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Saturday, July 21, 2007

(Best?) Ensaymada Recipe #2 (Bread Machine)

Bread Machine Ensaymada
Ensaymada using Bread Machine
UPDATE (11/16/08): Just for fun I googled ensaymada recipe and found a yahoo answers webpage that voted this particular recipe as best answer to the question pertaining to ensaymada. Two yahoo users posted a copy-paste of my recipe and how-to's below, although they did not provide reference to my kusina (which, I think, is a disservice for those whose question they answered, and was quite unfair to me not being credited, but it's okay. As long as it gives me the satisfaction that there are those who have tried this recipe and actually recommend it to others, even without letting me know, I still feel honored...
After getting tired of kneading using the first recipe I posted about earlier, I experimented twisting some other similar recipes for bread machine, and came up with this recipe. I now prefer this (less messy) method. It still gives me that familiar taste of ensaymada I used to eat from our cheap bakery when I was a kid (This ensaymada is NOT goldilocks or red ribbon-type, but it is the type I used to eat a lot when I was a kid. If you want the soft, fluffy, light-colored ensaymada that will remind you of Goldilocks or Red Ribbon, try the supersoft ensaymada). Everyday when it was being baked, I would eagerly wait for the first batch to come out, and would wait patiently until I could brush it with margarine without melting, then dip into a bowl of sugar. Yum-yum!

As a bonus, I am using part of the dough to make mini-Spanish bread, which my kids (including stepd) are crazy about, they're gone in minutes!

Ensaymada Recipe #2: Bread Machine Method using bread machine yeast

URGENT NOTE as of 07/21/07: I am making this recipe while editing this post. I should have included this note before any of you tries making this recipe. If your BM is like mine with tall bucket instead of horizontally long (loaf-shaped), this recipe might HAVE TO BE CUT IN HALF. (The ingredients here are for a total of 3-lb loaf, and my BM can only accommodate up to 2-lb loaf without problems for dough cycle.) If you do use the same proportions here,make sure you stay with your BM, initially put only 4 cups of bread flour, help mix the dough using silicone spatula, then add the rest of the flour when you already have the soft dough (takes about 15 minutes). Keep watching, as you might have to add more flour by the tbsp (I had to add 4-5 tbsp at this time) depending on the size of egg you used. You have to poke with your finger a bit to see if the dough will NOT stick to your finger to know you have enough. Do not add too much that the dough appears flaky, because then it becomes tougher and dry.

So if you want not to worry about guarding the BM while it does its job, cut the recipe in half (1-1/2 lb loaf), or use the alternate recipe below.

If your BM is horizontally long with 2 paddles, I do not think it will be a problem to prepare the 3-lb recipe.

Ingredients (3-lb dough):
1 cup milk
3/4 cup water
1 egg
4 egg yolks
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
2 tsp salt
6-3/4 cups bread flour (plus some more; see note above)
3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp BM yeast

(2-lb dough) - [This yielded 9 ensaymadas and 12 pcs spanish bread]
2/3 c milk
1/2 c water
1 egg
2 egg yolks
6 tbsp butter
1-1/2 tsp salt
4-1/2 c bread flour
1/2 c sugar
1-1/2 tsp BM yeast

Topping: softened butter, granulated sugar (or sugar-cinnamon, which hubby prefers), and optional grated cheese.
Add ingredients to bread machine pan in the order suggested by manufacturer. Set in dough cycle.
Make ropes then shape into coils
Once done, punch dough, lay on the table and roll with a rolling pin to make it flat. (NOTE: To keep the surface of dough from drying up, cover with plastic while you work on the ropes.)
Using dough cutter, make long ropes (about a foot long) about 3/4 of an inch wide, and coil.
Apply melted butter on coils and let rise for 10-15 minutes (or up to 30 if you want them really fluffy) in a draft-free moist enough area (I like putting them in oven with a bowl of hot water).
You may apply egg glaze prior to baking (if you want it darker brown upon baking).
Bake at 350ºF for 12-15 minutes (depending on your oven).
You may apply melted butter as soon as they get out of the oven. Helps keep them soft by preventing too much moisture loss. Then apply softened butter and roll in sugar when ready to consume. (Please see slideshow for step-by-step how-to's).
Dough is also good to use for spanish bread
Bonus: I use the smaller sides of the flattened disk of dough to make mini-spanish bread. Just mix together softened butter and sugar (approximate - butter should have enough sugar to make it super gritty but still spreadable), and apply a not-so-thin layer leaving about 1/4 inch at the edges for sealing(if too generous, it becomes gooey caramelly when baking and overflows out of the buns and make the bread quite tough when they get colder. So when you do make them like so, eat right away while they are still soft and fresh from the oven.) Roll tightly as shown. Then coat with bread crumbs. Put on baking pans seam side down. Bake at 350 deg F for about 8-10 minutes.
Sorry no pics for the finished spanish bread. They were gone too quickly before I had a chance to take photos.


