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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yema Cake: Manang K's Version

Manang K's Yema Cake
Uncut yema cake. Top frosting is quite runny, just like how photos on the internet looked like.

While on the Harcombe Diet, I attempted making yema cake as a birthday gift to my friend, and I never experienced craving for the sugar. I was quite resistant! Haha! but I did cheat later during the party to get a good taste of my creation. I guess the amount I took (about 1 tbsp) was not enough to judge it, so I am taking my friends' words for it. They said it was good.

I, and probably my friends too, have no baseline to compare this with, as I have never tasted yema cake before.  An FB friend, Pam L., once asked me if I had a recipe for yema cake.  Well, that is something new. I never had yema cake and I had no idea what it was or how it tasted like. She sent me a photo of the yema cake her friend bought then gave to her. I decided to look it up on the net. There were plenty of photos and experiences about it, but THERE WERE NO RECIPES OF YEMA CAKE AVAILABLE at this time. Take note of the date: June 28, 2012 = My YEMA CAKE recipe is the first to be posted online.  Any other yema recipes you will see after this date could have been another person who attempted to create based on photos and description, or another person whose ideas were MY ideas but don't give me credit at all whatsoever (because many bloggers are that unethical, pretending to be that original when it comes from ideas). Good thing some bloggers posted photos of the cut cake, which gave me some idea, so here I am basically winging it. Please be reminded that I HAVE NOT TASTED A YEMA CAKE BEFORE, SO I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS COMES CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL, that is why I titled it as MY version.
Cut yema cake. The actual yema frosting is sandwiched between the chiffon cake.

I based my recipe on some of my blog posts already published. For the custard topping, I used the custard in my Mini Brazo de Mercedez post. The yema filling is based on my Dulce de Leche post. For the cake, I used the chiffon cake in my Custard Cake recipe.

--> Ingredients:
 For the Chiffon Cake, please click this link. This recipe is just right for an 8x8 inch square pan.  

While baking in the oven at 325 ºF for 25 to 30 minutes, I prepared the frostings. 

 For the yema filling, please make yema first. The instruction is on this recipe link. Half of a can is blended well with 4 tbsp softened butter using a hand beater. 

For the custard topping, blend together in a small saucepan: 
half of uncooked sweetened condensed milk 
4 egg yolks 
1 tsp vanilla 
1/4 tsp almond extract 
1/4 tsp lemon extract 

 Using a double boiler (I filled a larger pan with some water and simmered that while the small saucepan sits in the simmering water. This avoids burning the custard.) Keep stirring while cooking, until it coats the back of a wooden spoon. Turn heat off and add 4 tbsp of butter.


Once the cake is baked, let cool with the pan upside down (this stretches the chiffon cake) and cool completely before adding the filling/frosting.)  Cut in the middle.
Apply the yema filling over the first half.

Place the second half over the yema filling.

After placing the second half on the yema filling, coat the top equally with the soft custard.   
Note: This custard topping is naturally runny, basing on photos I had seen.

This was met with eager acceptance by everyone.
Anna was the first to have a slice

Next was Fe.

happy birthday, Cecilia!


  1. KA LAMI... ;)

  2. it looks deliciouso!!!!

  3. If the custard was runny did it end up being seeped into the chiffoncake if left too long or if placed in ref? Thank you

  4. instead of using chiffon cake,i use yellow cake...my own version of moist and fine cake. in order to avoid runny custard,i omit using butter,instead i put grated cheddar cheese...yummy!

  5. https://www.facebook.com/tagapoyemacake

  6. i'll try this! hope you don't mind if i repost this on my blog!

  7. Hi, I want to try your yema cake po. Ok lng po bang I-bake ang chiffon cake sa non-stick pan? Meron po akong alluminum pans pero round. Gusto ko sana rectangular din para mas madali idivide pgka bake. Ano po kyang mganda?

  8. thanks for sharing your recipe! Been hearing a lot about Yema Caramel cake now I could try to make it :-)

  9. A pleasant good day to you. Can I have the recipe of yema cake?


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