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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Supersoft Ensaymada

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Manang Kusinera's Supersoft Ensaymada
NOTE as of 03/18/2012:
I finally uploaded a video (no audio) of how I make my supersoft ensaymada because this has become a favorite of many of my readers, as well as mine. Easy to make, super moist and supersoft. Satisfaction guaranteed. :)And if you have doubts, google the image for "supersoft ensaymada" and you will see the images submitted to me by my readers that I have posted under the "Reader's Photo Gallery" label. So to see the video, continue reading/scrolling down the page. Recipe is still on this blog, just read the recipe and watch the video to make it easy to understand how to make this.

This is dedicated to all homemakers like me, who have a life outside of the kitchen...I have tried to make my recipes easy to make and follow, with ingredients easy to find and not gourmet types which you will find in God-only-knows-what-specialty-store (and therefore they are very affordable) and which would not demand your whole day to make (unless you make several batches), yet will give you fulfillment and definitely will wow your friends, brown- or white-skinned. As one of my white co-workers told me after I made her taste a pinch of this roll minus the sugar and butter, "Hmmm, how come your rolls are always moist and pillow soft???".
But of course, if you have easy access to specialty items (like special cheeses) and you have the financial means, go ahead and do your own experiment in trying different ingredients, especially the cheese.

Just kindly do me favor, my dearest readers/followers, if you know of people with whom you might like to share the recipes I have here, please point them to my website instead of giving them a copy of the recipe. I appreciate increased traffic to my website.

An absolute welcome give-away in any Filipino Christmas Party supersoft ensaymada that melts in your mouth(soft even without heating up in the microwave, even after two days. Yeah, we finished them after two days because I made a big batch trying to experiment with other ways to use the dough.)

The secrets:
(1) Potatoes
(2) Lots of butter
(3) No kneading!!! (You read that right!)

I have been telling some of those who have been emailing me that I have been experimenting with this ensaymada. I am posting this right before the Holidays, in time for preparing giveaways made with love. The recipe to be posted later...Gotta go grocery shopping first.

(I can hear you say..."Bummer! Whatta teaser!")
5 cups bread flour (separate 1 + 1 + 3)
1/2 cup sugar
2 envelopes Fleischmann’s RapidRise Yeast (1 envelope is 0.25 oz = 2-1/4 tsp)
1 tablespoon salt
1 cup milk
1/2 cup water
2/3 cup shortening (also known as lard, purico in Philippines, strutto in Italy)
1 cup mashed potato
2 eggs
3 egg yolks
2-oz grated sharp cheddar cheese, added to the 3-cup flour above(I used Helluva Good brand, because it comes closest to the kind of cheese paired with ensaymada that I grew up with. It's up to you to experiment with other cheeses.)- [UPDATE 12-23-08: I tried 2-oz crumbled feta cheese and it was wonderful! I loved the cheesy effect on the dough. Save your cheddar cheese for topping instead.]
melted butter (approximately 1 stick)
softened butter (approximately 1 stick to 1-1/2)(for rolled method)
(Note: Before you turn your nose up with the shortening here, wait for my next post comparing the two).


Combine 1 cup flour, sugar, undissolved yeast and salt. Heat milk, water and shortening until very warm (120º to130ºF). Gradually add to dry ingredients. Beat 2 minutes at medium speed of electric mixer, scraping bowl occasionally. Stir in mashed potato, eggs and 1 cup flour; beat 2 minutes at high speed, scraping bowl occasionally. Stir in remaining flour to make a stiff batter. Detach dough hook and cover dough plus hook loosely with plastic wrap; refrigerate 2 hours. Remove from fridge and add the 3 egg yolks, stir setting on the mixer. Remove hook from the dough this time and cover loosely again with plastic then refrigerate for another 1-22 hours.

The next stage will make use of a method depending on how hardworking you are or how time pressed you are.

Coiled: If you got lots of time, do the old-fashioned way of coiling like katol by pinching off pieces from the chilled dough about the size of a small pandesal. Get only a few at a time and chill the rest of the dough again because it becomes harder to handle when warmer; it becomes too sticky. Sprinkling flour on work surface helps lessen the stickiness. Shape the dough into a long rope about a foot long and coil as previously illustrated in older posts. Place on greased baking pan and brush with melted butter. See this post for step-by-step slideshow on how to shape into coils.

Rolled (para sa tinatamad): Get a chunk of dough about the same as one that you have for 2-lb recipes of bread (or about the size of a grapefruit or suha). Flatten to disk, fold over the four edges like that of an envelope, and roll to make a rectangle about 8 x 10 inches. Place a generous layer of softened butter except near the edges. Roll tightly from the long end. Cut in 1 to 1-1/2 inch intervals. Dip one end of cut side in melted butter then place on baking pan. Brush the rest of the surfaces with melted butter. [UPDATE 12-23-08: This whole batch can be divided into 3. When shaped into logs after you place your filling, wrap tightly in cling wrap and freeze. After freezing, let stand in room temp for about 15-20 minutes and cut with a knife to end up with 8-9 pieces minus the ends. Place in baking pan, preferably where they will crowd together to compress so they rise upward; ex., in 8x8 or 9x9 or round pans. Brush with butter. Let rise in warmed oven for about 45 mins to 1 hr, or until doubled in size. Bake as directed below. Cool down some or completely before applying topping of choice.]

Let rise in warm, draft-free place until doubled in size, about 1 hour. (My favorite thing to do is place them in the oven and "start" baking then turn off after one minute then let rise for 30 mins to 1 hr. Once puffy enough, remove from oven and start heating up the oven).

Bake at 350ºF for 12-15 minutes or until done. Remove from pans; cool on wire rack for about 30 minutes or until completely cool if not consuming immediately, and store in ziploc bag.

To enjoy ensaymada the traditional Filipino way:
Brush softened butter to warm ensaymadas (not too hot that it melts the butter), dunk in a bowl of sugar (or sprinkle the sugar on top), and top with finely grated cheese (the finer grater gives you soft looking curls of the cheese like in the photo above).


5 tasang "bread flour" (paghiwa-hiwalayin 1 + 1 + 3) = hula ko, eto yung primera sa Pilipinas
1/2 tasang asukal
2 pakete Fleischmann’s RapidRise Yeast (instant yeast din to)
1 kutsarang asin
1 tasang gatas
1/2 tasang tubig
2/3 tasang purico
1 tasang "mashed potato" (maaaring gumamit ng purong nilagang patatas, o yung tirang mashed potato)
2 itlog
3 pula ng itlog
2-oz ginadgad na sharp cheddar cheese o kaya ay gumamit ng "crumbled feta cheese" at ihalo ito dun sa nakahiwalay na tatlong tasa ng harina (pwedeng gamitin ang food processor para mabiyak nang husto ang feta cheese at mahalong maige sa harina)
tinunaw na "butter" (mga 1 stick, pampahid bago i-bake)
pinalambot butter (mga 1 stick to 1-1/2)(para sa nirolyong dough)

Paghaluin ang 1 tasang harina, asukal, yeast (lebadura) at asin (eto ang tuyong sangkap). Pagsamahin at initin ang gatas, tubig, at purico hanggang 120º to130ºF. Unti-unting ihalo ang mga likidong sangkap sa tuyong sangkap. Paandarin ang electric mixer sa medium speed ng 2 minuto (paminsan minsan ay kaskasin sa gilid ang bowl para mahalong maigi). Idagdag ang mashed potato, itlog, at 1 tasang harina at i-beat uli ng 2 minuto sa high speed (pinakamabilis); kaskasin uli para mahalo maige.Unti-unting ibuhos ang natitirang harin (na me halong keso) habang umaandar ang mixer. Sa puntong ito, kung hindi kaya ng mixer maghalo ng makapal na dough, pwedeng gamitin ang wooden spoon o kamayin hanggang maging malambot na dough. Takpan ng plastic (cling wrap) at ilagay sa ref nang 2 oras.

Ihalo ang 3 pula ng itlog. takpan uli at ilagay sa ref. Maghintay ng 2 oras o kahit abutin ng 22 oras pa bago ihulma.

Sa paghulma, pwedeng hugis katol o nirolyo. Kung tinatamad ka, irolyo mo. Kung matyaga ka, gawing parang katol.

Wisikan ang countertop/lamesa ng maraming harina. Ilagay ang dough. Budburan ang ibabaw ng maraming harina. Gamit ang rolling pin, i-flat ang dough (Budburan lang na harina sa madikit na parte.). (Mas mabilis ito kesa paisa-isang piraso na pinahaba ng kamay).

(1) Katol: Gamit ang "dough cutter", maghiwa nang pahaba para makagawa ng "lubid" na kasingtaba ng hinlalaki na 1 ft ang haba.. Eto ang gawing parang katol. Ilagay sa baking sheet na pinahiran ng manipis ng purico. Yung dulo ng katol ay dapat nasa ilalim, para hindi hihiwalay habang umaalsa. Maglaan ng 2 inches na pagitan bawat piraso. (Pwedeng i-freeze sa puntong ito: ilagay sa freezer ng 3 oras, ilabas at ilagay sa makapal ng plastic bag/ziploc. Alisin ang hangin hanggang kaya, tapos ibalik sa freezer. Pag handa na paalsahin, ilabas sa freezer, ilagay sa mold na me pahid ng purico, at paalsahin ng mga 4 na oras sa countertop/room temp, o ilagay sa pinainit (1 minuto) na oven para mas mabilis umalsa.)

(2) Nirolyo:
Itupi ang apat na gilid para makagawa ng parihaba (8x10 inches). Pahiran ng pinalambot na butter maliban sa pinakagilid para magselyo pag nirolyo. Irolyo nang mahigpit mula sa mahabang gilid. (Pwede i-freeze sa puntong ito: Balutin nang cling wrap nang mahigpit. Pag handa na paalsahin, ilabas sa freezer, palipasin ang 15 minuto bago hiwain.) Hiwain na mga 1 inch hanggang 1-1/2 inches ang kapal. Ilagay sa ensaymada mold na pinahiran ng purico/pinalambot na butter.

Pahiran ng tinunaw na butter. Hayaang umalsa sa lugar na mainit-init at kelangan, walang malakas na hangin (draft); takpan ng plastic na pinahiran ng purico. Pwedeng ilagay sa oven. Ganito: Painitin ang oven ng isang minuto, saka ilagay ang baking sheet (hindi na kelangan takpan ng plastic). Hayaang umalsa hanggan dumoble ang laki. Pahiran uli ng tinuna na butter. Ihorno (bake) sa 350 F ng 12-15 minuto or hanggang maging golden brown ang ibabaw. Pagka-alis sa oven, ilagay agad sa wire rack para lumamig nang mga 30 minuto. Kung hindi kakainin agad, ilagay sa ziploc.

Kung kakainin agad, pahiran ng pinalambot na butter ang ibabaw (ang iba ay gustong gawin to habang mainit pa ang ensaymada, kaya natutunaw ang butter. Ako, ang gusto ko ay makapal yung malabot na butter, hindi tunaw.) Maglagay ng asukal sa mangkok (bowl) at idukdok ang ensaymada na may butter. (Maaaring paghaluin ang malabot na butter at asukal, tapos eto ang ipahid sa ensaymada. Mas kakapit ang keso pag ganito.)

Kung gusto mo na me keso, maggadgad ng cheddar cheese sa ibabaw.
BISAYA VERSION (courtesy of my friend Anna U. Thanks, Anna!)

Mga kinahanglanon:
5 tasa harina (ilahi-lahi ang 1 tasa + 1 tasa + 3tasa)
1/2 tasa asukal
2 pakete sa Fleischmanns RapidRise Yeast ( ang 1 pakete kay 0.25 oz = 2-1/4kutsarita)
1 kutsara asin
1 tasa presko nga gatas
1/2 tasa tubig
2/3 tasa taba (sa baboy, mapalit sad sa ngan nga , purico sa Pilipina, strutto sa Italy)
1 tasa gidugnot nga nilaga nga patatas
2 itlog
3 pughak sa itlog
2-oz kunskus nga isog nga “cheddar cheese”, isagul sa 3-tasa nga gilaing harina ngagitugon sa taas (akong gigamit ang “Helluva Good” nga ngalan nga selyo, tungod kay mauni ang pinakaparehas sa klase sa keso nga giparessa ensaymada nga akong gidak-an. Bahala na mong magsulay-sulay sa uban nga keso.)-

[GIUSAB NIADTONG12-23-08: Nagsulay sad ko ug 2- oz nga kunumot nga “feta” nga keso ug lami sad siya kaayo! Ganahan gyud ko sa gawasniya sa masa sa tinapay.