  1. Hi Manang,How are you?,I just want to thank you for the Ensaymada recipe #1,And now you have Recipe #2,By the way I tried your pandesal recipe yesterday,It's so good.Hope you will post more recipes in the future.

  2. Hi anonymous! You are so welcome. I was so guilty already because I promised to post that recipe a long time ago. And there were already a lot of readers who emailed me about it (aside from those I have emailed back the recipe already).
    I hope you have fun. Maybe you can experiment some more by adding honey, or using buttermilk.

  3. Hi Manang!!!!
    Sa wakas na post ka rin, I missed you. How are you? I will try out your recipe one of these days.

  4. At long last... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your ensaymada looks so soft and fluffy! I can finally make them at home, yey!

  5. Hello Kusina ni Manang . . . Just letting you know that I enjoy your website and have plans to make the yummy ensaymada recipes you have posted. I live in Northern California . . . married with 2 teenage kiddies. You can find my blog at: www.tulipfleurs.wordpress.com
    I'm not much of a "cook" nor "baker" but I pretend to be. :-) Take care, - TulipFleurs

  6. sa wakas nagparamdam na ulit my Manang....kamusta ka na ineng?!!! miss ka namin, miss our little samahan before. hope you are fine, and i'm just about to make ensaymadas as well, as soon as it cools off a bit.
    at saka....i tagged you! heehee, anyway madali lang and Thess explains the rules better (sa kanya galing eh....) regards to your family too!

  7. Hi Manang! Long time no hear ah. I'm glad you're posting again. Actually, ako rin matagal din akong nanahimik. The ensaymada looks delicious! Kaso lang nga hindi ako marunong mag-bake...talagang hanggang paluto-luto lang ako. Bibili na lang siguro ako sa Goldilocks....hehehe.

  8. Hi Manang!

    I just have to tell you... I did the Ensaymada Recipe#2 the same day that you posted the URGENT NOTE on it, but I did it early in the morning before I ever got on the computer. Needless to say, it overflowed. I was horrified at the site of my bread machine. I wanted to just throw it out, but at the same time I didn't want it to be just a waste so I scooped up whatever was left in the bucket and ended up finishing it on my standing mixer with the dough hook. I also had to add more flour because it was really soft and sticky. So I was worried it would come out hard or not turn out at all, but you know what... IT WAS STILL SOFT AND DELICIOUS!!!
    Eating those ensaymada made cleaning the bread machine worth it!

    Thank you so much for the great recipe. I think next time I'll try the REVISED version, he he he (I didn't really enjoy cleaning the bread machine)


  9. KK,
    Ako rin, namimi-miss ko ang bloghopping...pasilip-silipi nga lang ako sa mga links ko eh, minsan, no comment pa kamamadali...
    anonymous 1 -- have you tried? I hope I had the urgent note before you did (or are you Melanie?)
    Hi maria! I took a peep into your blog but did not comment...tamad eh...ipagpatuloy ang journaling...be assured there are people who enjoy reading your posts kahit lurking lang...
    tita stel!!! I started and made the draft...what's preventing me from posting it is not knowing who among our co-bloggers have their pics posted at least once in their blogs (I only know one as of now that you have not tagged....hmmm).
    ladybug, I will tag you as well once I post about the Face behind the Blog (tagged by tita stel). Enjoy mo na lang ang Goldilocks ensaymada (hmmmm...miss ko na ang Goldilocks)
    Sorry ha....haha! When I was making that big batch, I realized the reason I doubled the usual was for me to have extra to share with my Pinay friends here...But if I am gonna make that again for family consumption, I will certainly use the smaller recipe. I ended up using half of that big batch for ensaymada and half for spanish bread...mas mabenta talaga sa kids yung spanish bread ko...BUT my stepd loved the ensaymada trickled with honey and sprinkled with sugar-cinnamon.(Now the bonus really with baking your own is that you can experiment with different toppings and shaping using the same dough.

