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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reader's Photo Gallery #1

Here is a compilation of photos submitted/shared in the past up to today by readers of my kusina.

If there will be more photos to add, I will feature them next Sunday. I repeat, you may have come up with your own recipe basing on what I have (usually in trying to use what you have in your pantry, or what is available in your area).

I will also welcome guest bloggers who would like to share their recipes and photos but do not have a blog of their own, especially if you have a recipe which you know might help out someone who has a certain craving somewhere (example: your version of taho in New Zealand or Japan or wherever -- how do you prepare, or where do you get your ingredients?). [Calling maloy who gave me the pannetone recipe. If you have a photo of it, I will gladly upload the photo along with your recipe.]

Thanks for the trust in my recipes, and thanks for believing that you can do it too (well, you can very well see that I am more inclined to address the newbie bakers and cooks who read my blog; a lot of veterans probably will not be thrilled at my recipes here at all, but I am happy enough to be of help to the readers of this foodblog, however little help that may be).



  1. What a show. I trust in your recipes and in your taste test kitchen, Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice idea, Manang. You rock!


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