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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Drunken Steamed Shrimps (Nilasing na Hipon)

I think I overcooked these drunken steamed shrimps (you can tell by the shrinkage of the shrimps compared to the shells).
From drunken steamed shrimp

I was trying to cook a lot of things at the same time. I was baking boxed scalloped potatoes and the spinach-feta cheese chicken rolls, and making fried rice (for my sons and I). Since I had only 4 chicken breasts and there were 5 of us, I was worried there might not be enough to feed my
From drunken steamed shrimp
family, so I steamed some shrimps as a back-up. I was sure I was not going to eat a whole chicken breast, nor would my stepdaughter and husband, but each of my two sons eat like big men (more than my husband does) so to make sure they would not be bitin, I prepared steamed shrimps. This steamer comes in handy on such occasions because I just throw the shrimps in after tossing in some sesame oil, sprinkle some spices (parsley, pepper, paprika, ground basil), add some white wine to the water, and set the timer. The whole bag of shrimps was frozen, and I set the timer for like 20 minutes, although my other dishes took a while longer to cook, so I extended the steaming time just to make sure the shrimps stayed warm. I think I overcooked them, but they still turned out not rubbery (thank God!)

Here is my plate with a little of everything.
From drunken steamed shrimp
Steamed shrimps, scalloped potatoes, SFC Chix roll, and fresh baby spinach. I tried not to put a lot on my plate as I did not want to gain too much weight. My husband and stepdaughter do not eat shrimps, so these are mainly for my sons and I.

Everyone was full at the end of mealtime.


  1. This is one of the best blogs I have looked at in a long time. I really like your recipes.

  2. Hi Genevieve,
    Welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by!


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