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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Reader's Gallery #16

Lately, with my involvement with DHHS, I barely am able to update my food blog, not only because of very little time to blog, but also very little time left to try new recipes and to cook and bake, that I often resort nowadays to buying cooked food, or pre-prepared doughs, etc. There are times we even have to eat supper as late as 9pm, after the court-ordered DHHS-demanded family therapy (which can only be done, at times, as late as 7pm when my kids are available after a sports game). And yes, I have been procrastinating writing my complaint to the DHHS Ombudsman about how DHHS has been treating my family unfairly.

This post is long overdue for some. I combined photos long shared with me, with those I just recently received. I apologize for being quite late, but here it is, and I THANK YOU SO MUCH for trusting my recipes and for sharing your own photos.

From Marvie I:

Hi there Manang
Just wanna thank you for this recipe!
I made it yesterday and baked them today and the result is just
fantastic. I made sure I followed all the steps and used the right
ingredients except for the brand of the yeast.

My girls and hubbie just love it!! Even without toppings!!! :)
The texture is so soft and moist and I can't be any happier than the
ensaymadas I have today.
I shaped them in different ways --just to see which way works the best.

Can I freeze them? If so, how long they can be frozen before they go off?
I would love to know what other ways I can use this as a master dough
and have a bit of fun. I like to try the pan de coco next
time....should browse your recipe for it.

I have attached a few photos to show you how I went with my baking today :)
Once again, many thanks....

Advance Merry Christmas to you and your family.

From Bonito G.:
Manang, I tried your super soft ensaymada last night new years eve. My
wife and my kids and friends loved it. It is so soft and yummy!!!
Thank you very much for the recipe. I tried several times to copy my
Mom's recipe which is also good but I just could not make it soft and
my Mom is not here anymore so thank you very much again. Now I can
cook ENSAYMADA!!!!
Thank you,

and from Yen T.:
Hi Manang I tried some of your recipes, here are some of the photos, thanks po talaga!!!

New Zealand


  1. Thanks for posting new updates on your blog. It has always been my go-to blog for recipes, I have tried your puto and they were truly delicious. I wanted to do a click-able link to your site but somehow the color of the of font makes it invisible. But I did copy the site so that some pinoy who drops by will visit your blog too. Keep posting & Take Care

  2. Btw, I like the new face of your blog :)

  3. I just stumble upon your blog and it was really great. I think I will visit regularly to your blog to see more of your recipe's. I am interested in cooking but I don't know how to cook. :) So I need a recipe as my guide..:)


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