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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ube & Yema Ensaymada (aka Pan de Pastel), and Chocolate Ensaymada

Bobong gave me the idea to try using yema as filling for the supersoft ensaymada. So I made a whole batch of ensaymada into ube ensaymada and yema ensaymada. Bobong said the yema-filled ensaymada is called pan de pastel in Camiguin and looks like pan de coco. I just don't know if it is also topped with butter, sugar and cheese, but I did it anyway.

I have no recipe really to share for these. Just use the supersoft ensaymada dough, have yema and ube fillings ready, and see the slideshow below. Work with everything cold already so handling the dough and fillings will be easier. The results of yema-filled ensaymada was so good, thanks to Bobong! Ube, needless to say, is as good as ever for ensaymada.

I had extra dough to make 6 pieces, which I filled with chocolate chips, both milk choco and white choco. I shaped the dough as if they were hopiang baboy. Without toppings, I let my husband have a taste of it (I baked them in my Nu Wave and turned out perfect). Husband liked them so much! My sons did too!

supersoft ensaymada dough
ube haleya
chocolate chips (milk and white)
topping (butter and sugar to taste, creamed; grated cheese)


Prepare the dough day before. Prepare yema and ube day/s before. Work when these are completely cold.
Grease pan.
Place dough on surface generously sprinkled with flour.
Cut dough into pieces about 2 ounces each (up to you, really). Flatten with the heel of your palm.
Place filling at the center. Gather the edges and seal.
Place on greased pan seam side down. Flatten a bit (or you can leave them rounded like balls). (If you are going to bake right away, you may opt to use muffin pans or brioche molds.)
Optional: Freeze covered with cling wrap for 3 hours at least, then transfer to bags (this is for those who want a good stock of these but want them freshly baked, a little at a time, like I want them.)
Let rise in warm, draft-free environment until double in size.
Bake in 350 deg F oven for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown (please use aluminum pan to avoid overbrowning of bottom). [I baked mine (few pieces at a time) in Nu Wave for 10 minutes without the need to preheat.]
Let cool completely and place in plastic bags if you are not going to eat right away.
Otherwise, cream butter and sugar. Apply to ensaymadas. Top with grated cheese (not necessary for chocolate, but it is up to you if you want to play with flavors).

UPDATE 6-15-09: You may want to use the dulce de leche as filling to make the pan de pastel. If you review Bobong's pan de pastel photos in the photo gallery, it is pretty much like pan de coco with dulce de leche filling. As shown on the photo on the right, I put the dulce de leche in a ziploc and piped out about a tbsp onto a dough piece, then proceeded to wrap it like how I wrap pan de coco. You may then enjoy plainly or with topping.


  1. wow, nakakagutom, manang! I'm going to make the yema kind kasi hindi i havent tasted yema yet.

  2. These look delicious and I would definitely have them with topping! I need to come for a visit . . . !

  3. Bobong of Corona Ca.5/11/2009 5:42 AM

    Hi Manang!

    Thank you so much for the acknowledgement on your "yema" recipe. Nakakataba naman ng puso yan! haha.
    Anyway, Im so glad you have posted the different procedures in making these sweet filling. Idol ka talaga manang. Thanks again, my best regards...

  4. Hi Bobong,
    Thanks to you for the idea! That was great. Even better when I tried another batch this time with some dulce de leche. I was not sure whether the pan de pastel was just like pan de coco in appearance, but I took the liberty of dressing up this one that I made just like how ensaymada looks like. Turned out great just the same!

  5. manang nakakatulo talaga ng laway...hehehe.. i need to perfect my mamon first bago ko i-try ang ensaymada. naku baka ube at yema pa lang papakin na ng mga tao samen. hahaha! thanks tlaga manang sa mga recipe. =) ngayun malakas na loob ko mag bake dati natatakot pa ako. wuhuu!!!

  6. hi jane,
    buti naman at di ka nai-intimidate. We all start from something...ganyan din ako nung una kong gamitin yung kitchen aid to make dinner rolls...

  7. hi manang, ano po b un shelflife nung ensaymada nyo? gaano katagal pwde ilgay sa freezer? at same p dn b un lasa if ever ireheat mo? thanks.

  8. HI ellen,
    di ko sure kung gano katagal and shelf-life, but with ube, I would want to consume them before 1 week is up, and keep them in the fridge, just because madaling masira ang ube. Dulce de leche does not spoil as easily, but it tends to dry up quickly kaya dapat ubusin din agad (kept at room temp naman). Freezing, not sure how long is good, but I suggest max of two weeks. Same pa rin naman lasa pag-reheat, and the more important to watch is the over-rising of dough for final rising or before placing the filling. Over-risen dough tends to get sour.

  9. ate how long will it take to rise after freezing them before baking?

  10. ate di ba if you prepare the dough the day before e di galig s freezer yun frozen ang dough ano ang gagawin ko palabutin ko muna sya? gaano katagal pagpalambot bago ko i flatten at lagyan ng filling? thanks po kindly help me.

  11. HI Anonymous,
    You do not have to freeze bago mo lagyan ng filling. Pagkagaling sa refrigerator (chilled lang), saka mo lagyan ng filling. Kung hindi mo ibe-bake lahat, ifreeze mo yung iba. Kung ifi-freeze mo yung iba, pagkalagay mo ng filling ifreeze mo agad, as in wag mo ipa-rise bago ifreeze. It will take about 2 hours sa room temp bago mag-thaw at magumpisang mag-final rising (which will take another 30 minutes). The total time before doubling in size can vary from 3-4 hours. Bantayan mo lang.

  12. ate bakit po ganun naging medyo sour ang dough ko ng konti sinunod ko nman ang procedure ano kaya naging problema? pero nakain pa rin nman namin tinapay dahil konti plng ang sourness. he he he..

  13. Hi anonymous,
    maybe na-over-rise. How long did you let it rise in the fridge before filling? and how long did you let it rise with the filling in? Pag sobrang tagal, nauubos ang sugar at dumadami yung by-product ng yeast reproduction kaya nangangasim. When I prepare dough the night before, I usually bake it the next morning or I prepare the dough in the morning, and bake in the afternoon or evening.

  14. Hi Manang!

    I just tried your supersoft ensaymada and it turns out really good! Hubby loved it so much! Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe.

    Question lang po, I still have some rolled dough in the fridge and I really want to make the cinamon rolls, do I need to un roll it again or I can just make it into a rectangular shape? Also how long will it last po pag naka frozen? many thanks!

  15. Hi Anonymous,
    Mukhang mahirap i-unroll yan because the butter usually blends with the dough and it become sticky, you might rupture the dough at some points in trying to unroll (I tried it before, but that was as soon as I rolled into log, so the butter was still soft). But you can try. Maybe when the butter is hard again it will be easier to unroll...hopefully.

    Please don't leave that in the fridge for more than 24 hours before baking at baka mangasim.

    When frozen, I'm not sure how long it will last, but I have baked a dough frozen for several months and it turned out okay. Just don't thaw then re-freeze.

  16. Just tried the supersoft ensaymada and my family and friends loved it..Will experiment on the fillings next....Thanks for posting these recipe...Really appreciate it.

  17. Hello manang! I have a newly opened bakery and i'm lookiing for a new product to sell. Is this blog still active?


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