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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lobster Dinner

I have posted sometime in the past that our family traditionally has lobster dinner at Boothbay Harbor during summer. Well, we usually do that once a year, since the trip is quite a long one. However, last week, one of my neighbors asked me if I wanted to order some, as her oldest son was going to catch some lobsters. He would set the traps Wednesday and haul them Sunday. He would be back around noontime. At $5 apiece, one lobster weighed around 1.5 lbs. That was super cheap!!! We were scheduled to go leaf peeping (quite late) that day, but I ordered some for me (15 pieces) and asked my friend Ana and my SIL. We ordered a total of 37, and got them as soon as we were back home. I invited my MIL and FIL to have supper with us that night.
From lobster dinner

My in-laws were delighted, of course! Except for my hubby (who never liked lobsters) and daughter (allergic to most seafoods), we were all heartily stuffed that night with this rare (and often expensive) treat. My husband and daughter ate Italian sandwiches. We had melted butter (for FIL and MIL), mayonnaise (MIL), and a mixture of lemon, butter, salt and pepper (for my sons and I). My sons ate these with rice. The rest of us ate pandelimon rolls as starch source. I prepared the leftovers as lobster roll and lobster and corn chowder (upcoming posts).

Things I learned while we were waiting for the lobsters to cook:
1. Never cook a dead lobster. It could make you wicked sick and may even be fatal. Cook only those that are still alive. Chuck the dead ones.
2. Do not eat the greenish part of the lobster. That is the liver and is loaded with mercury.
3. Better to cook them all at once than freeze to cook later.
4. Have water boil first before putting in the lobsters. Once water re-boils, time cooking for 20 minutes.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time with family~ =)

  2. Hi Sharon!
    Indeed we had a good time!
    Read some of your posts...must be hard being away from family!
    Goodluck in your midterm!


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