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Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicharon using Smoked Pork Fat Back and a Meat Slicer

This is the pan fried fat back slices I used in place of bacon. When I made this, it turned out to be like the homemade chicharon; however, the rind part is so tough, my kids did not like those parts. But once they were soaked for a while in the chowder (where I used them), they were tender and added flavor!

I had three slabs of these smoked fat back that my MIL gave to me, and I experimented with the first one by boiling it then broiling, hoping to come up with some sort of crispy lechon, but I only ended up with gallons of oil drippings and chewy rind on top of melting fat...I tossed it away.

Well, this time, after hearing my MIL say that she likes cooking this as she would bacon, I tried the same thing, using my Rival meat slicer that I got several months ago but was just sitting in the uppermost shelf of one of my cupboards. While I was not completely satisfied with the operation of this cheap meat slicer, I was quite content with the outcome of the slices. At least it did the job easier than I if I did it by hand using a (dull and cheap) knife. Clean up was not that easy (and I don't remember seeing the instructions for it. Easy enough to figure out, though.

If I was not too cheap, I should have checked amazon.com first for reviews on top rated meat slicers before buying. The Chef's Choice 610 would have been a good Christmas gift for myself. :) Even hubby says that is not too expensive for a meat slicer. Hmmm....

For those who might be interested on HOW TO MAKE CHICHARON the DOST way, here is their recipe (I have not tried):

1 kilo of pork skin 4 tbsp. vinegar
1 tsp. salt vetsin and pepper


1. Boil the pork skin in a sufficient amount of the prepared solution until tender.

2. After boiling, cool and remove the fat portion.

3. Slice into desired sizes.

4. Dry under the sun until firm.

5. Deep-fry at about 188 C and strain.

6. Pack in plastic bags.


  1. Hay ang sarap nito...I made this several times kaya wala akong slicer kaya kinutchilyo ko lang...pero ok na rin...

  2. Hi anonymous! Are you Lyn?
    Did you mean you use the same smoked pork fat back? Sarap no?

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