Salbara na lang ang imong “cheddar” nga kesa alang sa imong pangibabaw nga arte]
gitunaw nga mantikilya (mga 1 tuslak) gipahumok nga mantikilya (mga 1 tuslak hangtod 1-1/2)(para sa giligid nga paagi)

(Pahinumdom: usa mo moreklamo sa kadaghan sa mantikilya ngari, huwat usa sa sunodnakong tugon nga nagtandi-tandi sa duha).

Isagol ang 1 tasa nga harina, asukal, wala pa natunaw nga “yeast” ug asin. Inita anggatas, tubig ug mantikilya hangtod mas init sa malabaab ( mga 120ºF hangtod 130ºF). Hinayhinayi ug sagol sa uganga sahog. Batila ug 2 minuto sa tunga-tunga nga himutangan sa lisuanan sa imong “electric mixer”, ayuha pagsagolarong maiuban ang harina nga nagpilit sa gisudlan, kiskisa panagsa. Isagol anggidugmok nga pinanitangnilaga nga patatas, itlog ug ang 1 tasa nga harinang gilahi; Batila ug 2 minuto at sa pinakapapas nga himutangansa lisuanan sa imong “electric mixer”, ayuha pagsagol arong maiuban ang harina nganagpilit sa gisudlan, kiskisa panagsa.

Isagol ang nahibiling harina arong ang masa mas uga. Ihuslo ang “dough hook” ug tabuni angmasa ug “hook” ug “plastic wrap”; isulog sa refrigerator ug 2 ka oras. Igawas sa refrigerator ug isagolang 3 pughak sa itlog, gamita ang “stir” marka sa lisuanan sa imong “electric mixer”. Tangala angpangsagol nga “hook” sa imong masa nianing panahanona ug tabuni luag usaba ug gamit ang “plastic wrap” unya ibutang sa refrigerator ug mga 1 hangtod 22 kaoras.

Ang sunod nga bahin sa pagluto, mag-agad sa imong gamiton nga klase sa pagluto, ngamag-agad sa imong kakugihan ug sa kadaghan sa imong panahon.

Giliko: Kung aduna kay daghang panahon, iliko nimo siya sama sa katol pinaagi sapagkusi-kusi nga pagbahin sa tugnaw nga masa sa harina nga maong gidakon sa pandesal. Gamay-gamaya lang ug ibalik ang masa sa refrigerator kay mas lisod nga gunitan ug hulmahon ang masa mainitan; mungpilit na sya. Bisbisi ug harina ang ibabaw sa patag nga imong gamiton sapaghulma sa masa arong dili kaayo siya mugpilit. Ihulma ang masa sa harina nga mura ug pisi nga mga isa ka tiil ug ilikos samasa gipakita sa mga naunang tugon . Ipahimutang sa gimantikilyahan nga “baking pan” ugpahiri ug mantikilya. Tan-awa ning pahinumdom para sa giusa-usa na pakita sa “slideshow” kung unsaon paghulma ugtuyok sa masa sa harina.

Nilikit (alang sa gitamad): Pagkuha ug masa sa harina mga parehas sa imong magamitsa ”2-lb recipes” sa tinapay (mga parehas kadakoa sa suha). Ilatag nga mura ug plaka, pilua ang upat kagilid nga mura ug sobre, unya iliit mura para magiapat “ rectangle” mga 8 x10 “inches”. Pabutang ug daghang hut-ong nga mantikilya puera na lang sa gilid-gilid. Ilikit ug ayo gikan sa pinakataas nga gilid. Pikasa sa mga 1 hangtod 1-1/2 “inch” kadakuon. Isaw-sawang usa ka gilid sa pikas sa gitunaw nga mantikilya unya ibutang sa “baking pan”. Pahiri ang wala nabasa nga ibabaw ug gitunaw nga mantikilya.

[GIUSAB NIADTONG 12-23-08: Kaning tibuok nga masa mahimong bahinbahinun ug 3. Inig hulma nimo muragpunuan binutangan ug palaman, putusa ug maayo sa “cling wrap” ug ibutang sa refrigerator hangtod kini mungagahi. Human ug gahi, igawas ug ibalik sa temperatura sa kwarto, mga 15-20 minutos ug pikasa ug kutsilyo arong anaa kay mga 8-9 ka bahin-bahin walayapil ang pinakagilid. Ibutang sa “baking pan” Mas maayo kung naguban sila arong magduol inig tubo sa masa Pataas; halibawa., sa sulod sa 8x8 or 9x9 o kaya sa “round pans”. Pahiri ug mantikilya.Patuboa sa sulod sa init gamay nga “oven” sa mga 45 minuto hangtod 1 ka oras, hulata nga mutubo hangtod kaduhaon ang kadak-on.Lutua sa “oven” sama sa giingun sa ilalum nga pahinumdum. Pabugnawa sa gamay o kaya pabugnawa ug maayo bago butangan ug pahiran sa imong piniling palaman.]

Pasagdi nga mutubo, sa uga nga kiliran hangtod mutubo kaduhaon ang kadakuon, mga 1ka oras. (Ang akong ampay himuon kay ibutang sya sa “oven” ug “sugdan” ug “bake” unya palungon human ug usaka minuto unya pasagdahan ug tubo sa 30 minutos hangtod 1 ka oras. Kung tama na ang hangin sa sulod, tangalon nsasa “oven” arong masugdan na ug painit ang “oven”).

Iluto sa oven sa temperatura nga 350ºF sa mga 12-15 minutos o kaya hangtod maluto;tangala sa imong gilutuan; pabugnawa sa “wire rack” sa mga 30 minutos o kaya hangtod mabugnaw ug maayo kung dili kaonon dayon, kung dilikaonon dayon, isupot sa ”Ziploc” nga sulanan. Arong kalingaw an ug kaon ang ensaymada sa naanday nga Filipino pinaagi:

Pahiri ug pinahumok nga mantikilya ang mainit-init ensaymadas pa (ayaw ibutangsamtang ang init sa ensaymada makatunaw pa sa mantikilya), isaw-saw sya sa sudlanan nga naay asukal (o kaya budburan ug asukal sa taas), ug budburan ugkinudkud nga keso (ang mas pino nga kudkuran maghatag nimo ug huyo nga luko sa keso sama sa hulagway sa taas.)

Variations for topping:

A. glaze/frosting
1 cup confectioners' or glazing sugar
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 tablespoon milk

better recipe from Spice Islands (good for 24 rolls)
# 6 1/2 cups powdered sugar
# 6 tablespoons butter, softened
# 6 tablespoons milk
# 1 teaspoon Spice Islands® Pure Vanilla Extract
# 1 teaspoon Almond Extract

B. cinnamon-flavored frosting
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, room temperature
2 cups confectioners' sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon salt
grated zest and juice of 1/2 orange
1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons hazelnut liqueur, such as Frangelico, or almond liqueur, such as Amaretto)

Why do I like this recipe aside from it giving me those tender, light-colored ensaymadas that very much reminds me of red ribbon or goldilocks (my previous recipes were only a bit more special than the ensaymada I grew up with, made by my Tatay or Manong)? Well, aside from those reasons mentioned above, this recipe also is pretty much like a slow cooker. Prepare then forget for a while until you are ready to cook. This recipe gives you a whole 24 hours to finally get going with the baking stage. Prepare today, put in the fridge, shape, rise and bake tomorrow. Or you can prepare today, shape hours later and refrigerate, bake the next day. Your choice. Just don't let 24 hours pass before you bake.

TIPS: For those who have a cellar with temps almost like that of a fridge, and you would like to bake several batches of this, I suggest you get a shelf (maybe 5-tier aluminum) and a damp sheet to wrap around the shelves once you have pans with the buns shaped already to keep them moist. You might want to experiment with just one or two pans and see how it turns out.

To those planning to give these away for Christmas (or maybe making a business out of it?), may I suggest baking them in Christmas baking boxes like those by KAF (star or tree).

From Anonymous comment: Hi manang! Share ko lang ito, kasi pagnagmemix ako ng ensaymada e hindi ko nilalagyan ng eggs kundi e dinadamihan ko naman ang gatas, more on 60/40 proportion ng liquid, lamang siempre ang tubig. kung gusto naman n maging commercial na ang dating e recommend ko nalang na gumamit ng sponge dough preparation,sa ganitong paraan e malambot ang kalalabasan ng isimada. yung procedure e un na rin.

From my fb friend Ella who experimented on using potato flour instead of mashed potatoes: bale original recipe nyo po instead 1 cup mashed potatoes eh 3tbsp na po ng potato flour,opo nag add ako ng mga 1tbsp water dahil parang medyo dry ang dough

UPDATE (12/11/08)
I tried to freeze some of the dough after rolling like a log, then tried to cut with a knife after about 20 minutes out of the freezer, as shown in the additional photos in the slideshow. I let it rise in room temp after brushing some more with melted butter, which maybe took one hour before I baked them. Taste-wise, they turned out perfect still, if not for the fact that placing them on baking sheet made them expand laterally so they looked flat. They probably would look better if placed in 8x8 or a tree-shaped pan, where they would be compressed and forced to rise upward.
Happy Holidays!

UPDATE as of 12-21-08:
From Holiday tree baking pan

I baked them in tree-shaped pan after freezing, and they rose after about 1-1/2 hour (would have been faster if I let them rise inside a warm oven, but I was baking something else that time). So this is how they looked like after baking. Beautiful, ain't it? Just add toppings of softened butter, sugar and grated cheese just before giving to your friends/relatives.

UPDATE: 1-24-09
Does this task seem daunting to you? Don't feel intimidated. Wena has tried making this and was very pleased with the results, too. And as you will see with the comments by Crystal, she found this very satisfactory as well. So shake off you fear and JUST DO IT!

UPDATE: 1-29-09
Anonymous EQ, a pastry chef, tried this recipe and states it is better than the ensaymada of goldilocks or red ribbon. Here's a photo of what pastry chef made. Pwedeng pang-business! Click on the photo to see a larger picture. Basing on his story in the comments section below, seems like he played with the dough (like it was Play-Doh, haha!), especially that he did not have his Kitchen Aid Mixer to prep the dough. I remember when I was just learning to bake from scratch (not play with dough, as that is something I have done since I was a kid), I was soooo scared to handle the dough that I myself produced, and it took time for me to get comfortable again to handle it like it was clay.

To EQ, Thanks a lot for your comment. It means a lot to me!

UPDATE as of 3-15-09: Joy L. also made these today and was very satisfied with the results. She is going to bring them the next day to her homeschooling group.

The next day she again emailed me about how these were received by his husband. "My husband said:"WoW! It's one of your best bread ever!! I can easily eat more but I have to watch my carb." My husband is diabetic but is addicted to bread and chocolates My 6 years old boy ate 2 for merienda while my little girl ate one whole piece too!! They want me to pack ensaymada for their lunch tomorrow."

Thanks Joy L for letting me know about your outcome!

UPDATE as of 4/3/09: Mai also baked these (first time for her to bake!), and was so nervous before placing the dough inside the oven to bake. The results brought joy both to her and to her husband. Her husband said, "masarap pa to kesa Goldilocks."

Thanks, Mai, for trusting me and giving this recipe a try!

UPDATE as of 4/21/09: I was at work when I received this email of Marlene's ensaymada photos.Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing this photo of your gorgeous ensaymadas, Marlene! Glad your family enjoyed them!


  1. waaahhh! defintely a teaser!hehe..Can't wait for the recipe, it's sunday here tomorrow, so I'll have time to experiment with it :)

  2. Hi Anna,
    Sorry I got busy yesterday, and I had to work last night (I am stilla at work as I am posting this comment). If I was not busy here, I could have posted it, but it has been very busy. I will post as soon as I get home before I hit the sack. PRAMIS!

  3. thanks for this link, manang :-)

    i am still a newbie; baking cupcakes and muffins. planning to do a banana cake this weekend. but will definitely go to the next level which is... ensaymada!

