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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gadget to Make Empanada Easier

I have posted way earlier in my old kusina about how I made empanadas.
From empanada
Several years later, I am posting this now to show how I made it easier using a dough/dumpling/empanada press, and of course, coming up with more presentable empanadas.

How I make pie crust can be found here.

How I make my empanada filling can be found here.

This is basically a short description of how I make my empanadas nowadays. In using the dough press to shape the circles, use a bigger one as the dough may shrink back once you lift it up. Then use the right size dough to place this on and the filling. You will have some extra dough to pinch off this way.

After several times of making this, I have come up with some more tips:

1. Use plastic to cover dough while rolling. It makes flipping easier.
2. Sprinkle flour from time to time to lessen stickiness.
3. Make sure your dough is quite chilled and not room temp before rolling. It tends to be less sticky, and it tends to help preserve the flakiness. So to do this, take out some dough and leave some while you work on your first batch.
4. The eggwash will make your floury dough seal. Without it, the flour will prevent sealing. The while baking, eggwash makes your empanadas appear golden.


  1. hmmmm parang fiesta ate...I miss fiesta tuloy sa pinas...every fiesta may empanada....yong dala na walang ka kagat share ko ba yon? hehehe

  2. hi lyn,
    haha! kung pwede lang ba na kunin mo from the website, sa yo na!

  3. Manang thank you very much for sending me your chocolate Oat cookies,Im sure my grand children will like it. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  4. gusto ko po gumawa ng brownies and chips pwede po bang gamitin ang oven toaster? thanks po

  5. hi anonymous,
    depende yan kung gano kalaki oven toaster mo. Kung maliit lang, baka matoast yung ibabaw at ilalim eh hindi pa luto ang gitna.

  6. tried your super soft ensaymada recipe. t'was a winner. hubby loves it too.

  7. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for your feedback! :)


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