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Saturday, January 03, 2009


I remember pianono as having the margarine/sugar filling instead of jam or jelly,
From pianono
but we at my father's bakery had always referred to it as either jelly roll or pianono. I tried to make it recently, but used strawberry jam as filling just because we had that jam, and also I do not have margarine (and I do not really want to start my kids with margarine). Maybe I should have rolled in a towel and let the cake cool down before spreading the jam, because later on the jam's juice had seeped into the cake. Good thing my kids loved these. Ubos agad. I personally was not too impressed with the outcome, but it worked for my kids (I am not even sure if my husband had a chance to taste it, although he sounded excited when i first got it out of the oven, saying he has not had one in a long time. He probably soon forgot about it.) So, because my kids loved this recipe, I'd say it is a keeper.

I followed the recipe below from a chef2chef site that no longer has the recipe at this time of editing (05/04/15). My original post is now 6 years old that the original link no longer exists!.

Please note how I sequenced and did this by looking at the slideshow.

6 egg whites
6 tbsp sugar
6 egg yolks
6 tbsp sifted flour


To 6 egg whites beaten until stiff, add the following by spoonfuls,
beating well after each addition 6 tablespoons sugar, then add 6
yolks of eggs (well beaten). Blend well. Cut and fold into the
mixture: 6 tablespoons sifted flour

Pour into a jelly roll pan lined with greased paper. Bake for 15
minutes at 400F. Turn out on another sheet of paper sprinkled with
sugar. Remove paper lining. Spread jam frosting over cake and roll.
Dust surface with sugar. Slice crosswise.

UPDATE as of 01-03-08 -- Due to the comments below (thanks to LBR and Luz), I am updating this post for a future experiment on this recipe. I think this will be wonderful in that this filling will not seep through the cake, especially if put in the fridge immediately after rolling (to harden it up). And while I am not a big fan of cheesecake because it is too rich for my palate, I do love it combined with something else to liven up the flavor.

1 pkg (8-oz) cream cheese
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp cold milk
1 & 1/4 cups of Cool Whip Whipped Topping, thawed (May have to add this gradually to check on the right consistency)

Beat cream cheese, sugar and milk in a bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Add 1-1/4 cups of the whipped topping; mix well. Spread over cake and proceed as above.

Another possibility: 1 pkg cream cheese combined with 4 oz jam and 1/4 cup sugar with whipped cream


  1. This looks like the jelly roll I made. I used a cream cheese filling once and sometimes whipped cream. I will definitely use your recipe and will let you know the outcome. Again, thanks.

  2. Hi Manang, another recipe for me to try :) besides jam what alternative filling I can use?

  3. Hi LBR, thanks for the tips! I will be experimenting more on that as I put on my update.

    Hi Luz, I updated my post for possible alternatives to the jam filling. :)

  4. Hello po Manang 2 days ago ko po nakita yung blog nyo when I searched for spanish bread,laking tuwa ko nandito halos lahat na gus2 kong matutununan,nasa stage pa ko na nagtatrial and error but i am willing to learn by myself,thank you so much talaga sa mga recipes na pinost nyo dito.Hulog po kayo ng langit since wala kaming malapit na Asian store d2 sa KT at least pwede ko ng gawin ang mga to.ingat po!!

  5. Hi Wena, Welcome to my site. Buti naman and you found a lot of useful info from my kusina. I hope you enjoy making some of these goodies!

  6. Ok, I love pianono and when I say love, I reaaaaaaally LOVE it. Everytime I get a chance to get them or when my families from NJ comes to visit I have them bring me a roll or 2, which also doesn't last long in our house with 2 kids and hubby that devours them as well. So when I saw this recipe I was so happpyyyyyy and excited to be able to make them.

    I will let you know when I have made them and thanks so much for this recipe :-)

  7. Thanks so much for the recipe. The pianono I had in the Philippines were baked by the nuns in my school. They were filled with either mango jam or a simple paste of butter and sugar. I'll bake a batch next week and will let you know how it turns out.:)

  8. Hello Manang
    It's my first time viewing your website. Your recipes looks very delicious. Anyway on your pianono recipe. It says beat in until stiff my question is how long do I have to beat it and how would I know if it is stiff already? do I beat it with medium or low? Sorry too much question I would really like to try this recipe. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you po manang.

  9. Hi Ailen,
    Hmmm...let me see...Usually the pure egg whites will be stiff (beaten by whisk using electric beaters) within 2 minutes or so. Do not overbeat, though. It should still be shiny and should form stiff peaks. When they form what looks like broken pieces of sponge, they were overbeaten.

  10. Thankyou Manang for replying sooner. Few more questions do I add the egg yolks when the egg whites are already stiff or do I add them on the process of making it stiff? same with sugar do I add them while making it stiff? Sorry I'm just a little bit confused. Thank you po ulit.

  11. Hi Ailen,
    I just got home from work...so this is kinda late. Add the sugar gradually once the white is stiff but still shiny. Then add the beaten yolks while you continue to beat the whites.