  10. MANANG!! Kumusta ka na, I missed you!!
    Aruuu, another ensaymada recipe..turuan mo na ako mag bake! he he..better yet, pwede ba ipa ship sa akin a few of your ensaymada? *LoL*

    cge manag, aabangan ko ang iyong Face Behind The Blog entry (^-^)

    (btw, lumipat na naman ako, for good reason...sensha na, paki update na lang ha...maraming thank you!)

  11. Hi Manang,
    I visited your website recently. I made the ensaymada by using your ensaymada recipe breadmachine version. I am not sure what I did wrong, pero yong ensaymada ko hindi masyadong umalsa. It tasted moist, soft and good kaya lang hindi siya umalsa as expected. What was the temperature of the water and milk? was it supposed to be warm ?
    Thank you for you recipe.

  12. Hi anonymous,
    Actually, I just go with what the bread machine suggests: the liquid ingredients should be room temp (80-90 deg F). I mix all liq ingredients -water/milk/egg/butter - in a cup and microwave it for 1-2 minutes depending on how much there is, then take the temp. I take into consideration how much lower the temp would be when pouring into the cooler BM pan.
    Another thing is to make sure your bread machine yeast is fresh (I discard mine if it reaches 6 mos, which has not happened yet because i am quick to consume it).
    And finally, the rising time and temp and draft factors. I let my shaped dough rise inside the oven. I usually put a bowl of hot water inside to keep it moist and warm, but I also turn on the oven for about 1 min then turn it off, letting the temp inside (usually about 100 deg F) help to rise the dough. The closed oven protects from draft. Draft may collapse your dough, so when opening the oven to take out the pans of risen dough, before you actually start heating the oven for baking, be slow to open so air would not rush in (it would be like draft coming in from the window). Depending mostly on the environmental temp, rising time to double the size will vary from 10 mins to 30 mins. Overdoing it will create a sour taste.
    Well, take it as a learning experience. Hope you won't give up.
    A friend of mine to whom I gave a demo on how to make pan de sal tried it but forgot about the rising time. She ended up with rock-hard great tasting pan de sal! The next time she tried, she did not forget, and she regularly makes them now for family consumption. :)

  13. hi manang ü. i'm actualy enjoying your site. hope you could include servings per recipe.hehe.. for better and brighter future. hehe
    anyways.. super great site.
    xo xo

  14. Hi Manang,
    I have a question, Can I use instant dry yeast instead of BM Yeast? I don't have BM yeast here i was just wondering if it is ok..I really want to try to make your spanish bread recipe..

  15. Hi anonymous,
    Yes you can, but you will have to revise the instructions because instant dry yeast needs proofing with some liquid and sugar (which some refer to as sponge when you are actually about to begin adding the rest of the ingredients). Dough also takes a looooonger time to rise. I am not a big fan of instant dry yeast, so I have not done much baking with it and can't give you instructions on how to make SB using IDY instead of BMY. Sowee... Feel free to experiment, though.

  16. Thank you po Manang..
    I will do the experiment tomorrow...i baked a lot of bread at home using Instant dry yeast..thanks for the advice though..i will let you know whats the result..hehhe..

  17. Hi ShaneEdna,
    Well there you go! Since you have baked a lot of bread already in the past, you should be all set converting the recipe to suit your needs. If it turns out successful, you might want to share your method here. :)
    Please also know that I have two other recipes for ensaymada. My favorite now is the supersoft version.

  18. Hi Manang, Can I use all purpose flour instead of Bread flour? Thanks

  19. Hi Luz,
    I leave it up to you to experiment. I heard bread flour daw kasi results to more fluffier dough (to make up for shorter rising time), than APF. Balitaan mo na lang ako ng outsome. :)

  20. Hi Manang,
    I just want to ask you...do you think I can use this BM ensaymada recipe to make cinnamon rolls?Thanks.

  21. Hi anonymous,
    You can definitely use this, although this is not as soft as the one I made. But I am sure you will like it anyway.

