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Monday, February 23, 2009

Eating Your Words


Tangled Noodle and Savor the Thyme posted this challenge to "write" or "spell" using food or drink. I thought it would be fun to join, although initially I could not think of what to "write."

Well, two nights ago, I was on duty, and my charge nurse warned me about the possibility of being RIF'ed after 10 PM (RIF=reduction in force, a cost-cutting measure where employees are asked not to come to work or go home if there are not enough patients). So when I came home after that duty, I resolved to sleep only 4 hours, thinking I must be able to sleep with my husband that night. However, as soon as I got to work, I learned that somebody else called out. That meant, I would have to stay and work the whole shift. Darn...

I told my charge nurse and the other nurse, "I feel sad that I can't go home....boohoo...my husband and I were planning on making whoopie tonight." And they laughed...Suddenly I knew what to "write" about.

You see, Mainers (or probably New Englanders) know the meaning of whoopie that is not the whoopie pie pictured above surrounded by the spelled whoopie.

Whoopie pies are my husband's favorite sweet snack, the reason why he gave me my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. He cannot eat the ones available in stores because "they don't make it the way Mom does." The difference being that his mom's recipe makes use of fresh egg whites for the filling; those sold in stores use fluff. His request then was for me to learn how to make whoopie pies from his mom, and I gladly obliged. Now I am making them as well, although I tweaked the recipe to make double batch, and to make use of egg yolks in the batter instead of throwing them away after making the filling.

While baking these, my husband was eagerly waiting, and as soon as I took the above photo, he was standing beside me and saw it, laughed, and asked if he could have that one in the middle (the first one assembled as whoopie pie), which of course he could. He took a bite and said, "You make the best whoopie pies." Now the letters are sandwiched and hidden...My fridge is stocked with them whoopie pies, which will probably last 2-3 days...Hubby and older son particularly like eating them with milk, I with coffee.

Whoopie pies are very popular here in Maine, but I make them only about twice a year or so because they are heavy on cholesterol and sugar...and this way, they are a real treat when I do make them.

And yes, hubby and I are making whoopies tonight. :)

Recipe can be found here.

Round-up of the entries by the challengers is posted here and here.

As a reward for participating in the fun event, I got the following badge!

Thanks to Savor The Thyme and Tangled Noodles for hosting this challenge!

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  1. Whoopie! These pies are absolutely fantastic! Manang, you always make me laugh with your puns and play on words. Thanks so much for participating - you've totally captured the spirit of fun we were going for. I'm happy that you were able to take a picture before your hubby swooped in for his whoopie. 8-D

  2. Hi TN,
    Even my kids had a blast when they saw this photo. Then they went hunting for the buried letters in the whoopie pies...haha! My older son wanted the one with the "w." Hubby told him he already ate that one. So older son changed his mind and wanted the one with "o." Now that's fun I did not expect to come out of this! Thanks for the challenge!

  3. Oh wow! Definitely delightful. Can you ship to me some of those? :-)

  4. Hi dyosa,
    I wish I could! Mapapanis lang yung egg white bago makarating sa yo!


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