  4. Hi iska,
    I hope that this particular recipe and method will not intimidate you at all...it is very forgiving -- from the no-kneading part to the waiting period.

  5. hi manang,i tried making some last year but it turned out to be a big disaster !!! i was so surprise with the use of potato ... will try this maybe this weekend .. THanks and keep posting :)

  6. hi manang! i tried your supersoft ensaimada recipe, and it was really oh soooo good! my husband loved it, he kept asking for more. your blogs helped a lot to ease my boredom, thanks to you!=D looking forward for more recipes, and oh! i've tried a panettone recipe from one of my cook books and it turned out well, but still have to experiment it again to perfect it, someday i'm going to share it to you here. thanks again!

  7. hi maloy,
    thanks for the comment! glad you and your hubby liked my recipe :)
    Now you got me curious about panettone...I will be waiting for you to share that with me!

  8. hi manang! just found your site and i can't wait to try out your ensaymada recipe which really looks gorgeous and yummy! may i just ask what is the measurement of 2 envelopes of yeast?? bcoz we don't have fleischmann brand here.. thanks a lot and more power!

  9. Hi batchie,
    Just wanted to emphasize that this is rapid rise yeast (One of those who tired baking one recipe of mine was saying the high heat destroyed her yeast and wasted her ingredients). Each envelope of RAPID RISING yeast has 1/4 oz = 2-1/4 tsp = 1 cake fresh yeast (0.6 oz cake fresh yeast). This fast rising yeast is different from active dry yeast and requires higher temperature of the liquid (120-130 deg) to proof.
    I do sometimes use the grocery brand and it works just as fine. :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Merry Christmas manang! it's me again=)...just comin' by to drop off my said recipe. Panettone is supposedly a Christmas bread, so i guess I'm a day late to share it,soweee =(... you can try it on new year's eve though,or at anytime you prefer.
    3 1/2 cups unbleached white bread flour
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 oz fresh yeast
    1/2 cup lukewarm milk + a bit more (i adjusted the amount to keep the dough formed but and not dry, i prefer using evaporated milk)
    2 eggs plus 2 yolks
    6 tbsp caster sugar (confectioner's sugar will do, not sure if these 2 are the same ;) )
    2/3 cup butter, softened
    2/3 cup mixed chopped (candied) peel ( or any variety of dried fruits, i also added some chocolate chips)
    1/2 cup raisins
    melted butter for brushing ( better yet, use an egg wash with a bit of milk and sugar, this makes it look shinier than just brushing butter)

    1)using a double layer of baking parchment,line & butter a 15cm/6inch deep cake tin pan. finish the paper 7.5cm/3in above the top of the tin.

    2)sift the flour and salt together into a large bowl. Make a well in the center. Cream yeast with 4 tbsp of the milk,then mix in the remainder

    3)Pour the yeast mixture into the center of the flour, add the whole eggs. Sprinkle a little bit of flour on top and leave to "sponge", in a warm place for 30 minutes.

    4)Add egg yolks and sugar and mix to a soft dough. work in the softened butter, turn out on to a lightly floured surface & knead for 5 min. until smooth and elastic. place in a lightly oiled bowl,cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap and leave to rise, in a slightly warm place, for 1 1/2-2 hours or til doubled.

    5)Knock back the dough and turn out on to a lightly floured surface. Gently knead in the peel and raisins,shape into a ball and place it in the prepared tin. cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap and leave to rise for about an hour or longer, til doubled or tall enough to reach the top of the parchment (it will turn out like a dome shape)

    6)preheat oven 375F, brush surface with melted butter or egg wash, cut and cross in the top using a sharp knife. Bake 20 minutes,then reduce oven to 350F. Brush top again with butter/ egg wash and bake further 25-30 minutes til golden. cool in the tin for 5-10 minutes, and turn on to a wire rack to cool.

    Enjoy baking manang! you can also add a rum or something liquorish for flavor, i haven't tried it coz i didn't have it on hand for Christmas (we're a trying hard health buff couple *wink* having some fresh fruit juice for drink on christmas eve LOL! oh! you can also try the jack la lanne's fruit juicer manang, it can really make one good fruit/veggie juice), but i think it would be of much better taste. what else do i have to say, hmmm...for the dried fruits, i used the 7-fruit blend, it has zante currants in it which i think adds a variation of taste to the bread. The taste of this was good, better than the last time i made it, just feel free to tweak it if you like. One last tip! =) you can reaaaaally appreciate this if you eat it with hot dark chocolate cocoa drink (not the processed one but rather the native drink we have back home=D, i don't know if you've tried it yet, we call it "tablea"(from toasted ground cocoa beans) in Leyte, this is a comfort drink back there, it's commonly paired with puto (sticky rice version) in our town. when my mom visited me here, she brought me loads of it =D. Thanks to her. well, think i'm goin' too far here, hehe anyway, wish you'll enjoy this recipe as much as i enjoyed your blogs. you can erase this if you like after you copy the recipe manang, think this is too long to be posted, can't help it =D sorry.. thanks again and merry Christmas to you and to your family

  12. Hi maloy,
    Wow, thanks for the recipe! Giniginaw ako while reading your post, and I can just imagine how comforting it would be to have this panettone with the hot cocoa (tablea). I have tried tablea only once c/o a friend na tubong Iloilo. Not sure if it tastes the same as yours, but that was really good!
    I don't mind the long post. In fact, I wam going to make a post on it, to try then update as I have tried them...and I think that's what I am gonna do everytime I receive a recipe shared by friends and readers...will label as "recipes to try" prior to my actual attempt.
    Thanks a bunch! Merry Christmas! (Di pa naman ganong huli!)

  13. Hi manang,
    My husband gave me a Kitchenaid stand mixer for Xmas. I think I'll try your ensaymada recipe this weekend. My daughter loves ensaymada but we can't get any here in GA (as far as I know). Did you use potato flakes or already prepared mashed potato?

  14. Hi Beng,
    I used leftover mashed potatoes as well as freshly mashed (unflavored and pure) mashed potatoes. Both are good, but the leftover MP resulted to more stickier dough (maybe because of increased liquid).
    Have fun with your stand mixer!

  15. very creative christmas tree ensaymada!!!

    manang i have a question regarding the mashed potato part is it the mashed potato with the milk,butter,as the side dish or just boiled potato that has been mashed ? thank you very much !

    how's the weather up there?

  16. hi mumayr, I usually use the leftover mashed potatoes with the usual butter and cream, but I have used pure mashed boiled potato also. the former is stickier, but both are good!

  17. Thanks for the reply. Huwag sana akong pumalpak. After I make the ensaymada this weekend, I'll try your pandesal naman. I just love your website. I miss living back in Guam and PI.

  18. Hi Beng, good luck!
    After ensaymada, pandesal will be a breeze to you!

  19. hi manang, thank you very much for the info !!!! have a good day ! :)

  20. hello...
    i would like to do this one someday. i have a question though, nalilito pa kasi ako when it comes to measuring butter. what is the right way of measuring butter and ano po ba yung 1 stick of butter? isang buong butter po ba yun? ang alam ko po kasi yung butter may guide, isang buong butter is equivalent to 1 cup then meron po division nkaprint sa wrapper divided into 8. nalilito pa rin ako until now how to properly measure butter.
    hope you can enlighten me.
    thanks. ingats.

  21. Hi ing,
    A whole 1-lb butter is usually divided into 4 sticks (although I have seen in Canada butter that is not divided as such). Each stick (1/4 lb) then is equivalent to 1/2 cup = 8 tbsp. Here, each stick of butter has markings on the wrapper as guide. Maybe what you saw as 1 cup butter was 1/2-lb pack.
    I hope this helps!

  22. Hi Manang,

    I tried your super soft ensaymada recipe & when i first bite it, i said wow, this is it. it was so soft & has a light finish unlike the one's i baked before which turned out to have a brown crust. i mistakenly put 3 yolks & 2 egg whites on the initial mixing & add another 3 yolks after the first proofing. Anyways it turned out so good. thanks so much for sharing!


  23. Hi crystal,
    First off, thanks for the super-duper compliments...you just made my morning!
    I am glad you liked this recipe as much as I did (that's why it is now my fave ensaymada recipe). Well, all's well that ends well. You essentially ended up with just 1 more egg yolk with that "mistake" which I imagine only to have made that taste even better! It was probably more sticky though, because of increased liquid. But it is sticky anyways, so no harm done!

  24. Hi manang,
    Looks really yum... Taga dto po ako sa new zealand and i got your link from ate stel"baby rambutan". I would like to try this. Just looking for the bread flour. dto kasi what i saw from the supermarket, is bread mix, yun na kaya yun? then yung rapid rise yeast, dko alam if it is the same as the breadmakers yeast, kasi yun ang meron dto. it has the tiny brown balls and some white powder with it. have used this breadmakers yeast though in making siopao and in another ensaymada recipe.
    thanks in advance for your answers.
    i can't wait to try this recipe.

  25. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for dropping by my site. I do not feel I have the authority to answer your questions, but I found some sites who you can probably ask:
    I would think that the breadmakers yeast is different and is used for the bread machine. However, I do suggest that you take a look at the label of that breadmakers yeast and explore their website for the equivalent in rapid rising yeast (RRY is midway between BM yeast and active dry yeast), or contact them to give you advise.
    I hope you will find the answers to your questions!

  26. Cindy, I have a brilliant suggestion, although I am not sure how far you live from this company that offers apprenticeship in baking (and even encourages immigration to have more bakers):

  27. Hi Manang,
    Thank you for the links, what a clever idea for leading me to the experts. I just need to wait for their answers.
    With regards to doing apprenticeship, the company offering is actually close to our place but I might not be leaning to doing actual baking for a living. I love baking for my family and my friends, though and I definitely love eating what I bake. Trying to stop myself to eat all my baked stuff all at once. hehehe... Tataba talaga ako...
    I'm looking in to becoming an early childhood educator, so it would fit to my schedule of taking care of my kids. Sobrang layo na ng work ko right now, sa pinag-aralan ko ng uni, but my kids come first... :-)
    Kakatempt sana, kasi sabi dun sa website, bakers usually work early morning and are free the rest of the day, kaso wala naman maglook after sa kids ko early morning if ever...
    Thanks so much.....

  28. cindy,
    Hope you will have your answers soon so you can enjoy baking!

  29. Hi Manang,
    I am a newbie in baking and I have tried some recipes before but failed...i am so glad to see ur site while i was searching for ensaymada recipe...my husband loves ensaymada and when i see ur recipe, i said this is it...hopefully, it will be a success when i try it...

    i am so inspired to bake now that i found your site! thank you...

  30. Hi Anonymous,
    I hope you will find my site helpful, and I wish you success in your baking escapades. One thing I will advise to you: never give up.
    I would suggest you try making the pandesal first and familiarize yourself with how the dough feels before and after the first rising, so that when you are ready for the manual type, you will have an idea of how the dough should look like.

  31. Hi Manang,
    Is it hard mix the using electric hand mixer only? I do not have a kitchen aid mixer yet, and if it's ok... how many minutes approx. to know if it's ready. Please advice.Thanks.

  32. Hi Luz,
    If you are going to use th electric hand mixer, use it only during the mixing before you add the final batch of flour (habang thin pa). Pag nilagay mo na yung flour na panghuli, wooden spoon na gamitin mo. okay lang yun

  33. Manang,

    I was wondering what kind of cheese do you use to top the ensaymada? Is it just regular cheddar shredded finely?

  34. Manang,

    Thanks for the recipe, I have one question. How come the bread hardens the next day? What is the
    best way to keep it soft?

    Thanks again,

  35. Hi Ashley,
    Sorry for the late reply. I had been on a marathon at work in the past week and did not have internet connection last night.
    I used the Helluva Good sharp cheddar cheese shredded finely.

    Hi A/R,
    The best way to keep bread/rolls soft in the next days is to place them inside plastic bag/ziploc when they have cooled down enough so they do not sweat inside the bag. That is the right moisture to keep. If exposed to air and it dries up, it hardens. If too hot/warm (placed inside bag too soon), it sweats then that invites mold formation. Here in my area it takes about 10-30 minutes (depends on the size and space around) to do that. If I forget then do it too late, I never quite get back to the soft stage; the only solution then would be the microwave/oven toaster, after which if it cools down it becomes too tough already.

