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Sunday, June 07, 2009

PROBLEM SOLVED even though I did not do anything!

UPDATE (6-8-09)
As I was taking my lunchbreak from gardening, after I told my husband about my slideshow problem (and him thinking it probably had to do with our firewall, and that he was gonna check it out as soon as he could), I was browsing the web, and my kusina, and suddenly realized my slides were up again! And I tried to open the website of slide.com and there it was, with all my slideshows...my husband did not even start to do anything with our firewall yet! I felt like it was a "Twilight Zone" moment for me...

Well, I will upload the pics for the next photo gallery later tonight. I have to finish my gardening tasks for now.


Is it just me? Or do all my kusina readers experience the same thing?

I don't see them anymore...whether I use Firefox, IE, or google chrome, I just do not see my slideshows, the website itself (slide.com -- always not found), and or course, all the slideshows I have created there since 2006... :(

The thing is, I have been googling about the problem, and I have found no article pertaining to this. As if I am the only one experiencing this. It is frustrating. I do not even know if a forum exists since the main website itself could not be found. I was hoping to find answers somewhere on the net, but there isn't any.

The only slideshows still on are the ones I made using picasa/google...I hope this is only temporarily, because these slideshows have made it very easy for my readers to visualize how to cook/bake some of my recipes, and it has become a signature for my kind of blogging.

I just hope the instructions are still pretty clear for others to still be able to follow even without photos, especially the baking part, of my archives. Maybe in the next posts I will avoid relying on slideshows. I am looking at a paid software, but how reliable will it be???


  1. halo Manang,
    You're slide shows are working fine in my PC.

  2. Mommy Lutchi,
    Thanks for the feedback...I told my hubby about it, because it seems like it is only in our network that slide.com and anything slide is blocked. He said it could be the firewall. I will have to wait until he gets the time to check into it.

  3. Hi Manang,
    I sent you an e-mail ,I'm not sure if you get it...sometimes I'm having a problem with your site, when I try to click on some of your recipe.it will kick me out, i'm not sure if I'm the only one but I heard from my friend from Pittsburg she's having a problem too Please advice.

  4. Hi Luz,
    I got that email and I actually responded to you. I re-sent my response.

    I am now using google chrome and have not had a problem loading since then.


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