  12. hello Manang its me again. I tried your recipe but it wasn't a success one for me. I think I messed up on cutting and folding the flour. After I baked it I could still see the flour. It didn't spread. Can you please help me on that part? thank you again.

  13. Hi Ailen,
    Maybe this video will help you about how to fold, although it shows egg whites instead of flour:


  14. this turned out really yummy! just as i remember eating it in the philippines when i was young. and yes, it was just margarine and sugar then, but i used a mixed berry jelly, and the pianono was still good. i've been brainstorming what else would taste good as a filling.chocolate frosting?

  15. Hi Anonymous,
    I would think choco frosting would be fab on this!

  16. hello po,
    tanong ko lang po kung yung flour na gagamitin eh all purpose flour or cake flour?


  17. hi anonymous,
    I used all purpose flour, pero pwede mo try yung cake flour.

  18. thanks for the reply. i tried it & it was good.

  19. this is really good

  20. med flores,
    Thanks for your feedback!

  21. hi Manang, i think the best filling i've ever tried is the custard filling...i used the brazo de mercedes filling for pianono, and its really awesome!!!!

  22. Hi crhisty m.,
    Thanks for that tip! That will make this pianono extra special!

  23. Wow, I will definitely try this! I am not a big baker but you make it look easy ;-). Thank you for sharing!

  24. Hi Annapet,
    You are welcome, and I hope you will enjoy this recipe!

  25. Hello, Ive tried the recipe but it's not successful. Ano po kaya ang problema sa ginawa ko kasi ang luto ko hindi umalsa. parang naging chewing gum sya.... Thanx

  26. Hi Anonymous,
    I am not quite sure anong mali sa nagawa mo. The slideshows pretty much explain the procedure, so I am not sure what step you made that borked the outcome.

  27. hello po, ive tried this, kya lang mejo palpak sya kc may eggyolks na ayaw mgmix dun sa eggwhites mixture so nagsettle lng sya sa bottom ng pan, after baking may konting medyo matigas dun sa bottom part.pero ung ung ibabaw masarap nmn...ibeabeat din po b ung yolks using mixer? kc ang ginawa q hinalo q lng using my hand? ganon din nangyari dun sa chiffon cake q eh. matigas din ung ilalim then yello color nya.

  28. anything posh,
    Kung napanood mo yung slideshow ko, hinalo ko yung beaten egg yolks sa whites using mixer. Yung flour lang ang hinalo ko by hand para hindi madeflate yung egg foam. Tapos, make sure na ready talaga yung oven para lagay mo agad sa loob yung pan right after mixing. Kung hindi, pwedeng yung long waiting time ay mag-cause ng sinking ng mas dense na part.

  29. ah ok po, ginawa q n po sya,i mixed it with the mixer and nilgay q agad po sa oven, but still may matigas n part pa rin after,bka po napatagal ung mixing q ng egg yolk kasi im so worried po n bka ndi sya msyadong halo kya po hinalo q ng mabuti using mixer, still ganun parin pero nbwasan ung ngsettle n eggyolk sa bottom?

  30. posh, hindi kay kulang sa pag-beat yung egg yolks before mo hinalo sa whites? O kaya, sariwa kaya yung eggs? Other than these issues, I can't really think of anything else, sorry.

  31. thanks a lot for sharing the information.I'm really searching for an additional income where i can sell to neighbors and university students.How much do you think will i earn if i do pianono?


  32. Hi floresth,
    I cannot really provide you with a good answer, since I have no business background and I am afraid I do not really have a business accumen. Haha! However, I have long heard from my nanay who had small businesses before, that you take the amount you spend on materials, then to charge for labor, double that amount. Let's say materials cost total of $20 (include the cost of electricity for baking). Add $40 as your labor cost. Total "cost" would be $60. Divide that into how many you are selling (let's say 20 pcs), so each piece would cost $3. Of course, that is just a rough estimate. Some things are more laborious even though not costly, so it will really be up to you to estimate how much your time is worth. You will also have to consider the price of similar item in the grocery stores and be competitive. Most of the time, for a jobless person, just having a product that will sell already justifies the labor and time spent. Some people use the worksite as a place to promote their product on startup, then as orders pour in and profits roll, a person is able to quit her job and continue her business. Goodluck!

  33. hello manang,

    i tried baking pianono kaso it sticks sa grease proof paper. ano po kaya tips para hindi dumikit, yung pang top ok lang po kasi nilagyan ko ng caster sugar.

    thank you po more power.

    1. gamit ka ng parchment paper.

  34. Hello

    Can this be frozen and if so for how long?

  35. hello po, nagtry ako gawin eto today, okay naman po lasa, yun nga lang po nagtataka po ako kasi hindi nagbrown yung top then nagsink yung cake tapos ang dry sa lalamunan, ano po kaya yung maling nagawa ko? thanks po


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