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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reader's Photo Gallery #22

I love getting emails from (or being tagged on fb by) people/blog readers who have tried and loved recipes that I feature here. Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences!
Marlene tagged me on fb for these photos below, for which she said,
Manang, the wait was really worth it!! My friends came over and they all loved it! Thanks so much!!!
Choco Flan Cake

Then, Rosanna F. also sent me the photo below:
Filipino Custard (Leche Flan) Cake
and her email:

Hi Manang!  Pasensya na ngayon lang uli ako naka email sa iyo.  I am sending you a picture of my third attempt to bake the Leche Flan cake.
Needless to say it looked very good and tasted very good.  I changed the recipe a bit.   I took out the sugar for the flan and added two more yolks.
I also doubled the sponge cake ingredients to give us more cake.  The original recipe for the flan was a little bit to sweet for us and the sponge cake
seemed not enough since the flan came up too thick.  Thank you for sharing the recipe.  Thank you also for telling us about your new method of
caramelizing sugar in the microwave.  It was fast and less messy to make.  Thanks again and please keep up your good work.  We appreciate it
very much.

P.S.  If you're ever in the San Diego area, please let me know, I would love to meet you and maybe we can cook together.  Best regards!

Here's another from Rowie:
Supersoft Ensaymada

and her email:
Hi Manang!
Im really so happy to have tried your recipe! Everybody loves them! My daughters are picky eaters and dont usually like filipino foods but they love the ensaymadas. Actually Im baking some again right now! Lol.
Yes , I do have a facebook account and already posted a picture. I love baking , i started out experimenting on cakes ( cafe-mocha, ube macapuno, buco pandan, lecheflan upsidedown cake). I can say that im quite good at it but I hate decorating and my kids and hubby arent fond of cakes , so i rarely bake unless requested bymy friends and inlaws. Thats the reason why I started making breads, at least my two girls and hubby eat them.
Thanks again for the wonderful recipe! Have a great day!


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