  22. hi! Manang love your recipe specially the pandesal and the ensyamada and thanks for sharing your good recipe. thanks

  23. hi!manang komosta may tanong ako do you have a recipe for pande ube

  24. Hi Anonymous,
    I am not sure what pan de ube is, but I am guessing, it is similar to how I made the sweet potato pockets. Tipong prepare the dough, prepare the haleya, then place about a tbsp of haleya inside the dough and bake? Do you have a picture?

  25. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for letting me know how you like my recipes! It means a lot to me when I receive such comments (or emails).

  26. Hi!manang sorry i dont have a picture but naalala ko noong bata pa akon noong nasa pinas pa ako.I know you a very good cook kaya almost everyday i come to your site to see if you have a new delicios recipe.I try your ensyamada all of my friends here in rochester love it,Thanks again!God bless!

  27. hi!Manang komosta na may hiling ako saiyo may recipe kaba nang yema,Thanks,aida

  28. Hi Aida,
    I am working on it. :)

  29. Hi Manang,I am making some Spanish bread using this recipe, sana di pumalpak :) kasi instead of 2 tsp. of BM yeast, I accidentally use 2tbsp. of BM yeast, I was gonna throw it pero I want to check the outcome, and I will let you know.Thanks.

  30. Hi Luz,
    I would be very very interested to know what the effect would be, but I do hope it will still turn out ok...

  31. Hi Manang,I just want to let you know, my spanish bread turn out good except during rising time lumampas yung dough sa BM bucket mabuti na lang hidi siya umapaw:)and half of the dough.... I made some ensaymada too .

  32. Hi! Manang,Thanks sa yema recipe ang galing mo.Regards to your family,Aida

  33. Hi Aida,
    Haha, naligaw ata comment mo...
    Merong yema recipe #2 in the future...

  34. HI Manang thank you for yor enseymada recipe I add more yeast to 1 packet and it was so soft my children love it.Thanks again.Post more recipe.

    Wichita Falls,TX

  35. Hi Yolanda,
    Glad you liked my BM ensaymada recipe. There are still a lot of tinapay recipes here that you can try (I suggest you also try supersoft ensaymada)...it will be a while before I post a new recipe since summer is a busy busy time, and I tend to bake the usual, seldom trying to make new ones. I will once life slows down... :)

  36. Hi Manang,
    I made some pandesal with sweet potato last night,they're so good...next time I will try with mashed potatoes.I just have a question about your BM ensaymada, do you think I can add mashed potatoes on this recipe?Gusto ko sanang itry yung SSE kaya lang gusto ko yung BM na ang bahala hehehe baka siguro pwedeng mag-add na lang ng mashed potatoes.Please advise.Thank you

  37. Hi Luz,
    Try the pandelimon de patatas recipe (it uses BM) and just add egg yolks and/or cheese.

  38. Hi Manang, I have both bread machine and stand mixer. I haven't used the bread machine in years and I'm lazy to take it out of the box again. I had just learned to use the stand mixer and it's forever on my counter, so it's readily available. Do I need to adjust your BM recipes using the stand mixer? I just put the dough in the oven to rise.

  39. hello po, happy new year sa inyo, im so thankful na may site na ganito as a starter like me it makes my life easier to bake or cook maraming salamat po, i just wanna ask lang po kung ilang deg. po sa oven i bake ang mamon i want to try it sana, thanks po...

  40. HI toni652,
    I thought I answered your msg already...hindi pa pala...
    Anyway, if you read comments above, you can even do this manually so you don't even have to take out your BM. But if you want to try several recipes here, you might as well take your BM out, because I use mine a lot.s

  41. hi manang ginawa ko po yong recipe nyo for pandesal kaso nd po umalsa flat sya kaya tinapon ko nlng kasi matigas rin...

  42. sinunod ko nmn yong instruction nyo kaso ganun talaga ngyari bukas ulit mgtry aq kasi ilang beses na aq ngtry hnd ko talaga makuha eh sa palagay nu po ano kaya ung mali?ok lng po ba na pg na mix na yong mga liquid ingredients pwd na ihalo agad?pls reply me need your help...thanks

  43. Hi Anonymous,
    Pakibasa muna yung mga comments ng mga na-troubleshoot ko na sa pandesal.
    Check yung ingredients and freshness(exactly: bread flour, bread machine yeast). Check your temp (room temp yung liquid ingredients.) Check your environment (walang hangin pag rising). Make sure bago mo i-shape, you really punch the dough down and squeeze out the air pag gumawa ka ng log, kasi pag hindi, flat yan pag pina-rise mo pa. Check the time you let the buns rise (minimum 30 minutes pag final rising sa room temp na walang hangin).

