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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Face Behind the Blog

This (rather too late post) is in response to babyrambutan's tag (see her post here). She was originally tagged by thess.

Me as a singer-wannabe, used to be a videoke addict (with some withdrawal symptoms up to now; well-controlled). See how I was holding the mic. I had it for essentially the whole night that time...singing and dancing, hindi naman ako lashing...hik!

Used to work as a general medical practitioner (aka medical doctor) back in PI. Nagpapaka-nars ngayon, and quite happy about my choice (less headaches, more time with family).
Favorite thing to do back then was to deliver babies (via NSDs). Had some inaanak because of patients-turned-friends. I would have wanted to be an OB-Gyn (though some friends told me I could have been a good internist, and some patients suggested I become a psychologist -- bleh!!). Things turned out differently mainly because I had no connections in DOH when residency matching was implemented. Mahirap talaga maging mahirap.

Nature-lover (Philippines-type of nature, though. I still have some aversion with the cold winter and would rather stay home. I also have not had enough courage to engage in winter activities). Notice my short hair here? I used to wear my hair short, until I discovered that I look much better and younger with long hair when straightened and cellophane treated at Freshair (naks, me plugging pa!). Noon yun. Now I don't have enough dough for that type of luxury here in the US. I just use the electric hair straightener coupled with virgin coconut oil treatment once in a while. Still the envy of many Ams here because of my hair.

Did I mention I was a videoke addict??? I am now out of it...pretty much...I do have the Magic Sing...but someday I would like to get the USB-type one. Di nga...not an addict anymore...I swear. Peks man!

Since I rarely blog nowadays, I am afraid I cannot think of other bloggers who could qualify, nor do I really have the time to notify them that I am tagging them, so please bear with me.


  1. ManangK thank you thank you salamat sa pag uunlak mo sa tag ni thess (heeheehee o sige na nga tag ko na rin)
    some day mag kara/videoke nga tayo ha? have you checked out singshot.com yet? (again, from thess our songbird)

    love photos of you! bagay din naman kahit short hair, pero you're right, long makes anyone look younger. (ako, t.h. na talaga)
    how is work and all that?

    i'll add your post to my list so that it will circulate more!
    thanks again! we know you're very busy....regards to the family.

  2. Yey! MANANG!!! KUMUSTA KA NA?!!
    bagay sa iyo both short and long do..byuti mo naman manang!
    pero teka teka! tumatak sa isip ko yung USB mic (I used to be an online karaoke addict, nag cold turkey ako he he) anyway, I was about to suggest you this mic..the newest USB mic in the market. May kasama sha'ng software upon purchase. Tapos ito yung link nung binyagan ko yun mic I used it here (hehe, pwera tawa ng malakas ha, mahina pwede :D ) tara singshot na tayo ni Tita Stelita!

  3. tita stel and thess,
    salamat sa positive remarks. haha!
    I checked out yung USB mic, alang presyo???and how to get/purchase it. I only saw the accessory priced.
    thess, ganda ng boses mo! I tried to make a comment there (haba nga ng tinype ko!) pag submit ko, me kung anong mga sentences lumitaw (in short, error sya). I hit back, wala na yung mahabang comment ko. tinamad na ako ulitin.
    mukang ok yung snapsing.com ah! I never knew such online karaoke existed! Kung alam ko lang, tagal ko na siguro sinubukan.


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