  36. Hi manang im a pastry chef by trade but havent been practicing in the passed few years. I tried out your recipe an I have to say....its better than those ive tried at goldielocks and red ribbon which is local to me. I made small mega melt mulach size and they turned out awesome
    Taste Awesome too the potatoes do the trick...in keeping it moist thanks for sharing... Cheers heres a link http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t305/chefejq/ensay.jpg

  37. Hi Anonymous,
    Coming from a pastry chef, I feel honored that you even tried my recipe, and your comments certainly made my day!
    Those look yummy. Did you make some sort of creamed butter for topping? And I love the effect of the contrasting colors of the cheddar cheeses (I presume you used cheddar cheese?)
    Oh wow...
    I am borrowing your photo to show off here in this blogpost.
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  38. Your more than welcome to use the photo. I used montery jack and cheddar. It was some work i left my kitchen aid at my home on maui and currently being in california i put some sweat into doing manuel labor with a sticky dough...it turned out well though. I practiced with the ropes and the rolls as well as freezing. I rolled the dough to the diameter of cupcake tins and froze and cut 1/2 of the size of the depth of the tins the next day. And baked for 10mins. First time to tabble with sweets from my filipino heritage other than being creative in the hotels with macaroons style san rival... Cheers to continue success...

  39. Thanks, EQ!
    BTW, you mentioned sans rival...can you share your recipe with me? Or is it top secret? It's ok if you cannot; I understand. I still would like to experiment on sans rival.

  40. yes its actually just baked eggs whites similar to macaroon. rather than piping you make rectangles with a spatula to your desired parameter and a good butter cream. When i have a moment ill rummage through my recipes and see if I can find it. its been a good 6 years since Ive used the recipe. Btw whats wonderful with your ensaymada is when its refridgerated it doesnt need to be heated up in the microwave all you have to do is leave out for 30mins till its at room temp. and its just as delicious and the sugar gets to do its science and is absorbed by the bread...awesome tried it this morning...

  41. btw i have a wonderful pan de sal that stays super moist and soft for days. I was searching online for different variations and after a week of development I came up with different ratios and ingredient that make a pan de sal that I enjoy. However its a secret for now but you may have done things similar so it may not be a secret. Only a secret cuz it took me 7days and 10+ batches which my taste tester was my grandma. I open to sharing it with you since you gave me a wonderful ensaymada recipe and you can give me your feedback. Please send me a email at chefejq@yahoo.com so i can have your private email and will send my recipe if like.. Cheers

  42. EQ, I sent you an email...thanks in advance!

  43. oh my goodness. i made this today and is very very soft and ensyamada tlga unlike my first 2 tries before. thanks so much for this recipe. i have one question though, i put the rest on the freezer, if i want to eat some ill just heat it on microwave, will it still be good? thanks.

  44. Hi ellen,
    Glad you liked it!
    I have not tried freezing the baked ones, but if you would like to experiment, I would suggest that you place each one in cling wrap to tightly seal (less air trapping) then place them in thick freezer bags. No toppings or cheeses kasi when you microwave, melted lahat yun). I usually microwave a chilled/rm temp ensaymada for about 10-15 secs. Not sure how long it would require to zap frozen ones.

  45. i already did freeze it and then took it out today and tried it, it is still soft and still good even if i don't heat it. i loved it so much. u are really a great cook. i mean i tried other recipes for ensaymada but this is the best one and is more better than the ensaymada that we have in pinas. i want to know if u know how to make ensaymada with red mung bean as palaman or pan de monggo? if so, how do u make the fillings? thanks

  46. Hi, Manang, there are a lot of very nice compliments of this recipe (btw, the read the whole comments section). I have tried another recipe and it did not turn out soft. Will try this one and will subscribe. Thanks for sharing your experiences and expertise. You are a good addition to the baking and cooking community!

  47. Hi Ellen,
    I could not quite remember which post you asked about red mung beans with, but I experimented ( cooked last night) with red mung beans. I probably will make that ensaymada dough with red mung bean filling tomorrow or on Wednesday.

    Hi Ebie,
    Welcome to my site and thanks for the nice comments and for subscribing! Hope you will like the outcome of this recipe.

  48. Hello :) I tried your super soft ensaymada recipe for our food technology class :) it was the first time i made ensaymada and it was a hit! our teacher gave my group a perfect score and that was with out the cheese topping! :D thank you for posting this :)

  49. Hi Bits,
    Congrats for getting a perfect score! Glad I was of help!
    Are you in the Philippines? I am just wondering if you are, because I dunno if the ingredients I have in my recipes are readily available in the Philippines. I do have several readers based in the Philippines reading these baking recipes I have, so I am curious.

  50. Yea, I'm in the Philippines. I didn't get to find shortening in the supermarket so i used equal amounts of butter. and for the yeast, i just used normal yeast and tinantsa ko lang kasi di ko alam kung gaano ka rami yung 2 envelopes. haha!

  51. Bits,
    shortening is aka vegetable lard, which is plenty there (we used big cans of that in our bakery). I should try using butter too instead of shortening!
    Galing mo magtantya ng yeast ha!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Manang,
    I am not a baker but your ensaymada looks good so I would like to try baking it. I can't find my attachments for my old kitchenaid, so I am wondering if I can just use a hand mixer? or just mix by hand? will that work?
    I am also wondering if you have a tried and tested dough recipe for empanada and a filling recipe that is delicious?
    I am also looking for a job, so for the meantime ,my hobby is experimenting on new recipes of my favorites!

  54. Hi Elvira,
    Yes you can use a hand mixer only up to the point before you put in the rest of the flour because once you do, it will be too hard to mix, kamayin mo na lang or use a wooden spoon.
    For empanada, I use the recipe for the dough for the pie crust I use in apple pie (love that one!), and I use leftover roasted chicken for meat, make gravy out of that (I actually use the gravy now for empanada), add diced carrots and potatoes, peas, and raisins. I let them sit in the fridge before making empanadas para mas buo, and para umalsa yung raisins (which is optional).

  55. Elvira,
    Good luck nga pala looking for a job!

  56. Manang,
    I want to say thank you for the ensaymada recipe. I tried baking it last night and it was good even if i burnt it a little. I'll try making the hopia next time.
    Thanks again!

  57. Hi elaine,
    Glad you liked the ensaymada! Enjoy making the hopia (caution: damihan mo yung ube filling mo...kaka-addict! Nabitin ako eh!)

  58. Hi Manang,
    Speaking of shortening, can I use Crisco?

  59. Hi sharon,
    I actually used Crisco brand. :)

  60. Hi Manang!
    I always read your blog. And thankful that all your recipes are my favorites...yung mga lasang hinahanap ko, kaya nagagawa kong gawin at lutuin maski na malayo ako sa Pinas. I am here in Switzerland at talaga namang nakakamis ang mga lutong Pinoy. Superhit talaga itong Supersoft Ensaymada mo! Sana huwag kang magsawa sa pag-post ng mga recipes! God Bless!

  61. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for letting me know it was a superhit :) Such comments propel me to keep on posting.
    I actually end up having more Fiipino food posts here than American, mainly because my husband's taste is so simple that I have a few all-time favorites that I just rotate cooking. The rest of the time, I recreate Fiipino recipes I miss, kahit matikman lang once a year, ok na.

  62. hi manang,

    im new to your website,i enjoy browsing your recipe,i tried your hopia,it very good,thank you

  63. hi manang,

    ano po ba ang shortening?ano pued i substitute

    thank u sa mga recipes mo naka ka njoy

  64. Hi anon #1,
    Thanks for letting me know you liked the hopia.

    Hi anon #2 (not sure if you are same as #1)
    shortening is vegetable lard, also purico, or Crisco. mantikang puti, solid at room temp.

  65. hi manang
    nasa ref na ang dough ko pero parang hindi cya nag rise up
    please paki explain to hindi ko masyadong na get baka ito ang mali ko kaya nag rise up:

    "Detach dough hook and cover dough plus hook loosely with plastic wrap; refrigerate 2 hours. Remove from fridge and add the 3 egg yolks, stir setting on the mixer. Remove hook from the dough this time"
    thanks again
    ps i made hopia from your recipe..masarap

  66. Hi anonymous,
    to clarify, you put the dough in fridge for 2 hrs then add the yolks. I only included the dough so that instead of using the spoon to stir in the egg yolks, just reuse the hook. Then chill again for 1-22 hours without the hook for final rising before shaping. Both times, cover with plastic.

    I think even if you mess these steps up, it should still rise, unless you used the wrong yeast, or you did not reach the required temperature for initial proofing (when the liquid ingedients should be 120-130 deg F). I can't think of other reasons...sorry.



  68. HI Anonymous,
    mahirap talaga sa hand mixer yun basta ihahalo mo na yung final flour addition. Pag ganon, you can use your hands to gradually add flour hanggang maging soft dough (very sticky and messy). You can use wooden spoon, pero I like the control you have with hands.

  69. hi manang,
    alam ko na kung bakit matigas ang dough na ginawa ko,kasi instead 120°f ,120°c(europe) ang ginawa ko,hehhehe.sorry to bother you,anyways i make siopao right now,sucess ang dough ko...have a nice day;thanks a lot sa mga recipe ha,naka katulong talaga


  70. Hi Anna,
    Glad you were able to troubleshoot, and I am glad you did not give up. Now that's the spirit!

  71. Hi Manang,

    ask ko lng po kng pwede din ba ung recipe ng supersoft ensaymada para sa spanish bread???

    Tahnk You po!!!

  72. hi kriz,
    you can try...pero parang hindi bagay....

  73. hi...i'm newbee here on ur site..nandito sa UK at the moment...i asked my fiance to send me the rapid rise yeast kase wala po talaga dito..meron lang active dry yeast which i used in your pandesal recipe na ang sarap..thanks...wala ba alternative dun po sa rapid rise yeast?..i tried doing it with the other yeast and hindi nga nag rise...and wala ako candy thermometer...how can i be sure na reach ko po yung right temp. dun sa initial proofing???

  74. Hi jeimz,
    You can use active dry yeast (1 packet of active dry is equivalent to 1 packet rapid rise, about 2-1/4 tsp) but you have to proof it first (add to warm water 100 deg F and sugar, let stand for 10 minutes before you add other ingredients then knead for 10 minutes, or you can try refrigeration as well. Let rise for 1 hr (unrefrigerated) or overnight (refrigerated), then punch before shaping. Then you have final rise for 45 minutes or so before baking. Don't use candy thermometer here. Use meat thermometer.
    I hope this helps!

  75. jeimz,
    It might also be called quick rise.

    If you email me at manang.kusinera@gmail.com to give me your email address, I can send you some packets. :)

  76. ohhh myy..thanks alot for offering to send me some....but i just called my bf and he went straight to the grocery then to the post hehe...thanks alot for a quick reply...i'm expecting it by wed......wish me luck :)...salamat ulit....

  77. Hi Manang,
    Firstly, I would like to thank you for providing us with your wonderful recipes. I'm so happy when I found your food blog. I live in Florida State and how I missed eating Filipino food. I'll be trying your delicious recipes soon. I would like to try your Super Soft Ensymada and I have some questions:
    1. In your second instruction on how to shape it you said first to fold it like an envelope, how do you shape it like an envelope, I'm quite confused on this one, would you please clarify.
    Do you roll it with rolling pin after folding it?

    2. After cutting it, does it come out like cinnamon rolls?

    3. What kind of pan do you use when baking the ensymadas.

    Thank you and more power to you.

  78. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for the kind words! Such comments are a big motivator for me.

    Re your questions:
    1. When you roll out the dough, it results first to a round disk. So to make it rectangular, you just fold the side like how an envelope's flaps are, then roll out to flatten again.
    If you want a more traditional shape of ensaymada like in the coiled method, see here for slideshow on shaping.

    2. After cutting, it (rolled out method) comes out like cinnamon rolls.

    3. I use the flat baking sheet for coiled method, or round 9-inch or square 9x9 inch for rolled method. I have also used a tree-shaped paper baking pan. Others have used brioche pans or big muffin pans.