  44. Hello Manang, I really really enjoyed browsing your food blogs. I am far away from home and there are days that I just crave for Filipino food that I used to eat growing up back home. I found your website when I was looking for Spanish bread recipe, I am going to follow your recipe and post it in my food blog. I do blog also but I am a beginner, my web blog is http://letuseatgoodfood.blogspot.com. Your website really inspired me to cook, I'll definitely pick up from your site and repost it (will give credit to your wonderful blogs). Thank you very much kabayan.

  45. hi manang, i'm your avid fan heheh.. can i refrigerate the dough for days if i will not going to use it right away?

  46. Greetings po Manang...

    Ano yong BM (bread maker?) at anong soft butter po? Can you use margarine also? at anong klaseng yeast po gamit nyo? I live kase sa Colorado at ang altitude mataas dito, kaya medyo tanong-tanong bago ko iluto :)

    Thanks po!!!

  47. HI Anonymous,
    BM is bread machine or bread maker. Soft butter -- soften the butter in room temp for about 15 to 30 minutes (or you can also do the same by microwaving it for 5-7 seconds). Kung margarine, malambot na yun kahit refrigerated, and yes you can use that kung preferred mo ang lasa nya. Gamit ko rapid rise yeast (I think it is the same as instant yeast). Hindi ako familiar sa adjustments ng baking sa high altitude so, gather some information/research first before you try baking this so you can make some adjustments. Good luck!

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. Anonymous,
    You missed the point of me having to create my own recipes here. I live in the East Coast. LA is in the West Coast. If I lived in the West Coast where everything Pinoy can be bought, I would not have come up with this foodblog.
    Anyway, you sounded like the owner of Chari's Kitchen who just wanted to use my blog to promote your business. If that is so, then your promo is useless, as people who search for recipes for ensaymada are those who cannot buy them readily and are willing to try making it themselves.
    If your comment is a genuine sharing of what you know has very good ensaymada for sale, thank you for the info, but that is also misplaced in this blog, so I deleted your comment. The better place to share that info is in Yelp.

  50. what is BM yeast and where can i buy it? thank you

    1. Kristelle, BM yeast is short for bread machine yeast. :)

  51. Hi Manang,

    I found your website just this week and I'm so happy about it..I so love cooking and baking.I tried already your Spanish bread recipe and the first time it was perfect..thank you so much for sharing and I'm looking forward and excited to cook some of your recipe.God Bless you and thanks...bhinghart

    1. hi bhinghart,
      Sorry your comment escaped my attention. Thanks for leaving a comment here. I very much appreciate it and get tickled when I do receive such comments. It warms my heart... :)

  52. naku manang, im trying out your ensaymada recipe as of this very moment. sana maging successful sya...kasi tulo na laway ko craving for it...kapag successful baka ito na rin ang ipamigay ko this holiday hehehehe...

    1. Gen, I like this dough better for spanish bread. If you want it really soft, try converting my pandelimon recipe into ensaymada by adding two egg yolks and enough flour to make an elastic dough. Or better yet, if you want to make up to three batches in one dough mix, try my supersoft ensaymada.

  53. mejo na-overcook ko kaya hindi ganun kalambot...ang hirap din kasi magpaalsa ngayong tag-lamig dito northwest....but the taste was really good...next time try ko yung may potato...
    thanks for sharing your recipes.

  54. Hi manang, I would like to thank you.for the recipe and send you a.pix but I don't know how.

  55. Hi manang,
    Can I possibly use buttermilk for this recipe instead of milk? Same measurements lang po ba? Thanks.

  56. hi manang, what type of milk can I use? i have the same BM you have and will experiment on spanish bread/ensaymada for the first time. i'm no baker nor a cook but this is worth trying. is homegenized milk okay?

  57. Thanks for posting this! Using the BM was really hassle free for me. However, I made some modifications:
    1. Used olive oil instead of butter
    2. Used pineapple juice instead of water
    The verdict? It turned out great! My family loved it!

  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that i've been waited for so long. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. Thanks, great share. Best stand mixer from top brands India


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