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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brioche Molds


I finally got my brioche molds which I ordered week before the Lenten season! I got the size shown here (5.5 inch for the widest diameter. I think that's the perfect size for mamon and special ensaymada. These molds that I got are heavy tin and sturdy, to my surprise, unlike the molds I got from a friend which she bought in the Philippines. They are made in France (oh, and brioche is a French bread).

Now I can make supersoft ensaymadas flavored with fillings - ube, yema (will experiment on this, per Bobong's suggestion), hazelnut cream filling, etc.

I just need to find the time...it's hard during summer...gardening season, outing season, vacation time (not that we plan to go anywhere far this year). Sigh....


  1. that's nice. i got one from the philippines and yes, it's light and thin.

  2. I have some from the Phils. It is light and thin but I tried banking them on top of a baking sheet.

  3. Hi Nina and Ebie,
    I was hoping to find a really good price for this size, and it was quite pricey for me, but when I received them and saw how heavy-duty they were (as in, I would have a hard time deforming these!), the price sas justified.

  4. manang, these molds look so elegant and are the perfect size for ensaymadas. i have the bigger size ones but i hardly use them.

  5. Manang,
    I was actually going to buy them too for ensaymadas but I held off. Yes, bakeware and cookware from France are tops. Good quality. Two weeks ago I went to a French store here in Montreal to buy a silicone mat and it's top quality. I also bought a pair of scissors to cut dough with and it made a good pain d'epi.

  6. Can't wait to see the pictures of your ensaymadas (hint, hint)!

  7. Hi Mely,
    true, they are the perfect size! I eat just one ensaymada for merienda and I am not bitin at all. If I eat two, nakakauyam na.

    Hi sharon,
    Is there a specific name for that type of scissors?

  8. TN,
    I have ensaymadas not using the brioche molds, but I have reader who have tried the supersot ensaymadas and used brioche molds. They shared the photos with me and I included them in the post.

  9. Hi Manang san mo nabili yung mold?ty

  10. nobleza, I got my molds from Paderno (see amazon link), but I got the size 5.5 inch, which does not seem to be available at this time.

    1. i checked Paderno and they only have the 4 inch and below...

  11. is the 5.5" standard size for ensaymada?

    1. I don't know what the standard size is. I just like this size.


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