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Sunday, December 21, 2008


This is my entry for this week's LaPiS theme: kitchen gadgets.
From rotisserie

It was my husband's birthday gift for me...which I used yesterday for making lechon using ham (see pic below to judge for yourself how crispy it appeared.)

I saw this first at my friend Ana's house. She was making lechon manok with it using cornish hens (the small ones). It does a good job of basting the chickens with its own juice as it cooks.

I actually asked my husband for it. I wanted to see if I can make pork lechon crispy in it, while basting itself with its fat drippings as it rotates. Maybe the skin will turn out crispy if only fat will coat it, and not watery juice. Maybe it will stay soft. I plan to use only a small cut of probably shoulder ham with skin on. If it won't turn crispy I might just end up using the oven still.

We'll see...

UPDATE as of 12-21-08:

I used this rotisserie yesterday instead of using the oven for lechon. As usual, I boiled the ham in water and spices for 30 minutes (smaller cut than my previous), let the excess fluid drip. I used the rotisserie's spit rods to do this, placed in the rotisserie itself to drip on the pan, with door open. The surface was very dry the next day, so that crisping the skin was very good, better than deep frying like in lechon kawali yet, less
From rotisserie
fat!!! However, I started cooking about 2.5 hours prior to serving time (because that was how I guessed it would take to get the skin crispy and the interior hot enough), but it was actually ready after an hour! The burnt look here was because I re-heated twice: one was 30 minutes before the planned serving time, and the other 30 minutes before the estimated arrival of our latest expected guest. Next time, I will know to start running this one hour before lunchtime (or supper time). The skin was super crispy!

Hubby liked the meat portion of this ham. (Note: "Ham" is pork part from hip area to knee; it does not necessarily mean cured. However, all the ham I have in my freezer is cured. In the same manner, they refer to pork belly as "bacon," whether sliced thinly or not, whether cured or not. I have requested to keep slabs of pork belly instead of turning them to bacon, but apparently they are so used to curing these, that I ended up with slabs of cured bacon...maybe it will be ok to use for lechon kawali, or I might roast in this rotisserie as well.)


  1. YUM! Kakagutom ang ham mo...

  2. hi iska! bitin nga eh...konti lang naluto...dapat dinamihan ko.

  3. yikes! i have this exact same rotiserrie and it's sleeping lang inside the cupboard...never used it for making lechon! wait til i show this post to hubby and he'll definitely use it again:) thanks for playing manang! how are you? happy holidays!!!

  4. I feel like making this again for tonight (kinda like noche buena but for supper lang since we will be having our Christmas celebration tomorrow at my SIL's.

  5. This is yummy, my favorite..I have a pork belly yung panglechon kawali ba, I think I can do this
    the way you did instead of deep frying it.Kung oven ang gagamitin ko... ok lang ba?I will boil it first right?Thank you Manang.

  6. I discovered that that crispy skin will result only if (1) the pork is left to dry at least overnight; and (2) they are small enough so as not to get too close to the heating element, preferably about 2 inches away. The bigger cut I used recently was too close, and I left it to dry only for about 34 hours. Still quite moist when I started roasting.

  7. Luz, yes you will boil it first with spices, enough to cook some but not too soft para madali tuhugin at saka kasi maluluto pa rin naman...then make sure the skin really gets so dry...not sure how good it will do in the rotisserie if not equidistant from the heating element...siguro you can cut and make tuhog in such a way as to make the skin about 2 inches away? experiment ka muna siguro with


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