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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

7-Up Citrus Pork Chop

Today I used our grill for the first time this year. Because I had been meaning to try this 7-Up Citrus Marinade on pork chops. I got the marinade from Hannaford sometime last winter (the 7-up caught my attention, since Pinoy style barbecues and even fried chicken are usually marinated or cooked with 7-up. Unfortunately, the fried chicken pre-cooked with 7-up was not well-accepted by hubby. He said it was too sweet.) [Photo courtesy of Vita-Food Products].

I had 8 pieces of pork chops. I marinated 6 pieces in this 7-Up Citrus Marinade for 1.5 hours (Meanwhile, I was transplanting seedlings that I bought from a greenhouse into hanging baskets). I left two pieces unmarinated just in case hubby would not like the marinated ones, just like he did not like the 7-up cooked fried chicken. These I just flavored with salt and pepper, basted with bacon drippings.

I fired up the grill (it's now officially summer in my book!), and cooked the chops, basting with bacon drippings from time to time until I was satisfied with the doneness (I just gauge by the looks...no thermometer, no timing).

Served them while hot...oriented hubby which ones were plain and the marinated. To my surprise, he tried both, and tried the marinated ones first, and loved it! Maybe because the flavor was more of citrus, and that the flavor did not overpower the chops (since they were marinated less than two hours). Then he had a plain one and liked it too...Maybe it was the bacon drippings used for basting...

What a satisfying meal on this hot summery spring day!


  1. Its been a while since I last visited. This is a great find! Gusto ko yung pinoy style na matamis-tamis.

    Hahanapin ko ito sa Filipino Stores dito.

  2. I miss pork so much. Craving for lechon :)

  3. This is perfect-looking chop steak, Manang. I haven't seen this 7-up marinade around here. Thanx for sharing...we have something new to try.

  4. This looks yummy, great shot

  5. Manang - do you mean that our *secret* to great Pinoy bbq is now invading the West?!? LOL. I wish I can try this but this 7-up marinade is not available here. Oh well, I guess I just have to do it the Pinoy way :)

  6. where can you buy this marinade?

  7. Hello sis! Long time no see! I miss visiting here :) Masarap talaga yang pork chop mo na 7-up ang secret ingredient mo. I use to remember my lola using that in her meat too. We use 7-up also in steaming crabs, lobsters and shrimps :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this bbq recipe. I wanted to try this inasal recipe, but both recipes were asking for lemongrass. I'm here in Japan and don't know where to look for lemongrass. Any suggestions to what I can use to alternate lemongrass with?
    Thank you very much!


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