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Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Ultimate Brownie from Scratch

Yesterday my kids came home from school, and the first thing my older son wanted to do was bake this recipe. (He had that recipe open on my laptop since yesterday.) I was busy putting away Christmas decors and gave him my permission.

After eating stir-fried beef for supper, we tasted what he baked. Hubby quipped it was just like the brownies he used to have as a kid -- baked from scratch and tasted same.

Me: "So you like this?"

Hubby: "Oh yeah! It's good!"

Me: "Oh, and I have often avoided baking brownies from scratch because I felt that you preferred the boxed brownie mixes because that was what you were used to."

Hubby: "I got to use the mixes after I was out of my parents' house. When we were kids, they never bought boxed mixes because they could not afford them."

Me: "So, is this a keeper?"

Hubby: "Definitely!"

So I told my older son, "You are now the official brownie baker in this household."

Recipe from about.com --


8- 1 ounce squares of unsweetened chocolate
1 cup butter
5 eggs
3 cups sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla
1-1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
2-1/2 cups chopped pecans or walnuts, toasted (He actually used white chocolate chips)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease a 9 x 13 pan.
Melt chocolate and butter in a saucepan over low heat; set aside. In a mixer, beat eggs, sugar and vanilla at high speed for 10 minutes**. Blend in chocolate mixture, flour and salt until just mixed. Stir in the nuts. Pour into prepared pan.

Bake for 35-40 minutes. (Don't overbake.) Cool and frost if desired, but that is not necessary.


  1. wow galing naman! may pinagmanahan! =) now you have a helper in the kitchen now especially baking.naks!

  2. The most wonderful thing in the world is teaching our kids how to cook and bake..My 10 year old son is very passsionte about it! I bought him his first cookie cookbook and he tackled a snickerdoodle..the only problem was, it spreaded in the sheet pan coz he didn't chill the dough first but other than that the taste is fantastic!.He wanted to be a chef like me...oh sigh there goes my dream for him on becoming a doctor haha

    Chef Vanessa

  3. Oo nga ang galing ng anak mo!nag-i-intern yata sa kusina ni Manang! I love brownies and I'm going to try this one...glad its already been tested. Thanks sa anak mo!

  4. This recipe is very close to the one I'm using (only, mine uses powdered cocoa). I am looking for recipes that will make use of the baking chocolates I have at home. I'll try this. Do you know if powdered cocoa can be replaced with baking chocolate and how do I convert the measurements?

  5. Hi jane, Chef V, MaMely and Nina,
    Yeah, I think I have influenced my kids enough as far as kitchen is concerned. I would want them to pursue other interests for a career, though.

    Nina, I don't know how to convert if you can use baking chocolate instead of powder. But I have used powder to make chocolate frosting (I think a baking chocolate square is basically made up of cocoa powder with butter and hot water, but I don't know the proportion.)

  6. Hi Manang I tried this brownie recipe...ang sarap my kids love it. Medyo kulang na ang walnut na nilagay ko kaya nilagyan ko din ng konting cherry na nasa bote na hiniwa ko ng maliliit. Ginaya ko yung style sa becky's kitchen ung brownies nila may cherry. Thank you manang sa recipe na ito, eto na ang gagamitin ko pag mag be bake ako ng brownies. Ngayon pa lang ako nag start mag bake nag se search lang ako sa internet ng mga recipe. nag try din ako ng ibang brownies na recipe before I tried your recipe, hay naku hindi po masyado masarap (baka palpak ang pagkakagawa ko or sadyang d lang talaga masarap yung recipe) Anyway, basta ang recipe mo patok talaga. Thank you so much manang! More power to you.

  7. Hi Anna, You are so welcome, and thanks for your comment! This recipe (which is not my original) is indeed unique, it's really yummy and moist and chocolatey! I love the crisp crust and gooey center. Lagi itong bine-bake ng panganay ko to bring to his school. Proud na proud sya i-serve sa mga classmates nya, and it is very easy for him to make. Maybe next time we make this, we will put cherries in half of the batter as well. I think that's a great idea!

  8. Hi manang, I bake this brownies today. He's a kinda fussy eater but when I try this brownies, he said he like it��. I don't have any nuts available at home, but I have glazed cherries. Still taste perfect. Crunchy on the top and chewy inside. Ur my inspiration now for baking. I am kinda like start from the scratch when it comes to baking.


  9. manang what do u mean with 8-1ounce square of unsweetened chocolate? how much is that in.grams?

    1. We have baking chocolates which measure 1-oz per square, and one box has 8 squares, total of 226 g.


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