  79. Hi Manang -
    i tried this recipe yesterday, but my dough ended up to be very sticky and hard to handle.
    what do you suggest? add more flour?

    also is it supposed to rise when i left it in the fridge for 1-22 hrs? becuase mine does not seem to be doing anything?

    Thank you

  80. Hi e.l.y
    First thing you have to check is whether you got the right yeast (rapid rise, not active dry), and whether it is fresh (not expired). Second to check is whether you heated up the liquid to 120-130 deg F (not C; if you used C, that might kill the yeast; maybe that's why yours did not rise?).

    Re stickiness, yes it is (and I pointed it out in my instructions above), so you will have to sprinkle your countertop with flour (any part of the dough that will be sticky, sprinkle with flour, even your hands and rolling pin, but do not knead the dough). While you flatten with rolling pin, some areas will need more sprinkling of flour, so just sprinkle some more as needed to make it easier to handle.

    I hope that helps you troubleshoot. I hope you will not give up because this is a definite keeper (even potential business opportunity for those living in a big Filipino community).

    You might also want to read through all the comments before yours. Some people have asked me questions that I answered, but I did not bother to edit my post.


  81. hi manang...just want to let you know that i'vee tried your ensaymada and it turned out really good...my husband and kids love it! thanks for sharing your recipe...your blog is really a heaven sent to those new in baking and cooking alike.. :) more power..

  82. hi jess,
    glad you and your family enjoyed the ensaymada!

  83. I just received another email:
    HI Manang,

    I just want to let you know that i enjoy reading your blog and I just recently try your soft ensaymada recipe. I tried many ensaymada recipes before but nothing work. So when I saw your recipe I told myself that I'll try making it one more time but if it doesn't work i'm going to give up my ensaymada making obsession. OH boy was i surprise it was really good and That's why hands down to you and THANK YOU for sharing your recipe.
    Also , i was just wondering if you have a recipe for Kabukiran or pan de regla that you can share on your blog. It's a long bun with red or purple fillings. It was one of my favorites when i was a kid and it was a shame that when I visit Philippines few years ago, i can't find it on any bakeries anymore.

    Thank you in advance and more power to your blog.

    Thanks for your comment, Christine.
    As for the kabukiran or pan de regla (not sure if they are the same?), i am not exactly sure how the filling is prepared; I just know that the filling is made from stale breads broken into smaller pieces and soaked (maybe in milk?) and food coloring added, then placed as filling inside a sweet bread dough by forming the filling into a log on top of a flattended rectangular dough then enveloping the filling with that dough, seam side down.
    I will try to get a hold of my Manong to ask him how to prep the filling and will try to recreate that here.

  84. hi manang, ask ko lang po..

    do you really have to freeze the formed logged dough before you bake it? or pwede na right away? sorry but i am having a blonde moment..

  85. HI Anonymous,
    No you don't. The only reason I froze some of them was to try whether I could freeze and thaw, since this recipe can make up to 3 sets of 8-9 pieces each, I figured I might as well freeze some for use later, if it would be for family use. In cases when I would need to make the dough ahead time for on occasion (like Christmas, if I need to make more than one batch to give away to friends), then I could just freeze one week ahead and bake day before.
    If consuming the whole batch is no problem to you (like if you are going to sell and sure that you will sell all), you will not need to freeze at all.

  86. Hi Manang, I have tried your super soft ensaymada recipe.. Oh my gosh, ang sarap!!! My husband ate 3 after it came out of the oven, since he cant stand the aroma of freshly baked bread.. thank you for sharing your recipe. i am thinking giving this away for christmas for friends and family.. i use to make homemade almond roca candies(which is also a hit!!), but this is gonna be a sweet variation to that.. i even posted the pictures of my finished product on my facebook. my friends are getting crazy just looking at the pics and not being able to taste.. oh well.. haha.. if you want pictures, just let me know.. thank you po ulit! Joy

  87. Hi Joy Grace!
    Sure I would love to have pictures of your ensaymada to add to this post! Thanks for letting me know how much you liked this!
    I myself am currently preparing ensaymada (although I am trying now using sweet potatoes instead of the regular potatoes, and 4 egg yolks -- only because I am gonna use the whites to make almond dacquois). I will bring them tomorrow to a birthday party (the hostess is going to prep lechon) along with sapin sapin.

  88. hi manang, paano po magsubmit picture..

    i have several friends ask me for the recipe.. i gave them the link to your website.. =D

    hmm.. lechon, sarap!!

  89. Hi, Manang!
    I've just chanced upon your website when I was looking for an ensaymada recipe, and boy, i was very LUCKY!!! I am fairly new to baking but I can cook, well, my family does not complain, hehehe!!! Anyway , I tried your supersoft ensaymada recipe the first time and it turned out PERFECT! It was truly, heavenly soft and oh, soooo yummy!!!! Just the way I remember the ones made by Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, only HEAPS better. My husband said "mas masarap pa ito dun sa goldilocks sa atin" and my son said "wow, napakasarap!!!" at first bite and coming from a 9-year old boy, I take as an honest to goodness 100% compliment. Even my Tatay who's visiting said "parang original!" (lol)..I can't thank you enough for this recipe. We are here in New Zealand and we are missing the Filipino food immensely. Your website is a blessing esp. to immigrants like us wanting a little taste of home without the cost! Again, many thanks!!!

  90. Hi Joy Grace!
    Just email the photos to me at manang.kusinera@gmail.com then i will edit this blogpost to include your ensaymada photos. :)

  91. Hi Marlene,
    Welcome to my site and thanks for leaving a feedback about my ensaymada recipe! Glad you all enjoyed it!
    I hope what I have here currently will be enough database for you to start indulging yourselves once again with Filipino goodies despite being away from the Philippines. :)

  92. Hi Manang,

    Good day to you! It's really so nice of you sharing everything you know with regards to cooking and baking and for sharing your recipes, tips and secrets. Not everyone does that good gestures. I'm from California and really love cooking and baking, so I really found your website interesting and really helpful for me. I've tried making your ensaymada recipe last saturday. I followed everything and turned out fine the next day, which was yesterday. I used pure mashed potato. I also used the coiled method and they looked good. I put them in the warmer drawer of my oven and set at low temperature for the second stage of proofing. They rose well but after I baked them, they turned out to be flat They really taste so good though! Could you let me know why? Did I do something wrong? One more thing, they got nearly burnt under. I baked them on a non stick jelly roll pan since I don't have a baking sheet. Should I only use a baking sheet?

    I also have a question on the pandesal recipe. Do you have a recipe not for bread machine? I don't have a bread machine, I only have kitchen aid mixer. Can I use the recipe for BM for kitchen aid or manual use?

    I also tried your Spanish bread using the other ensaymada recipe. They really taste good! I put them in a ziplock bag so they would stay soft, as you've said. But the next day they were not that soft. Is there any other tips that you could give to make them stay ssoft? Or did I mess up somthing while making them?

    Sorry for the many questions and somewhat negative comments here coz I really wanted to achieve a very good result as what everyone else does.

    Thank you!

  93. Hi anonymous,

    For the ensaymada, I can only think that it probably over-rose (especially with warm temp of your oven; with warm temp it probably needed only 10 minutes to rise), or maybe the dough was hit by a draft just before baking that made it flat (although these issues I would expect only to arise from someone not having any knowledge at all about baking).

    The burnt bottoms, funny that you used nonstick jelly roll pan because the other day, I baked a whole batch of ensaymada, some in aluminum baking pans, some using the same thing, and true enough, the ones baked on the nonstick JR pan (which had dark coating, of course) had burnt bottoms. See? We had the same experience, and that was another learning moment! haha! so next time, we should both use the aluminum types of baking sheets/pan, even glass ones (although if I use the round ones, those ensaymadas at the middle take a looooong time to get done and might even end up underbaked if you get the pan out early because the ones at the periphery are getting browner.

    Re pandesal, I taught my friend to make this, but her BM was not working, so we ended up making it by hand. Here's how: Place all dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well at the center. Place the liquid ingredients (room temp) at the center and start swirling with wooden spoon gradually incorporating the dry ingredients until you have a good ball of dough. With buttered or oiled or greased hands, you can knead this dough some more to make it smooth and elastic (the BM does this in 30 minutes, with some resting time for gluten to develop before kneading some more), then the dough starts first proofing after the 30 minutes of mixing and kneading). So to answer your question, you don't have to use kitchen aid.

    On the spanish bread, you can try extending the rising time some more to make it fluffier, and make sure when you place them in ziploc, they are not kinda dried out already (rising time and cooling time depend a lot on environmental humidity and temp). I usually check after 10 minutes of cooling whether I can place them in ziploc already. Sometimes I place them in ziploc even if they are still a bit warm, just to make sure I do not lose too much moisture. They will not be as soft as when freshly baked, but they should not be tough, either. In any case, you can redeem them by placing in oven toasted at 350 F for 3 minutes (once you do this, you cannot reheat them ever again without ending up with something like biscocho; they will be dried out already).

    Don't worry about the questions and seemingly negative comments. The good thing is you are trying to seek out answers and you are trying to troubleshoot. I understand that perfectly, and it helps because other readers might encounter the same problems, or simply will be able to prevent such problems as soon as they read the comments here.
    Others comment so negatively if they had poor outcome implying that I gave wrong directions or wrong recipe, when the truth of the matter is that, they did something wrong or missed a step or used C instead of F (temp), or used the wrong yeast. Or maybe they just have their own blog and want to sabotage mine...hehe..

  94. Hi Manang!

    Thanks for the quick response. Regarding the ensaymada, I think I over-rose them. I placed them in the warmer drawer for over 10 minutes as I was still coiling the remaining batch. I never thought of it since I got a good result after the final proofing and I was so excited achieving it... It's nice to know that I was not the only one who experienced the burnt bottoms using a non-stick pan. haha! I thought I over baked them. I have read somewhere that if you are using a a non-stick pan, you need to lower your oven temp to 25 deg. Like, when the required temp is 350, you need to change it to 325 so as not to burn your breads even your cakes since the coated pans produce more heat than a regular non-stick and aluminum pans. Maybe I should buy an aluminum baking sheet/pan so i wont get burn bottoms again next time. One more thing, what butter should i use for the toppings so that it would look like a more creamier butter? just like muhlach's? they have a creamier butter on top. is there a recipe to make creamier butter?

    Re pandesal, I will try making it this weekend. I have a question though, can you freeze the dough after kneading and forming? or should I freeze it after rising? When frozen, up to how long should I thaw before baking? My dad really love pandesal and we can't find anything here that suits our taste. We have tried goldilocks and red ribbon, they are good and soft but they cost too much!

    I think I under-rose the spanish bread as i noticed, they didn't rise enough as i didn't put them in a warm place.

    I hope I wont get negative results next time. don't mind those give negative comments you thought that are trying to sabotage your website or your recipe... inggit lang sila! haha!

  95. Hi anonymous,
    about the creamy butter, I think all you have to do is let the butter stand in room temp then whip it so it becomes creamy (that's how they make creamed butter in restaurants, but I am not sure whether muhlach's is like that because I never got to try a muhlach ensaymada.
    Freezing pandesal (not sure why you want to freeze that family-size recipe; we finish our pandesal within 3 days). I would think you can freeze them after cutting. Just place them in the pan like you would before baking, but place the pan in the freezer right away and freeze for about 3 hours, then take out the freezer, place in freezer bags and try to squeeze out as much air as possible, then place back in the freezer. Thawing will depend on how warm your environment is, but I think once you place them back on greased pan and inside a warm oven, it will probably take about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs to rise.
    Well, with enough practice you will get to know your baking/rising conditions better. I myself tend to produce bad results if I had not baked a certain recipe for a long time. Then I try to look at how I did it during posting, and see if I used the same pans or placed in the same oven rack, etc. just to see what made it a success as of the posting. (That's also a reason why I blog, so I have a record of procedures that will duplicate a successful recipe).

  96. I was just thinking of making a big batch and freezing them for future use.

    Thanks so much!

  97. Good morning Manang,
    ang bread flour po ba at self rising flour is the same? kc po d2 sa UK 2kinds lang ang flour sa grocery, plain and self rising lang po. will wait for your reply before trying this recipe. salamat po. Riza

  98. Hi Manang, I havent tried this yet but I was wondering that this dough would be great for pastel bread (very famous in Camiguin.) FYI pastel is formed like pan de coco but with a yema filling. Hope you can experiment on this.. Thank you so much.

