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Friday, April 24, 2009

LaPiS: Swirls n Twirls

Do you remember holding that sparkler during New Year's Eve and waving it around and around making circles in the air?...You did the same thing with a ribbon tied at the tip of a stick....

Swirls n Twirls

They hypnotize you....

They connote continuity...presence of life and mobility versus stagnation...

Reminds me of windmills...pinwheels...scrolls...

The tendrils of vines...or curly hair...


Graceful dancing...a ballerina...or a playful child going round and round until she gets dizzy...

The motion of my wrist and the spatula as I fold whipped egg whites into the cake batter...

Swirls n Twirls are in my kitchen and my favorite foods as well...cakes, pastries, ice cream sundaes, lollipop...spice rack, paper towel holder, shelf brackets, chandelier...they are so pretty, and I just love them!

Do you love Swirls n Twirls too?


  1. wow manang, those look amazingly delicious! ;-) i miss ensaimada!

  2. Very creative interpretation of the theme. Delicious, delicious, delicious.

  3. help! i've been hypnotized! hahaha! what an extensive collection of swirls and twirls, manang! everything just looks so wonderfully delicious! yum!

    my swirls and twirls are here , if you have time. :D

  4. Yummy! I love cinnamon rolls together with a good cup of coffee. My idea of a perfect morning!

  5. I love swirls and twirls, especially when they are as sweet as these!

  6. Yummilicious, Manang! Great swirls and twirls slide show! :D

  7. Manang,
    Very nice...and tempting!

  8. hi manang! you site is like swirl and twirl too!
    it hypnotise me, and get stuck on it!

    this is one of the sit i always check n what to feed my two lil kulet girls!
    thanks for sharing your site Manang!
    btw, my familyand my SIL here in Ireland never thought of having a PINOY food-
    especially the pinoy snacks- cassava bibingka and pichi pichi!


  9. I love the slide presentation, specially the pianono. I haven't had those in years. Must make them soon!:)

  10. Hi manang! I got curious about the ube roulade, namimiss ko na yun! haha yummy lahat (except shempre brackets and those hihi.)

  11. ay sana po nakalagay sa sperate molds yung ensemada para cute

    my entry is heremagandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
    Salamat sa pagbisita :)

  12. thanks again manang! i know how hectic your schedule is and you still managed to squeeze this huge favor!:) and of course, as ever...everything is delicious and hypnotic! haha!

  13. Ang sarap naman Manang! Hehehe I loved the christmas tree cini-rolls pero I don't like the taste of cinnamon...pero I love your idea! :)

    Wala akong entry ngayon, though... I didn't have time to make anything twirled... :(

  14. Hello everyone!
    Sorry I had been busy in the past days so I was not able to reply to any of the above comments. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note!

    Hi PING!
    Welcome to my site and thanks for always visiting! Have you tried making pichi pichi and cassava bibingka already?


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