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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tortang Talong with Pepperoni

I did not use up all the pepperoni for the callos, and I was contemplating on making a home-made pizza, but then I saw the Italian eggplant which I meant to use for kare-kare, so what I did was to cook it a la tortang talong with pepperoni.


1 Italian aggplant, broiled then peeled

3 eggs, slightly beaten

salt and pepper to taste

few slices of pepperoni (enough to cover the torta)


Heat the skillet on mod-high heat (#7). Using a fork and holding on to the stem, mash gently with a fork to flatten the eggplant. Pour the beaten egg and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Lower the heat to #3 and slide the eggplante-egg onto the skillet. Quickly distribute the pepperoni slices on top, cover and let cook for another5-7 minutes.

Children loved it, and so did I. I served it during lunch with plain rice when hubby was not here. I knew my hubby would not even try because when it comes to vegetables (except potatoes, tomatoes and carrots), he usually prefers them just boiled, or creamed, or as salads served with Wish-Bone Robusto Italian dressing. Nothing else. Posted by Hello


  1. at first look, the foto looked pizza to me. hehe. yummy.


  2. MissT,

    That's the very reason why the kids were very excited with it. Mukang pizza...haha!

  3. That's very inventive Manang! I passed by to get your pie crust recipe. I want to make apple pie for a housewarming party later this afternoon. Thanks in advance.

  4. What a great idea, manang! I just made this last week, but only Asi and I ate it. The others are anti eggplant torta or something. :)

  5. Hi Manang!

    This is what I am cooking tonight..last night was your guisadong munggo and it was really successful :) My husband is amazing in terms of discovering our food, it's too differet from the french cuisine. I didnt mean to make myself being anonymous, hehehe!


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