  99. Hi Riza,
    Here i go again...I just posted an answer to your question and it has not appeared here yet. My answer was that bread flour is one with higher protein content and rising is better because of that. Self-rising flour is one with added leavener (like baking powder, maybe), so the two are different.

  100. Hi Bobong,
    You got me interested in this. I was recently experimenting with yema. Will most likely come up with a satisfactory result sometime this week, then I will experiment on your suggestion.
    Thanks for the idea!

  101. Bobong,
    My ensaymada dough with yema filling is in the freezer right now (will bake on another day). I think I should have made the yema a tad more runny. Not sure how it will turn out once I bake...I will let you know.

  102. Hi Manang!
    I applaud you for having such a wonderfully helpful site. I tried your ensaymada recipe, taste and texture were great. I used the "tamad" method of rolling it and the baked goodies came out in varying shapes. How do i make them come out picture perfect like yours?BTW don't have brioche molds yet. Thanks!

  103. Hi Anonymous,
    The "picture-perfect" ensaymada is one using the coiled method (see this post for slideshow on that). In rolled method, you should cut swiftly so the dough won't seal and the swirl will be apparent. Or you may want to freeze them before you do final rising, as I showed on the slides, so the cut will be better. And placing them in baking pans where they will be sort of compressed once risen will prevent them from opening up at the seams (like the tree pan I used; try to click on that to see a larger pic. You can also use square pan).

  104. Hello Manang!
    How did your experiment with the yema filling go? Hope you can teach us your style of making "yema", too. Actually I did a lot of experiment with the supersoft ensaymada dough and had very good results. It only had quite a sticky dough when I was molding bcuz I did some shortcuts of the procedure like letting it rise in a refrigerator.
    Also, I am curious about making bread using bread enhancer, but I think they are only available in the Philippines. Are this the same with "gluten flour" sold locally? Does this really help make my bread more softer even after a day or two in the shelf?
    Thanks a lot for your blogpost Manang. It really help me a lot on my new hobby of breadmaking and eventually I would venture into selling some of my perfected product (hopefully, hehe!) from your great ideas being shared.
    Happy cooking and heres wishing you an advanced "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY".. Keep smilin'.....

  105. Hi Bobong,
    The ensaymada with yema (I made using microwave) turned out very good, but like I said, I probably should have made my yema more runny...Still very good, though.
    The yema I made was very yellowish (the yema I knew were the pyramid shaped brown ones wrapped in cellophane). So I experimented some more on the yema, trying to come as close as possible to the yema I knew. The yellow yema was not bad, either, but it just tasted too custard-like instead of yema.

  106. good day manang, pasenxa na po . d kc talaga ako kagaling mgbake but im really trying harder to bake , ask k lng po ano ung shortening? ano ano ung mga klase ng shortening? ung envelopes of yeast ano p ung estimated measurement nya 1 tsp? kc po alang brand nyan d2. gusto ko po try ung ensymada nyo lalo na ung meron filling ... thank you sana po reply nyo ako. thank you

  107. hi jean,
    no problem! yung shortening, parang puting mantekilya yun. vegetable lard, purico, Crisco are several term/brands.
    1 envelope of rapid rise yeast is 0.25 oz (2-1/4 tsp). Rapid rise is different from active dry.
    hope this helps!

  108. Hi Manang!

    Gusto ko ang website mo dahil sinobukan ko ang recipe ng ensemada mo. Masarap! Pasenya walang pix dahil sira ang camera ko. Next time ha? Bakit ilagay mo ang mash potato? Para maging moist ba?

    Salamat sa recipe mo! Masarap.

  109. hi manang! if im going to half this recipe, how many egg yolks should i need? should i put 2 or 1 instead? thanks a lot!

    im really exciting to do this kse theres no kneading :) more power!


  110. Hi Merienne
    Sorry ngayon ko lang nasagot comment mo. Oo yung mashed potato helps keep it moist and soft.

    Hi leng (switduchess),
    I suggest you use 2 yolks. :)
    Funny how I am currently also making this as I answer your comment...I promised to send to a friend in PA.

  111. hello manang,

    im len. im here in baytown,texas visiting my sister and i am new to baking. i have tried a few things and have been enjoying it so far.
    i want to try this ensaymada recipe which looks really good. i just want to ask,after putting the filling inside the 3 logs, how long do i freeze it?


  112. hi len,
    i hope you are enjoying your visit with your sis!
    actually you don't have to freeze them. The only reason I included an update about freezing them is for those who want to bake only 1/3 of this batch (which gives you 8-9 rolls) at a time. It is also easier to cut with a knife when frozen first, but you can do that also even when not.
    Freezing can be up to two weeks (I have tried that) and thaw on the countertop at least 4 hours (I think it starts rising at the end of 2 hours then you can put it inside a warm oven to hasten the rising). Do not forget to cover lightly (or place inside a warm oven) when thawing/rising so it does not dry up.

  113. hello manang,

    this is len again here in texas. i made half of the recipe. (because i'm afraid i might mess it up) i just added the egg yolks. so now i refrigirated it and will wait 22 hours before i bake it.(crossing my fingers)
    thank you very much for your immediate response. i appreciate it.


  114. hi len,
    I wanted to reply to this yesterday during break at work but I could not open my site. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you did not have to wait 22 hrs. After 1 hr is ok, and I recommend max of 22 hrs. Beyond 24, the dough tends to get sour because the yeast uses up all sugars as they multiply and flatter because of too much air.

  115. Hi Manang,
    I want to thank you so much for sharing your supersoft emsaymada recipe. Not one person who tested these buns did not ask for the recipe! I tried your pandasel with sweet potatoes and they turned out totally awesome! I said to my Filipino friends, "I cannot speak the language but I can make Filipino buns!!" They say these buns are better than those bought from the store. Thank you again and God Bless. Janie

  116. Hi Janie,
    Wow! That's something new to me -- a non-Filipino baking Filipino buns for Filipino friends! How thoughtful it was of you to do so! I can imagine how much you enjoy the company of your Filipino friends! And I can imagine how popular you are to them! They must love you so much!

  117. Manang, instead of mixing the milk + shortening + water before the mashed potatoes, I mixed them all at the same time. :(

  118. Hi Help,
    Just try proceeding as directed, kahit nauna yung mashed. Let's see how it turns out.

  119. My dough didn't rise, but i think it's because my yeast was dead. haha! well, i still baked it and it tasted the same, it's just the texture that's different.

  120. Hi Help,
    How come your yeast was dead? Is it old? Or did you accidentally heated your wet ingredients to 120 deg C instead of F?
    Please don't give up.

  121. I was one of those lucky enough to stumble upon your website and oh boy, what a find! Your ensaymada, Jeeeesus! Heavenly! Your site is the best in the wide wide web, no one even come close. Take it from me, who spent several years googling and searching the net for Filipino recipes. You're God-sent. Thank You!

  122. Hi Toto,
    That was just the best email that I received this morning while I was at work!
    Well, thanks for your compliments! Such words of appreciation are what motivate me to try more recipes and post them here...

  123. Hello Manang,

    As you recommended, I tried making supersoft ensaymada. This is my first attempt at baking tinapay. Sad to say, medyo flat ang kinalabasan ng finished product pero gustong-gusto ng husband ko (in fact, nagbaon sya sa work nito at nag request pa for more!) ang lasa at texture. Half way thru the preparation ay kinamay ko ang pag mix ng dough. Hindi kinaya ng hand mixer ko. I will try and try again until I perfect this recipe.

  124. Hi again Mitzi,
    First let me thak you for trusting my recipes and trying them.
    Some troubleshooting tips for the flat tinapay:(1) do not over-rise (especially at the final rising). (2) squeeze out air good when shaping; do not be afraid to handle the dough. This will allow you to shape nicely, and dough will expand following that shape. If you shape while there is too much air left, it starts as loose and not compact, so as it expands more, it tends to flatten.

    Hope these help! With experience and conquering your fears on yeast doughs, you will eventually learn to handle it properly.

    Just a note: I still sometimes get lax and end up with palpak tinapay, especially if I forget to time the rising.

  125. Dear dear Manang,

    My 3rd try at this recipe is a huge success! Mas masarap pa nga kesa sa Goldilocks or Muhlach ensaymada. This time I used mozarella cheese. Parehong masarap with cheddar cheese (1st try). Now, I am thinking about a good filling like Mung beans or sweetened coconut next time. I have asked my sister in the Philippines to send me a kudkuran ng niyog for this. I am getting excited to try again with filling variation.

    Eto ang dadalhin ko sa next na Filipino gathering dito.

    Thank you, thank you for encouraging me to try supesoft ensaymada. This is definitely my family's favorite.

    Finally, I hope your husband is doing okay now.

  126. Hi Mitzi,
    I am glad you finally have success making these!

    I think my hubby will be just fine. He has been working hard (still, as always). Thanks for asking :)

    Where are you based right now? Marami bang Filipinos dyan?

  127. Hi Manang,

    My family and I are based in Carlsbad, NM. Been here for 5 years. Kokonti lang mga kababayan dito kaya madalang ang get-together. I try my best to cook Filipino dishes at home to savor memories when my husband and I were still in the Philippines. I also want my 2 sons who were born here to grow up eating Filipino food. Your site has been helpful in that regard. Thanks.

  128. Hi Manang, musta po? Ask ko lang, yang po bang recipe nyo very similar sa gawa ng Mulach ensaymada or supermelt? Curious lang po ako..kc may plano akong maggawa later on pag naka annual leave ako. Thanks po...

  129. Hi Anonymous,
    Hindi ako nagkaroon ng chance matikman ang Mulach supermelt ensaymada; only Goldilocks at Red Ribbon. Yung mga naka-try nitong recipe ko, they say mine is better than G or RR.
    It is an original recipe of mine that I am truly very proud of.

  130. hi. i just want to know if the potato is unflavored or like the ones in the menu.. na may milk, butter, pepper, salt, etc. na ??? or simply mashed potatoes? thanks, manang.

  131. Hi Manang! I tried your super soft ensaymada and its realllyyy good! my friends loved it they even told me to sell some. I replaced the bread flour with all purpose flour since thats what i have in my pantry (and bread flour is much expensive than APF) next time I'll try this using bread flour since using all purpose flour gives very good result then maybe using bread flour would taste even better! Cant wait to try this again! By the way I posted your website in my facebook account (hope ok lang sayo) since my friends are asking for the recipe its easier to point them to your website than giving them the recipe myself. Thanks a lot!!!

  132. HI Anonymous #1 - You can use either plain mashed potatoes, or the leftover mashed potatoes with all the salt/pepper/cream. :)

    Hi Anonymous #2 - Thanks for letting me know how you and your friends loved it. What is your facebook username? Actually, I would like to thank you for providing a link to my site there, as it helps increase my traffic stats (and my ad revenue - as a matter of fact, as I am typing this, there are 10 people online. To me, that is good!)

  133. hi manang. i followed your recipe. it's yummy.. but it doesn't smell nice. i think it's because of the potatoes. pls help

  134. Hi Anonymous,
    Please be more specific. How exactly would you describe its smell? Sour? Or something else?
    If sour, maybe you over-rise it. Too much yeast reproduction using up all the sugars and creating too much CO2 as byproduct.

  135. yes it is sour. i think i did over rise it.

    thanks for the tip. i will keep track of the pastries more from now on.

  136. Hi Manang, may I know if shortening is the same as Crisco Vegetable Shortening here in the States or different? If so, what brand of lard are you using? I live in Florida state I hope to have access to what's in the recipe. Thanks!

  137. HI Anonymous,
    Yes, you can use Crisco brand or the grocery brand shortening. You may even want to try the Crisco butter flavored shortening.

  138. Manang, thanks for answering my question re Crisco Shortening. By the way, can I use real butter instead of Shortening? May I know why you used shortening instead of butter is it better for the Super Soft Ensaymada?

  139. Hi Manang,
    I'm planning to send this ensaymada to my sis in West Virginia and it takes about 3 days to get there. Do they keep moist and soft for 3 days? Will it get spoiled during the mailing process? Do you have any suggestion on how to pack it? For Christmas, I'd like to send this to many of my friends and they live out of state, is it possible to do it? I like your Christmas Tree packaging, may I know where you ordered it? Thank you very much. More power and God bless!

