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Monday, January 19, 2009

My Trip to the Asian Stores

I went to the Asian stores (2 hours away from my house) last Tuesday. There were several of them but I was only able to go to two because of time constraints. I came home and realized I was not able to find any macapuno!!!

I probably spent about $300 because I was thinking this would be a once-a-year trip for me. But I will probably change my mind unless someone sends me jars of macapuno...maybe I can request from my Ate Cris in Canada. (nagpaparamdam ba daw!)

Some of the things I got were grated ube, various frozen fish, patis and toyo, chili sauce, chinese cooking wine, lucky me pancit canton, ube hopia (my favorite), fish/squid balls, green papaya, big cassava tubers, niyog, ube powder, banana leaves, rice flours (glutinous and regular), etc. I planned to make/experiment with making cassava suman(done!), ube cake, and atsarang papaya (which I actually already started by this time). Will make posts on those later...


  1. I couldn't believe how easy making atchara was! I want to get into canning so that I can bottle it up for later. When I buy the green papayas, they are so big that it will take me months to finish it.

    Love your blog. I'm trying to re-create Filipino dishes *from scratch* that I had when I was young. I have to modify recipes from all over the blogosphere, since everyone does theirs differently.

  2. hi manang...buti pa nga dyan sa US maraming options for asian stores that carry filipino food/items...dito sa NZ, in the city where i live, may asian store pero limited ang filipino items na available....

    Impressed ako sa mga nabili mo! dami!

  3. hi battleajah,
    If you would like to get into canning, check out the canning and food preservation links I have on the right sidebar. As you very well know, in canning, it is important to stick to the recipe as much as possible to maintain a certain pH; otherwise you end up with food poisoning!

    That's right. I should not complain!!! Haha! How about ordering online? Mapapamahal ba masyado?


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