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Monday, January 17, 2005

Chicken Mushroom Sourcream Bake with Rice-a-Roni

My husband eats rice as dessert, not as a staple food which all our Pinoy dishes are supposed to complement. (For freshly cooked plain rice, he adds half n half cream, white sugar and nutmeg to taste. Don't ask me the proportions; I never tried it.)

But I thank God for finding (it was revealed to me by husby himself) this Rice-a-Roni which is cooked almost like fried rice, but which does not use leftover rice. This is cooked by blending it with melted butter then adding 2 cups water and its seasonings then left covered to cook slowly under low heat, much like sinaing.

My kids found it very tasty. Though I don't quite like the mushy consistency (it's almost like malata), I like its flavor. My husband can eat just that alone! But, the Filipina me of course prefer it served with a main dish. And what better thing to serve than chicken baked with sour cream.

For this chicken dish, place serving sizes of deboned chicken in a baking dish, pour a mixture of 1 can of mushroom sauce and 1 8-oz sourcream. Bake at 350 deg F for 30 minutes or until done, then add cheese (I used here slices of white cheese; you may use shredded mozarella or cheddar cheese) and cook further until cheese melts. You may want to serve shredded fresh veggies on the side (we use Iceberg Garden Salad), sprinkled with Wish-Bone Robusto Italian Salad Dressing.

Pardon the lack of art in my presentation. I prepare our meals very much the way a typical Filipino family would on an ordinary day. We are very informal, which is the way my hubby and I both like it. (And it's one of the reasons we get along together very well.)Posted by Hello


  1. I like hearing about what people eat on a regular basis more than what they make and eat for special times or celebrations ... when they take more time and buy special ingredients, etc. It's more fun to read about what people make from what they have in the house. I like that about your blog; I get so many ideas from it (like the chocolate rice pudding, and the eggplant/egg pizza).
    And ... Ohhhh, your husband is a fussy eater! :)

  2. oh, fanatic...you have no idea how much recipes I have come up with with things that are in my house and with leftovers!

    The use of leftovers may not be a Filipino thing, but it is one thing that I have learned from my Nanay. She taught me never to serve the same thing over and over. So whatever leftover I have, I serve them differently each time. My kids are so used to the new foods that I come up with, though my hubby is not used to the idea and the foods and so is quite resistant.

    These are things that I would like to share most. Because in this land where we almost always have leftovers and I don't want to waste them, I am forced to be creative.

  3. You don't do anything with the chicken first? like put a little sugar or pepper/spice? how to know if the chicken is already cooked? or do you boil the chicken first to be sure it's cooked?

    How bout the sour cream, is it too much for us 'pinoys' who aren't really used to having sour cream?

    Thanks for the recipe. It's really a simple way to enjoy a new dish.

  4. Hi laydee,
    Sometimes I let the chicken and mushroom soup+sour cream sit in the fridge for about 30 mins or so before I cook (like marinating). I usually check for doneness by piercing with a knife and looking at the color of the thickest part, or I extend to 45 mins to 1 hr because hubby likes chicken very well done. I am sure you will like the flavor that sour cream brings. I even like to use it in some bread recipes.


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