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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coconut-Cinnamon Rolls & Pan de Coco-Cinni

This post is especially dedicated to Susan of Guam, who sent me an email yesterday about MY pan de coco recipe...She is one of those who give me inspiration.

Okay, here's the recipe for my Coconut-Cinnamon Rolls
From Coconut-cinnamon rolls
that made my husband close his eyes savoring his bite as he taste-tested this the night I baked them. I guarantee you this is gonna be a hit to any cinnamon and coconut lover.


Prepared dough (I used half of my buttery ensaymada dough for two logs)

Mix and put in the fridge overnight -
8-oz grated coconut (that's about 1 cup packed?)
1 cup white sugar
1 cup packed brown sugar

Add to the above mixture the following prior to filling the dough:
2 tbsp ground cinnamon (you may add up to 4 tbsp depending on how cinn-y you want it)
5 tbsp flour

2 tbsp milk to brush on dough prior to filling

Directions (the slideshow is pretty much self-explanatory:

Prepare filling.
Roll dough to about 8x 13 in; make sure you sprinkle flour on the countertop and on your rolling pin. The dough gets stickier as it stays in room temp.
Brush milk onto the dough. Spread the filling thinly. Spare the edges that should make the seam.
Roll tightly into a log. You may have to use the dough cutter (dipped occasionally into a mound of flour) to lift up the dough as you roll.
Cut at 1-inch intervals using dough cutter (wipe the blade before every slice). Fix the roundness of the cut piece with your fingers before you place onto a greased pan.
Let rise for one hour inside the oven warmed by "baking" for 1 minute then turned off.
Take out of the oven; start heating up the oven for real baking at 350 deg F.
bake for 15-20 mins or until the middle dough is browned.
Loosen edges from the pan and invert onto a plate to remove.
Place on a cooling wire rack. If not eating right away, cool completely and wrap in plastic. May store at room temp for up to 3 days. (I guarantee you this is better than store-bought canned cinnamon rolls!).

Basically the same recipe for Pan de Coco-Cinni --


Prepared dough (I used 1/4 of my buttery ensaymada dough)
Remaining filling (not sure how much was there; probably a cup)
Egg white for glaze

Cut dough into pieces (I cut them just so I could barely close my hand around each piece- yields pieces that are quite big one can fill you up quickly)
Flatten to disks.
Put about 1 tbsp filling at the center. Fold over the edges to seal.
Flatten the pieces. Place on greased baking sheet.
Bake at 350 deg F for 20 minutes or until browned to your liking (I should have baked this at 400 to bake at 12 minutes but since I baked this along with the coco-cinnamon roll, I used 350. End product seems too light (and uncooked) to my eyes, but actually they are done. My older son can eat two of these at a time.

I think I am gonna submit my coconut-cinnamon roll recipe to a baking contest...huwag nyo ako unahan/agawan...:)


  1. Wow Manang...
    Na-touch naman ako!
    Nagdrool ako sa napakasarap na Coconut-Cinnamon Rolls! :)
    Happy Holidays and God Bless !

  2. Hi Susan,
    I thought you'd like this after you said that my pan de coco was perfect! I hope you will try this one...

  3. this looks so good! i love cinnamon rolls.. and coconut makes it even more delicious.

  4. U8, this is what I plan to give to my in-laws for Christmas.

  5. I'm going crazy na sa daming mga recipe mo dito hahaha. I am on a diet (this time It's for real) so the only thing I can do is just look at your delicious creation and I could literally lick the computer screen.

    i hope you don't mind I am copying some of your recipes :-)

    Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Haha, Claire, ako rin dapat mag-diet eh...dalangan ang pagluluto...

  7. Hi Manang,

    Hay sa dami ng recipe mo di ko alam kung san ako mag uumpisa. Gusto ko gawin lahat. hehe
    I already tried your Super soft ensaymada and it was good. But my favorite will be the Cinamon Rolls. Loved it.

    Anyway was thinking of making this one. Can I use the supersoft ensaymada dough instead of the buttery one? Para isang batch na lang na dough ang gagamitin ko.



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