  140. Hi Anonymous 1: I actually tried to use butter and made another post on that -- Buttery Ensaymada. For some reason, this supersoft ensaymada seems to have caught more attention, maybe because I posted it first, and that in my buttery ensaymada experiment, I could not really give a good comparison due to having had too much ensaymada already at the time - nagsawa na!

    Hi Anonymous 2: They do as long as you pack them in plastic when they have just cooled down enough so they do not sweat (which predisposes them to mold growth) and do not refrigerate them prior to that; just room temp. For Christmas, the room temp and dry air (which inhibits mold growth) will make it even last longer, but I would advise to try first and ask the recipient to check for mold growth and to sniff. If they smell good, they are still good. Tell them when you baked the goods so they know and be wary before swallowing. I do advise to just send the ensaymada without filling or toppings. Let them add the creamed butter/sugar, and the cheese.

  141. Hi again Manang,

    After tasting my ensaymada from your recipe, my friend, Rowena begged me to teach her. She bakes these super soft ensaymadas almost twice a week now and shares with her friends. She gave some to our parish priests and nuns, and I think she is their favourite now, haha. She said she had not bought bread since she learned to make these buns. She is very thankful for your recipe, and so are all her friends who ate the buns. God Bless, Janie

  142. HI Janie,
    Nice to hear from you again!
    I am glad you were able to teach Rowena how to make these. A lot of Filipinos (I take it she is one?) are afraid to bake because of lack of exposure to oven/baking, although we usually had access to yeast rolls/breads because of the many bakeries in the Filipino neighborhood. That's why once a Filipino is uprooted from our country, we miss these buns soooo much! Only with hands-on training will a Filipinos usually take courage to actually learn baking. Kudos to you for taking the time to teach Rowena!

  143. Hi Manang it's me again. I asked you few questions about your ensaymadas before. I haven't had any chance to make this it's because I thought it would be too much for just 2 person and a 2 year old. So I was wondering if I could ask you a favor. Pwede po ba i half nyo yung measurements of the ingredients for the SS ensaymada. I don't know what to do with the rest that's why I'm asking you if you could half the ingredients for me. I am sorry if I'm asking yo too much. I would greatly appreciate your help Thank you so much

  144. Hi Ailen,
    Here it is:
    2-1/2 cups bread flour (separate 1/2 + 1/2 + 1-1/2)[- you may want to use the 1/2 cup measurer for this]
    1/4 cup sugar
    1 envelope Fleischmann’s RapidRise Yeast (1 envelope is 0.25 oz = 2-1/4 tsp)
    1-1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 cup milk
    1/4 cup water
    1/3 cup shortening (also known as lard, purico in Philippines, strutto in Italy)
    1/2 cup mashed potato
    1 egg
    2 egg yolks
    1-oz grated sharp cheddar cheese (or use crumbled feta cheese, which is my favorite to use now)

    melted butter for brushing prior to baking

    softened butter plus sugar for topping

    finely grated cheddar/monterey jack cheese for extra topping

    NOTE: You can freeze half of this dough before shaping as I noted in the above post, so you can let them rise (for final rising) and bake as you need. In any case, you probably will consume this easily enough within a week anyway.

  145. Manang, Thankyou so much. I will definitely try to make this soon. I really miss ensaymada especially it's so hard to find a filipino store where I live (belgium). Thank you again...I will let you know. have a good day

  146. Hi Manang,

    First time kong nakabisita sa site mo. Andito ako sa Dubai at gusto kong itry ang ensaymada recipe mo. Nag-try din ako na iba kasi ang gusto ko ay yung super soft.Request ko lang manang puwede bang may video ka ng pag-prepare ng ensaymada para mas madali siyang masundan. Itry ko rin yung recipe mo and I hope makuha ko siya.

  147. Hi Anonymous,
    Welcome to my kusina!
    Gusto ko rin sana mag-video, pero mahirap dahil (1) dalawa lang kamay ko at walang matinong assistant (my son usually makes funny comments at nagpapatawa when I try asking him to do a vid), (2) baking takes several steps kaya several video clips ang kelangan (at madalas, makakalimutan kong i-video yung ibang steps), (3) these video clips will need editing to make one video combining all of them, which I am not too knowledgeable with, and I don't have the time for.
    I am just banking on the possibility that people who will find this recipe of SSE and the overwhelming rave reviews I get for it will be intrigued enough to try. I did my best to illustrate how to make them with the slideshows, and to be as clear as possible (even now with Tagalog version) in my instructions.
    If you are familiar with Panlasang Pinoy, we talked about him trying out my SSE recipe and making a video of it. At least sya, assistant nya misis nya sa video recording. abangan mo na lang siguro. :)

  148. Hi Manang! I'm a newbie in baking and want to try your supersoft ensaymada çoz my daughter loves it. I just have some questions before I make the ensaymada:
    1. Do I need a thermometer in heating milk, sugar and shortening? If yes, what kind of thermometer do I need (candy or meat thermometer).
    2. I can't find an instant yeast here in NZ. What I see in supermarket is Edmonds Surebake which is a blend of active dry yeast and bread improvers. Ang color nya parang mix white & brown. Yun ba ang instant dry yeast? If I use this, do i need to proof it or mix it directly to the dry ingredients?
    Thanks and God bless!

  149. This is a comment made by josie under pork roasted in mang tomas sarsa:
    thank u very much for your recipe supersoft ensaymada and pandesal GRABE ang sarap masarap pa sa goldi . kala ng mga nurses dito sa work ko profnal ako sa baking di ni la alam first time ko nag bake. pag katapos ko i bake col ako agad australia sa sis ko search kusina ni manang. nagluto na rin. thank you for sharing it 2 us salamat at may blog na ganito.. josie"

  150. Josie,
    Thanks for your wonderful feedback! It was a nice "good morning" greeting for me! Now if only I can get my sister to try making these...

  151. HI Anonymous,
    Welcome to my kusina.
    to answer your qs, (1) you need the meat thermometer for baking purposes (candy thermometer you will need for syrup or fudge or candy making).
    (2) I do not have authority to answer your q re yeast in NZ, and my guess would be instant dry yeast, which you said you could not find anyway. So here is a link whom you might be able to contact to find the right answer: http://www.bianz.co.nz/
    If you do manage to find the answer to it, kindly get back to this site and share what you have learned for others also to know. Thanks and goodluck!

  152. Hi again! Thanks for the quick reply to my query. I've already found an instant dry yeast (Edmonds) here in NZ. Ask ko lang kung diretso ko na bang imimix sa dry ingredients yung instant dry yeast? Problem ko na lang e yung meat thermometer çoz the one i have starts with 140F. Maybe I'll try looking for a new one. Excited na kong itry ang supersoft ensaymada recipe mo! Thanks again! - sync

  153. Hi Manang! Thank you so much for your SS ensaymada recipe. I tried it and it's really good. Kala ko nga papalpak ako dahil yung 1st batch na gawa ko ang tigas at sunog yung bottom. Sumobra pala init ng oven ko sa last stage ng rising. Pero try pa rin ako at sabi ng husband ko masarap daw. First time daw nyang nakarinig ng ensaymada na may potatoes. Hayun, baon niya sa office. Pati daughter ko na bihirang kumain ng binake e nasarapan at gusto rin nyang baunin sa school. Again, thank you and God bless! - sync

  154. Hi sync,
    Sorry medyo na-late sa reply at super busy...
    I am so glad to hear your success in making SSE. You should also try the spanish bread. Mas gusto pa ng mga anak ko yung SB kesa SSE.
    Actually, after I posted this recipe and many readers have tried and liked it, there was one who told me that they supply potato flour to Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, and he was guessing it was because of the soft and moist effect on these ensaymadas.

  155. Thank you Manang for this recipe,Im very excited to make this ensaymada.This is my first time to bake,I have a bread machine that I have'nt use yet can I make this ensaymada using the bread machine,I'll be waiting for your reply thank you.

  156. Hi Anonymous,
    I would not do this on bread machine. I do have a no-potato recipe for BM ensaymada, and one of my loyal readers asked if she could use potato on that. I suggested to her, and now to you, to try my pandelimon de patatas recipe, which uses BM and mashed potatoes, then just tweak it to make it into something like this supersoft ensaymada. I suggest to add 2 or 3 egg yolks to that recipe and maybe add some crumbled feta cheese (2 oz) to the flour that you are going to use.

  157. manang i really need your help. i really want to make your super soft ensaymada but is there any substitute to shortening? i tried your pichi pichi and pandesal super like ng mga kaibigan kong filipino dito sa wichita masarap daw...thanks a lot

  158. Hi Anonymous,
    Shortening is also vegetable lard, or purico. Crisco is a brand here. Try looking at the oils section of the grocery. If you see solid oils (not liquid), try any of those.

    You can also try buttery ensaymada instead. Same recipe, only using butter. :) Those who have tried it liked it as well.

  159. oh yeah i think i saw that crisco brand vegetable shortening nkalagay yun na yun cguro i'll go to wallmart again.. definitely i'll try your buttery pati siopao and other breads, weakness ko talaga kasi tinapay eh..lalo na nung nasa pinas pa ako. dito kasi di ko magustuhan ang tinapay kaya buti nlng andyan ka ate your so good..dulz

  160. by the way ate sa pag hulma mo ba ng dough na parang envelope kung nirolyo ang shape na gagawin pano nyo po ba ginagawa yun? i mean ang isang buong dough po ba ang gagawin mong envelope? so isa lang di na kelangan pa syang idivide ng ilang part bago mo ishape na envelope pasensya na po ate ha i just want to clarify ayoko ko kasi mgkamali gaya nung sa pandesal ko na mali mali ako nung una pero nakuha ko rin..saka yung sabi mo po na pwede i freeze pgnagawa mo na na log ibig sabihin pwede ko po i freeze after ko na magawa na log hanggang sa ready na ako na i bake ito? thanks po talaga ate cenxa na po sa istorbo

  161. dulz,
    merong butter flavored crisco in blocks, 3 in one pack.
    Totoo, hindi rin ako mapakali pag alang tinapay eh. Di naman ubra yung white bread or burger buns or hotdog buns. Di masarap.
    Yung pag-shape na parang envelope, hatiin mo muna yung dough into 3. Then, i-flatten mo each of them using rolling pin. Since medyo rounded ang edges, itupi mo para maghugisrectangle (kaya parang envelope), at i-flatten mo uli, bago mo pahiran nung softened butter at budburan mo ng asukal bago mo irolyo. Eto yung pwede mo nang i-freeze.

  162. wow super! claro na. ok ate i'll try it and i'll tell you if it's successful. Bless you 'te. Super thank you talaga the best and site mo! Dulz

  163. hello, just wanna ask kung pwde active dry yeast. tapos any substitute for bread flour kasi hirap hanapin dito sa uae.
    thanks po.
    ingat... :)

  164. Hi Anonymous,
    pwede active dry yeast but you have to change the procedure to include the initial proofing stage (making the sponge before adding the rest of the ingredients). Follow the direction on the label and adjust accordingly (please do not ask me on the specifics of how to do this with active dry yeast; I do not have the time to try that. You will have to figure it out.).
    I do not know what the substitute is for bread flour there in UAE (it is also known as strong white flour, or high protein flour in other countries). Also check this out: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/article-5477-the-names-all-bakers-should-know/
    Maybe you can also try to inquire at http://www.masterbakerme.com/ about flours and ask them to point you in the right direction of where to get it (if they are not familiar with bread flour, tell them it is the best flour to use for yeast breads, not cakes).
    Also see here for a list of possible suppliers you can inquire at:

  165. hi ate! i'm super duper excited to tell you that finally i made my ensaymada of course using your recipe "supersoft ensaymada". it comes out really really good taste like goldilocks nga. pero ate i cut down the measurement of salt. please don't mind i just wanna i ask if it is really 1 tbsp or just 1 tsp? i just used 1 tsp salt instead of 1 tbsp. yun lang naman binago ko ate kasi iodized salt gamit ko. but thank you so much mwaah! because of you i know now how to make ensaymada that taste like that special one at goldilocks. the best ka talaga ate. by the way saan po sa pinas ang pngmulan nyo? God bless poh! dulz.

