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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I spent the whole day yesterday packing a
From Food Saver
whole year supply of chickens. My MIL raised them (we provided the money for buying the chicks and grains). We had a total of 32 which we brought to a slaughter house yesterday. As soon as I came home from my interview at another hospital, I spent the rest of my day packing. Packing itself was not tedious. I found it most tasking to clean the gizzards (made me wish i did not ask for those).Now I have fresh supply of chicken roasters. I cut up the smaller chickens for such meals as adobo or tinola (the whole ones I can also cut up later if I have to). I have chicken necks in groups of 6-8, perfect for arroz caldo. The gizzards and hearts I plan to cook adobo style, slow cooked. And of course, Adidas will have to be slow cooked as well...
Freezer full of frozen goods

Tips on freezing:

Freeze as soon as chickens are slaughtered. Make sure you have clean surfaces. I worked them in batches, keeping the rest of the chickens out in the garage where it was cold, and had my hubby throw ice cubes on them while I was still at the interview.

Use freezer grade paper or plastic. I used FoodSaver. I was quite surprised that my biggest chicken could fit in it, although I had some difficulty, but was successful with maneuvering. The less air in, the better. That's why I prefer vacuum packing. Prevents freezer burn.

Place in the freezer right away. Avoid fluctuations in temperatures. Especially avoid prolonging them inside where it is room temp; in that case, try to work quickly so you can place them in the freezer ASAP.

If bag improperly seals because of too much juices from the meat, try to freeze first for 3 hours while in the freezer bag (to solidify the juices) before sealing.

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