unexpected outcome when all I wanted was to lose weight, which I also achieved effortlessly), I have turned into a real-foodie...well, almost, as I still use some sugar and flour from time to time, although much less than before. And I have developed my own theory that, as long as I eat gut-friendly and immunity-boosting foods (probiotics such as raw milk, raw butter, fermented veggies and fermented dairy), I can balance out the ill-effects of gut-destroying foods (like sugar and wheat/flour). And if I do start experiencing symptoms of inflammation again after reintroducing some of these pro-inflammatory foods, I stop immediately and revert back to the HFLC diet.

When I first got the chance to witness how to make butter and cottage cheese as demonstrated by my BIL, I got several books on dairy. Topics included cultured dairy, butter, and cheesemaking.  I have seen compound butters, but never really got interested in making them, until I posted the below photo on fb:

Bone marrow ready to simmer in the slow cooker to make bone marrow broth
Homemade Mommy suggested I make compound butter. I considered it. Roasted some of the cooked bone marrow, toasted a bread and spread some butter on it, added the marrow on top, and sprinkled with garlic salt...it was.SAVORY. DELICIOUS. RICH. I had to close my eyes and just revel in gustatory delight.

So I thought I'd officially make it into butter. I had two half-gallon jugs of really heavy cream in the fridge today, and I dealt with one of them, which gave me 8-oz of butter. I added 6-oz of the chilled and chopped marrow, 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/2 tsp garlic salt, and some chopped fresh parsley and rosemary.

Then I mixed them well with my gloved hand and a spatula...

Then I placed the butter in molds lined with cling wrap. I should have known that using this flexible plastic mold (it was actually from the Crisco butter-flavored shortening that I bought before I was enlightened) would enable me to get the butter out easily once frozen/chilled.

After freezing, I removed them from the molds and wrapped the cling-wrap tightly around.

Then I wrapped with freezer paper and labeled accordingly. I then placed them back in the freezer. I will give them during Christmas to my in-laws, along with a print-out of this article that outlines the benefits of eating beef bone marrow.

And as quoted by Anthony Bourdain:
"As well as being high in the ‘fifth taste’ umami flavour, bone marrow contains up to three times more protein, vitamins, iron and Omega 3 than any other protein per 100g,"

Use with lean meats such as bison, roast lamb or roast beef. Also try it on a grilled cheese, spreading it on the bread in lieu of regular butter. My son loves this on toast. I have used this on fried rice (along with chicken liver pate for a power fried rice), and on egg-in-a-hole.

My son has used up all of the first batch I made so I made another batch, this time, using 1 pound each of marrow and butter, 1 tsp each of garlic and onion powder, 2 tsp sea salt, 2 tsp each of dried crushed parsley and rosemary, and 1 tsp of lemon-pepper. If you plan to make some yourself, you may feel free to experiment with other herbs. You can google "marrow butter" to get more ideas. This is so gourmet, I bet my in-laws will be hesitant to use this so I plan to print out articles about bone marrow's health benefits when I give them marrow butters as Christmas gift.


  1. Wow! That must really be delicious. I wish you were my neighbor I could have bought one from you :-)

    1. Hi Faye,
      Well my son has finished one bar and is now on the second. I will have to make more (I have another tub of marrow waiting for the butter). The combination with garlic and herbs is just perfect! If you were near me, I would share some with you. :)

    2. Thanks Manang ... maybe I'll try to recreate it in the future :-)... let me rephrase that- I want to recreate that in the future

  2. Looks like an artery-clogger.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You are obviously among the majority of the people who are unenlightened and still indoctrinated by the USDA health guidelines. Do you wonder why the America is facing a crisis in health care? why obesity and metabolic syndrome are rampant in the USA?

      Before you make such comments that bring out the uninformed in you, please make the necessary research first before bashing others.

      Recommended readings are books by Gary Taubes, Sally Fallon, Robb Wolf, William Davis, and Catherine Shanahan. You might also start by searching on google about the benefits of bone marrow and raw butter, and natural (real) foods in general, especially when the food you eat also ate/had natural foods when they were still alive.

      I bet you either keep yourself "healthy" by taking pills, or you keep yourself off medications by being a vegetarian (which will take its toll on you in the long run).

      I have been on high (natural) fat diet since May of this year, when I started this journey into real food and started ditching most processed foods, including flour- and sugar-based carbs. I have never felt healthier (and by that I mean no symptoms of illness) and full of energy, not to mention I lost a lot of unhealthy weight due to accumulated visceral fats. If your claim is true, I would have dropped dead a long time ago.

    2. Maybe I would need all that blubber if I lived in the freezing boondocks of Maine.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I admire people who withold their identity when doing charitable works but to dish out strong and mean words but hides in anonymity is something else. How sad :-(

    5. Faye, there are always such people who derive pleasure from being mean to others, but as you said, they tend to hide behind anonymity. That is a privilege brought upon by the internet and the computer screen.

    6. Anonymous,
      I apologize for my earlier response. I did not mean to stoop that low. Please let me edit my response. This is what I should have said:

      "If that is your belief, then I respect that. Let us just agree to disagree.

      My blog was never meant to be a way for me to preach and force my views onto others. It was merely a repository of recipes that I created that turned out successful, or recipes I tried and my family or friends liked, or recipes share to me by friends. I don't have to justify my recipes or defend my views if you don't like them. You can just opt not to pay any attention to them, right?

      If my post offended you, may I ask you to just leave MY BLOG.

      Unless you have tips to share to make my recipe or method better, or you have a helpful feedback/constructive criticism AFTER TRYING my recipe, please refrain from leaving a comment.

      I remain in the spirit of ethical blogging."

  3. That's the type of comments people gave Julia Childs too when she promoted the goodness of butter. Now, foodies are all about butter and real cream and all the things that are supposed to be bad for you.

    I for one would love to fatten my arteries with some real deal marrow butter! You can give me anon's share :P
    You're lucky to have reliable sources for natural fats. We should all be so lucky!

    1. JMom, A good dose of real fat from marrow will help keep the arteries elastic instead of hardening through atherosclerosis. Here's a good quote lifted off the internet: "As well as being high in the ‘fifth taste’ umami flavour, bone marrow contains up to three times more protein, vitamins, iron and Omega 3 than any other protein per 100g," from http://www.caterersearch.com/Articles/04/09/2012/345128/Dry-aged-bone-marrow-butter-voted-one-of-Britain39s-Top-50.htm

      As we all know, Omega-3 is the healthy fat.


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