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Friday, October 15, 2004


Remember my Baked/Roasted Chicken recipe? I used lemongrass (tanglad) there.The I thought maybe some readers don't know what it is, so I am posting about it while I am thinking about it, especially that my hubby always buys roaster chicken now (he really loves my baked chicken!)

My friend Ana divided her plant and gave half to me. I place in in a potting plant and nurtured it. Then during winter, Ana and her spouse spent the season in a less colder place, and her indoor plants were taken care of by her sister-in-law, who watered them as needed. However, she forgot to lock the door, which was blown open by the wind, killing all Ana's indoor plants. Good thing that I have propagated mine (so that I have made two pots already). And in several weeks I can further divide the two pots. Now I wonder what I will do with my extra plants? I hope I will meet more Pinays in my area to whom I can give my excess plants/produce. Posted by Hello

So maybe some of you will decide to plant one inside the house, too. It's quite easy to maintain. Just have a handy small bag of Miracle-Gro and water it (with the fertilizer, prepared according to the instruction) weekly or so depending on the dryness of the soil. When handling it, be careful as the blades are quite sharp and can cut your skin easily.


  1. I brought my potted lemongrass inside just this morning. It doesn't look as healthy as yours kasi naman we've had so many close-to-freezing nights and ngayon ko lang naisipan ipasok sa bahay. I add lemongrass to coconut curries and it should be good in soups, also. There's a Thai soup called Tom Yum, which I love, and I'd compare it to our sinigang, except that it uses lemongrass, instead of our sampaloc. Your baked chicken with lemongrass sounds good--could probably do the same with the Thanksgiving turkey, ano? Sana naman, hindi madedbol yung tanglad ko this winter! Stay warm and enjoy the foliage, Manang.

  2. Hi MsEllaNY,

    Before I divided my tanglad it was a bit freezing with the cold nights, you know, a bit curly and somewhat violaceous, with lots of leaves turning brown, but it was in a pot which I just left out in the summer. So when I got it back inside, I thought maybe it needed more nourishment from the soil, so I divided it, added more soil from my veggie garden, watered right away.If you'll do the same thing, flood them with water so as to seal the soil around the roots, eliminating air, because if air surrounds the root instead of the soil, it will get killed, according to my in-laws. I thought it was sort of like air embolism when air gets into our circulation: air acts as a block that the blood cannot get to its destination tissue, leading to loss of oxygen and nutrient intake by that tissue, eventually leading to necrosis (tissue death). So I did as directed. And I snipped off all dried leaves. For the first few days, I was religiously watering it everyday inside the warm house (warm soil and water also helped). It got back its healthy appearance after 3 days!

    Thanks for the additional tips in using the lemongrass! Maybe you can share your recipe for those or at least share your links to the webpages?

  3. Alam mo manang, what the vietnamese do is they try to pound this as fine as they could and rub this in their barbecue. Masarap.

  4. ting-aling, muka nga...I will try it one day, sana magustuhan din ng hubby. Medyo cautious akong biglain sa spices yun eh. hindi sanay...

  5. Mmm roasted chicken. dining hall food at rutgers is boring and makes everyone sick? lol i cant wait to try out your recipes once i get an apartment!


    Your blog looks (in a word) DELICIOUS!!!!

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