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Saturday, April 25, 2009

KNB: Nu-Wave Infrared Tabletop Oven

I saw this in a catalog, and I was intrigued. A portable oven where I can cook a whole chicken even straight from the freezer??? For less than $100??? While I essentially have no need for an additional oven since my conventional oven does a good job already, my curiosity got the better of me. This seemed like a very good idea for those who do not have the space in the kitchen for a conventional oven, or for those who simply cannot afford one. How about college students? it also claims to be able to bake muffins or rolls...that I gotta try.

Anyway, I checked out the product reviews in amazon.com before I made this purchase. The first dish I made out of this is roasted cornish hen. While it took a while to bake, I realized I made a mistake of not cooking the back for half the time intially before turning it over to cook the breast part. But we ended up with very moist chicken which we loved.

Then I tried to cook steaks (marinated) in it, and they were tender and moist as well. My husband was very pleased with the results, and we were not sure whether it was the marinade that made the steaks moist though they were well done, or it was the oven itself.

The advantages are that I can cook frozen foods without having to pre-heat the oven, and end up with cooking time same as that using conventional oven minus the thawing time. Easy clean up as well (just like you would ordinary dishes). It does not heat up the kitchen as much as conventional oven does. The space it has for baking is just right for a family size meal (as long as I am not planning to bake other things like rolls or breads at the same time).

I did buy an extender ring (for additional $38++) so I could bake big chickens and small turkeys in it. The extender ring includes the transparent ring that makes the wall higher, and a rack that is 2 inches high, plus additional smaller nonstick baking pan.

While this is another clutter on my countertop, after I am done getting to know it, I will pass it on to my older son when he goes out of the house, living on his own, cooking for himself or with a friend. (Or I might love it all the more as time goes by!) I will still have to experiment baking yeast breads or muffins or cakes in it. If it really does as promised on ads, then I have got myself a winner at a bargain price.

This is what I got from my recent google ads and foodbuzz earnings. So my dear readers, if you have been enjoying my recipes here, paki-klik lang po ang mga gugel adverts for additional incentive for me to keep on posting. TY!


  1. You are my taste test kitchen!!

  2. Very interesting - thanks for being our product reviewer!

  3. Hi Ebie, TN, and peachkins,

    I have tried to use this for baking only several ensaymadas in brioche molds. turned out perfect ensaymadas within 10 minutes (after letting the frozen dough thaw and rise, that is).

  4. may nag bebenta po ba nyan dto sa pinas? kasi balak ko pong bumili san po kaya ako makakabili nyan? pls reply po salamay po :-)

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Di ko alam kung me nagbebenta sa Pinas, pero ideal sana, no? Try to google infrared tabletop oven, baka sakali. Maybe you can try contacting the company itself to check if they have an outlet in the Philippines or other countries abroad.

  6. Anonymous,
    Here's the website:

  7. Hi Manang! I have been wanting to buy this since me and hubby was also intrigued. I was waiting for someone I know that uses it and if it does really work as it promised. Now that you had a review on this product the more I want to get one for us. Thanks for this post.

  8. HI Bless,
    You can also read the reviews of others in that link I provided in the comment above yours. :)

  9. Wow! This is a fantastic idea!
    Great photos! Thanks for posting.
    Nice article, thanks for the information.
    Cooking Equipment

  10. yes, the nu wave oven is fabulous but after three or four years of using it, mine seems to be malfunctioning. i bought it here in manila through a home tv shopping company but i've forgotten the name. my oven turns off just a few seconds after i've set the time.. i need to find out if there is a service center for it. i use my nu wave oven a lot and i want to have it fixed very soon. please email me at ynadalisay@yahoo.co, if you know where to get it fixed. i'd really appreciate it. thanks!


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