  166. Hi dulz,
    no problem if you changed the amount of the salt. I actually encourage my readers to do their own experiments and maybe even suggest here an alternate way to prepare these recipes. I myself have benefited from such exchange.
    I will try 1 tsp next time too...maybe the cheese has enough saltiness to provide.

  167. Hi Manang, I've prepared the dough last night and can't we wait to be home to coil and put them in the oven!!! I'm just hoping it turns out right becauze I missed a step, instead of mixing the sugar with 1 cup of flour and yeast, I've mixed it with the 3 cups of flour. It was too late when I realized that I haven't put any sugar yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for this recipe! I hope I do it justice. :)

  168. Hi Anonymous,
    Please let me know how it turns out despite the missed step. Goodluck!

  169. Hi Manang, I tried your ss ensaymada and it was success. My hubby likes it. I have a question for you hope you can help me. I have a recipe with the ingredient of dry yeast my question is ok lang po ba gamitin ang "highly active yeast" ?

  170. Hello manang! The ensaymada I made last week was a blast! :) With the missed step, it still turned out right. It's soooo soft. And with some of the dough, I tried making the spanish bread as that's what my husband fancies. He loved it! :) Thanks for this gorgeous recipe. :) I'll actually be doing it again tonight.

  171. HI Ailen,
    thanks for letting me know aboutyour sse.I think that highly active yeast is the same as dry yeast (or is it like instant dry yeast?). Anyway, check on the instruction on the package then adjust accordingly how you will "proof" the dough.

  172. Hi Anonymous,
    Hey, congrats on your success!!! Maybe tonight you won't miss a step anymore! Haha! Have fun!

  173. A transcript of fb chat I had:

    manang, panalo ensaymada mo!
    me umoorder na agad!
    maigi talagang giveaways ang pagkain
    hi rosel, ibi-business mo ba?
    kaya lang, di ko pa alam magkano ko ibebenta
    sulit ba ang kikitain sa effort? ano sa tingin mo?
    matagal na ksi din akong nagbebenta ng siopao dito e
    ang goldilocks ata, nasa $1.75 per pc
    yun nga sabi ng asawa ko
    is it worth the effort daw ba?
    mabenta naman siopao?
    yun ang mabenta noon
    usually mga 100+ orders nakukuha ko every 2 wks
    wow...grabe...san ka ba at marami atang pinoy dyan???
    dito ako sa south wales, sa UK
    likas lang talaga silang matatakaw!
    haha!!! at nasanay bumili instead gumawa...
    yup which is to my advantage
    try mo rin kaya hopia...tapos gawin mo, rotation...
    sabi nga ng asawa ko, parang siopao land daw ang kusina pag me mga order ako...
    pero sha, ayaw i try yung siopao
    dito sa Maine, hindi ako makakahirit ng bentahan kasi konti lang naman pinoy
    naku, yung MIL ko gustong-gusto yung beef siopao..pero asawa ko hindi rin titikim
    pihikan nga to sa pagkain
    buti na lang mga bata, sanay kumain ng rice
    mga anak ko rin, di ko na-convert sa mashed potato
    rice pa rin ang hinahanap
    tsaka hindi mapili sa pagkain
    makatarungan kayang mas mahal ang ensaymada sa siopao?
    anyway...sige na at kelangan ko na umpisahan ang paggawa ng dessert pang-Christmas...sans rival tapos brazo de mercedes
    ganun ksi kinalabasan ng computation ko
    thanks ulit!
    tingin ko hindi dapat mas mahal sa siopao, pero kung gagawin mong buttercream ang frosting ng ensay, baka ma-justify
    you're welcome!!!

  174. Hi Manang! If I want to make a small batch, will it still work if I cut the ingredients into half (including the yeast)?

  175. Yes, anonymous. Half the recipe will be ok.

  176. hello manang,happy new year to you and your family..i tried your supersoft enseymada dough,im so happy to tell you na success on first trial..it came out so soft and delicious and the smell while it was baking made me kinda teary eyed kasi my nanay used to bake pandesal,ensemada and all kind of goodies,it made the house smell heavenly..i divided it into 3,one i coiled,the second i just rolled into a ball and arranged it in a round pan,the third i made into cinnamon rolls,i decide to bake it all so when my sons friends come over tomorrow they can snack on it before dance practice....
    i also made the brownies and its also a success,my son almost finished the whole batch,i had to stop him,hahaha..tho i ran out of choco squares,only had 4,so i added 1/2 cup of hershey cocoa with the flour,it came out so chewy on the side,the top came out kinda like a crunchy topping,manang it was a big hit with my son and nieces,they asked when im making more so the very next day i made 2 more batches,with one i added white chocochips and almonds which i toasted lightly and cooled,they were both a hit with the kids,i was so inspired with my initial success that i dared try you supersoft dough and im in heaven....now i got 2 more goodies to bring during basketball practice and games...
    maraming salamat manang,ususally when i try out a recipe,it doesnt always come out good on the first try,kaya minsan nawawalan ako ng gana,pero ang recipe mo 2 out of 2 came out realllly good,maraming salamat uli,more power to you.
    greetings from ontario canada

  177. Hi Lynn,
    Wow, that was a truly inspiring comment! Kakagising ko lang and you made my day right away!
    Now you have made the brownies twice...I myself have not tried making it! Nakakalamang ka ha...haha!

  178. First of all thanks manang for sharing the recipe of your ensaymada, i made it on the first trial kulang ang yeast ko dhil walang fleischmann d2 sa kuwait, i used the saf instant yeast and just used only 2-1/4 tsp so hindi sya nag-rise.the second time is perfect and masarap talaga.i tried for the third time now because i want to make ube ensaymada, but nagkamali ako nai-mix ko kagad ang egg yolk sa last addition ng flour n cheese.i don't know what will happen.will it affect the rising of the dough n the softness of ensaymada.i hope hindi,i will bake it tomorrow and see what will happen.anyway thank you very much for the recipe

  179. Hi Anonymous,
    Tingin ko, okay lang yung nahalo mo agad yung egg yolks sa final mixing ng flour/cheese.
    Salamat sa feedback!

  180. Hi Manang!
    I made this recipe and super sarap! My husband liked it very much. I only used half of the recipe and substituted butter for the shortening. Mahirap kasing makahanap ng shortening dito sa Japan. Anyway, I used active dry yeast and proofed it for 10 minutes in warm water, milk and sugar mixture (at 40C) bago ko hinalo sa dry ingredients. Food processor din ang ginamit ko then transferred the dough to a bowl bago pa man siya maging stiff batter. I added the rest of the flour manually. Siguro next time, i-try ko na ihalo agad yung egg yolks rather than after 2 hours of refrigeration. Medyo mahirap kasi kapag manual. I baked these pala in a toaster oven and came out wonderfully.
    I stored the baked ensaymada rolls in the freezer. Then naglabas ako ng 4 pcs sa room temp kanina to thaw. Just put the topping at ready na for my husband's breakfast tomorrow.
    Hindi ko na maalala kung ano ang lasa ng ensaymada ng Goldilocks at Red Ribbon pero panalo talaga itong recipe na ito.
    Thank you Manang for sharing this recipe!

  181. hi pal_kmae,
    Thanks for your feedback. I actually made a buttery ensaymada post for those who don't want to use shortening (and it is basically the same for the rest of the ingredients).
    I also tried to add egg yolks right away for my recipe that is basically the same except I used sweet potatoes and it turned out ok as well.

  182. First, I just want to commend you for a wonderful blog- I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back for more recipes and most of all, thanks a million for an awesome ensaimada recipe. I did the coiled version and followed the recipe with very minimal changes in the topping. I am so proud of my first try because it was so successful - even softer than those of the two bakeshops famous for ensaimada.

  183. Faye,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. I am glad you liked my ensaymada recipe, to the point of sharing the link to that blog post in a forum, soompi.com! I really appreciate it!

  184. You're very welcome Manang! Did you see the pictures of my ensaimada? They came in different sizes though but they're evenly delicious. Just last night I prepared another batch for baking later today. I want to try the other variations next time. Thanks again and more power!

  185. hi manang, thanks sa advice for the ice candy sa blog ko=)....that ensaimada pic is so yummy, will try this recipe soon as I get a dough hook from ebay para doon sa secondhand kong kenwood mixer na nabili, i love your blog as most of them are filipino recipes that i haven't cooked yet...more power ate!!!!!

  186. Hi Manang,
    I can't wait to make your ensaymada! But I went to all the groceries to look for the Helluva Good cheese but no luck. Which store do you buy it from? I'm from Toronto, Canada.
    Salamat po.
    Cheryl San Miguel

  187. thanks you for sharing Manang!:) will try this on friday :)

  188. Unfortunately, until now di ko pa na-ta-try ito...One day I will...

  189. hi manang, i would like to try this on saturday but before that i just have two questions; 1. i only have dry yeast here, is it okay to use it and if so how? (that's actually two already, hehe) 2. i don't have lard as well, is it okay if i just use butter instead?

    thanks and will be looking forward to your answers.

  190. Hi manang, i tried your supersoft ensaymada but they turned out so heavy. It didn't rise as much as well.
    Question: When is the fermentation part in this recipe? Does the dough ferment even when refrigerated?

    I think I also made a mistake in heating up the wet ingredients. I didnt have a thermometer, I made it up to the boiling point cause I thought it counts for celsius. Fahrenheit pala. You think its because of that?

  191. hi anonymous,
    I think boiling that must have killed the yeast. Also, that dough ferments in the fridge since the yeast is a rapid rise type.

    To everyone,
    sorry I am not always available to answer qs. I have been fighting DHHS legally and it's been going on since May of this year. Expensive and mentally, emotionally and financially draining. Still fighting for my family rights and my children's rights, and my parental rights as well.

  192. Hi Manang!

    The best ang ensaymada mo. he he Salamat sa recipe. Am planning to bring some of these @ work. I'll prepare them @ night then bring them in the morning. Ask ko lang po kung pano ko cya i store para fresh and malambot pa din cya next day. Do i need to put in the fridge? Many thanks and more power

  193. HI Anonymous,
    I suggest you place them individually in cheap sandwich bags (the ones with just the flap the "close"). Or use small cuts of cling wrap.

  194. Hi,
    I just blog hopped my way over to your site and I'm glad I found it. Would like to try out this recipe for the coming long holiday :) Was just wonderin though what to do if I dont have a mixer with a dough attachment? Should I use the balloon attachment instead or manual mixing using whisk or wooden spoon? Also, is there any other substitute for shortening and should I tweak anything in the procedure/measurement if I'd be using instant yeast?

    Thanks in advance and more power. Btw, bookmarking your site right now :P

  195. HI Hazel,
    You can use the paddle instead, not the balloon. Dough is too gooey for balloon. For using instant yeast, I am inclined to believe that is the same as rapid rise, but I am not sure. So kindly see your packaging for guidance on how to tweak the procedure/ingredients. If I have no experience in using an ingredient, I cannot give you directions.

  196. What if there's no paddle too? :( Also, is the shortening substitutable by another ingredient?

  197. Hi Hazel,
    You can use your hands when the dough gets too sticky for a balloon whisk. You can also sub butter for the shortening. :)

  198. Thank you so much for your recipes, especially this one. My mother has an ensymada recipe which is based on a brioche recipe, but using mashed potato would be interesting. Reading everyones comments has also been a blast. I've been going through your site for a week now, there's so much on here, I feel like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Also it is so amazing how the thread of comments regarding this recipe has been going on for 2 years now. Good on you for keeeping it alive. Will definitely send you some feedback regarding how I go. Cheers!!!

  199. Hi nelle,
    I hope you will enjoy the outcome as much as my family and friends did, and everyone else above who have tried and had success. :)
    If not for my current legal issues, I could have added more recipes or at least made videos of old posts...

  200. hi manang,
    i'm a newbie when it comes to bread making or baking to say the least. hehe. anyway, i tried this recipe, pero iba yung kinalabasan. it's SUPER airy. parang walang laman, alam mo yun. i don't know what i did wrong. well, i only found unbleached bread flour so that's what i used. i also don't have a kitchenaid mixer so pag form ng dough, i just used my hand. what do you think?? feedback?

    thanks a lot!


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