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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grilled Stuffed Squids & Cuttlefish

I had several bags of frozen cleaned squids and cuttlefish, and had been meaning to have grilled squids, but I have always wanted some meat stuffing in it. Especially so after I saw Panlasang Pinoy's post about it.

Well, I had some plain cooked ground beef (as in S&P add-ons only) that was leftover from two times (both times were prepared fresh as he does not like eating leftovers) of serving my hubby one of his fave meals: ground beef, boiled potatoes and brocolli. I thought I'd use that as filling, but I added veggies (finely chopped 1 carrot, 2 celery stalks and 1 onion plus garlic powder) for additional flavor, and added a beaten egg to hold them together as they cook. I used toothpicks for the cuttlefish because it had a cut on one side.

I used several pre-heated sizzling plates sprayed with some oil, cooked the squids and cuttlefish about 2 mins on each side, then just combined them all on one when cooked. They turned out moist and soft and chewy, not at all rubbery dry.

Some squids had no filling because I ran out.
Grilled seafood always satisfies my Filipino palate, and those of my boys. We ate them with fried rice prepared with leftover pork tocino cut into small pieces. I never bothered to offer this to hubby, as he is so grossed out by tentacles and is not crazy over seafood in general anyway.


  1. aww, sayang, hindi nasubukan ni hubby ang ganiyan, paborito ko pa mandin ang cuttlefish!

    kapag gusto ko po na walang lansa, binabaran ko muna ng lime juice o kaya ay calamansi juice bago lutuin...

    hmmm, ill try this po,,,sana lang maging successful sa rice cooker ko..ahihihi

  2. Oh, WOW! I love squids, but haven't had any for a long time. Yours looks so delish! Pwedeng patikim naman?!!!

  3. Hi period,
    thanks sa tip! Di ko akalain na ubra ang citrus dahil natakot ako na baka maging makunat at matigas. Next time I will try.
    naalala ko yang post mo about having the rice cooker as your gadget for cooking...pwede nga kaya ang squid dun?

    meron pa nga akong naka-freeze na mini-octopus pero parang hesitant ako i-grill. So far, the things I read about preparing it requires long pre-cooking before grilling...

  4. Oh, I'll eat this with you anytime :) One of my daughters won't even come in the kitchen whenever I cook fish or seafood of anykind. lol!


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