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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maple Syrup Making

Have you tasted real maple syrup??? We love them, but oddly, my stepdaughter prefers the fake syrup.

My in-laws usually tap maple trees around the month of February to start collecting the clear sap into buckets that will later on be boiled to reduce into what we commonly know as maple syrup.

Any Filipino exposed to the Western influence knows about pancakes and waffles eaten with syrup (usually karo, made with high-fructose corn), but usually do not have a clue that there is such a thing as real maple syrup, and that this is derived from trees! (One of my friends sent me a message telling me that after he saw a webpage I made during the pre-blogger times.)

See more of how maple syrup is prepared on the slideshow below.

A good resource in making your own is found here.
A pdf article is also found here.


  1. Here sa U.S. it's all about the syrup din... I've tried the homemade one... pero i'm like ur step-daugther... I prefer the artificial one LOL! now i'm hungry...

  2. You lucky lady you! I only see Maple syrup making on TV. It must be quite an experience to make your own maple syrup. I love Maple syrup on pancakes.

  3. Hi Tina,
    yeah it was. Prior to coming here, I was not even aware that maple syrup came from trees!

  4. hi manang your so lucky to have pure maple syrup all the time !!!! :) i'll try this too... looks so good !!!

  5. hi manang: i saw an episode on foodtv once showing how maple sap is gathered from trees and the process of turning it into syrup. it looks like a really long process. i had a client once who is from vermont and gave me a big basket of everything maple--maple powder, maple butter, maple syrup, etc--i think i still have some left!! really good...:)

  6. i always wanted my pancakes with syrup, thanks for sharing this post


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