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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Egg Tarts

Another recipe shared by my fb friend Leslie Ruelan. Thanks a lot, Leslie, for sharing your tried and tested recipes, especially at these times that I am too busy to bake something new or to even try new recipes.

30 pcs. tart shells
10 pcs. egg yolks
1 can 300 ml. condensed milk
1 can 370 ml. evap. milk
1 tsp. vanilla


1.) mix all ingredients (except tart shells) until egg is well dispersed.
2.) pour into each tart shells
3.) bake at 350F for 25 mins. or until golden brown


  1. Boy, manang, that must have been the easiest recipe so far. I know we all love short, no-fuss recipes.
    If we make mamon using only egg whites, this is the perfect recipe to make use of the yolks!

  2. posted a comment seconds ago but it disappeared! just wanted to say this recipe must be the shortest i've ever come across so far, but we all love short, no-fuss recipes. perfect way to use the yolks after making mamon, which makes use of the whites. i still have to make those mamons by the way, pero bumili na ako ng cream of tartar.

  3. Hi sharon,
    I agree this is fast and easy!
    my fave mamon recipe does use the whole egg, though (separated)...or are you talking about the torta mamon cebuano that uses egg yolks?

  4. manang,
    i was referring to your mamon not the torta. yes, i just checked, it does make use of whole eggs - but separated. i might make it this weekend. since i don't have small brioche pans, i will use the large tortilla cups.

  5. Hi manag... i love all your recipes..i tried most of them and my family loves it. I just saw the egg tart, can you give the recipe of the tart shell please? thanks :)

  6. I didn't know that Macau make delicious egg tarts. I saw in Korean series "Princess Hour" the lead actress relocated to Macau and she bought egg tarts make me craving for egg tarts. Hahaha

  7. is it okay if only five egg yolk only ?

  8. Hi Merly, Angelina, and ghia,
    Sorry for this late reply. Been busy fighting corrupt government agents.
    Merly, this is a shared recipe that I myself have not tried so I do not have the recipe for the tart shells.
    ghia, If you use half the amount of egg yolks, you might as well halve everything. :)

  9. manang can you make cashew tart like from the Philippines... mobee cashew tart... thanks

    1. Hi Anonymous, I really am not experienced with tarts, and this one was shared with me, and not something I myself made. Sorry...

  10. Hi, did you pre bake the tart shells?


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