Ian Edson - A Victim of Spamming

Yesterday, after I received a comment under my Pork Roasted in Mang Tomas Sauce post, I made a text box addressed to google (see down below)

This morning, the owner of the said site made a comment under my Beef Asado siopao (apparently that post shows up on google when he made the same googling I did yesterday), trying to clear his name.

I do believe the guy. A google adsense earner knows better not to make such spam comments...its the easiest way to get "his" website banned from the reverse results of what the spammer asked for. The spammer knows that....

Hence, it seems the spammer wants the site he provided to be banned by google adsense. Maybe out of jealousy, revenge, or simply wanting a competition (in google adsense) out of the picture. If the spammer is a Filipino, another crab mentality?

I would be interested to know if the spammer is indeed Filipino, or the other blogs he left a comment on belong to Filipino bloggers. Is the spammer also leaving messages on non-Pinoy owned sites as well?

Now the owner of that site is a Filipino living in the Philippines. If he earns from google, comparing his stats with mine, I can say that he earns a big sum every month from Google, enough to provide half of what is needed to support a family (converting $ to Php), IF his earnings per page load is same as from any blogger-adsense user's earnings.

So I am making this post in an attempt to clear Ian Edson's name (who, I believe, is the true victim here), in response to sylv3blade's post. I just hope we could track down the spammer. His IP address showing up in NY means nothing if he uses a proxy (according to my hubby. I don't really understand it, to be honest. A techie I am not.)

My text box yesterday:


I just recently got this comment on my most recent post, which I received in my email at 2:54 PM 09-16-09:

Hi, this is urgent. I will click all your adsense ads many times everyday if you do not

comply with what I am going to say.

Go to http://youtubemegavideo.blogspot.com/ and click my adsense ads 5 times (different

ads). That's it. If you dont want your adsense account to be banned, follow what I told you.

If you do not, I have records in my logs and if I find out that you did not comply with what

I said, you will get what you deserve.

Apparently, I am not the only one he threatened. See this thread.

I did not bother to click on his link, which will only add to his site traffic, and also seeing how leery his business practices are, I was afraid he would be able to implant a virus in my computer if I get to his site.

It seems he also has a channel in youtube or makes spam comments like this. Please ignore him if you are a blogger who received the same comment, or a youtuber who reads comments coming from him.

I did report him to google adsense for policy violation.


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