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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Menu for Supper of 10/10/08

Usually after working straight for 3 nights (which usually means quick-fix or TV dinners) and sleeping most of my first day off, I get into a cooking fever the following day. Our supper that day (10/10/08) was a whole-day affair for me. Hubby, starved after working 10 hours that day, said it was supper worth working for...("And what work will you do for me, Honey?"...He gave me a naughty smile...)

We had Beef Pares with an Apple Twist, Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Brocolli, French Bread

and Molten Lava Cake

Recipes to follow...
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  1. Hi Manang..ehemmmm heto na naman po ako nag balik hehehe...nakakabusog kasi tingnan ang mga pagkain sa kusina mo lol..kaya naka save sya sa fav. ko...sana tataba ako nito sa ka ka browse kusina blog mo....kasi skinny ako eh hehehe...ay oo...ako pala yong annonym...yong iba di ko na na lagyan ng name...na nameless tuloy...sorry! sige balik ako ulit...hugs! lyn


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