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Friday, November 03, 2006

Pichi-Pichi Espesyal

UPDATE as of 12-22-08:
A more special pichi-pichi recipe can be found here.

I would have tried stel's recipe, but I did not list down things that I should have gotten from the Asian store when my friend Anna asked if I wanted to go with her. So I forgot to look for the lye water and pandan essence. Good thing, in the comments section, Lani gave her recipe using just the grated cassava, sugar and water. It was very good! Although, I would have still preferred it with some pandan essence. (tita stel, nagpaparamdam po...

Salamat, tita Lani, for the recipe!

We Filipinos use cassava, but I cannot find any cassava here. Yucca is a good substitute. (I typed that on the search engine, and it showed plants different from what I have come to know as "kamoteng-kahoy." I then realized they are not one and the same.). It was my first time to buy yucca from the Asian store (have not seen it sold in the nearest grocery store), and I was quite surprised that it seemed to have been coated with wax...or is it a natural coating of dried up sap?


1 cup cassava [or yucca], grated
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
1 coconut, grated

Squeeze out juice of cassava [or yucca]using flour sack. Place squeezed cassava in pan with sugar and water. Cook. Stir constantly 10 minutes or until mixture coats spoon. Transfer cooked mixture on silicone muffin cups placed on the steamer pan and steam 10 minutes. Remove from muffin cups, let cool, then coat in grated coconut.

(I love these silicone muffin cups for steaming purposes! Muffin pan just won't fit in the steamer, and these solved that problem. Now I can also experiment on making puto, and I might get big cups also for steamed leche flan.)

My sons and I loved them, and my Filipina friends did, too! Of course, they asked for the recipe and I generously (ahem!) shared it (salamat sa mga foodbloggers!) My Sdaughter loved coating them in the grated coconut, but would not taste them (pretty much like her father). That same day I just had to make a second batch. Refrigerates and microwaves (30 sec) pretty good, too! Perfect munchkin for after-school!

I am still waiting for the day when I will have my pandan essence.


  1. You're always welcome, Manang. Last Friday lang din nag-pichi-pichi kami at sarap talaga laluna kung freshly-grated ang coconut hindi iyong nabibiling grated na sa wet market. Kaya lang nakakasakit ng balikat ang pagkadkad (lol).

    Sayang wala palang pandan essence diyan, dito sa atin tambak.

  2. Hi, Manang! Mukhang masarap 'yung pichi-piching ginawa mo! Another reminder to me na malapit na ang Holidays. Lagi kasi may pichi-pichi sa bahay 'pag New Year. =^_^=

  3. Hi Manang, sarap naman ng pichi-pichi- I remember the days when I used to be the taga-kadkad ng casava.

  4. I love pichi-pichi! I would love to try your recipes one of these days. :-)

  5. Lani, I also always use freshly grated coconut since I had the manual grater. I did not like the dried coconut flakes being sold in the grocery store; tasted like dust!
    Midge, I used to just buy them before, but now, I can also make them for the coming holidays! I love being empowered like this!
    KK,, hmmm. siguro I will train my boys to be the taga-kadkad...
    Ladybug, ala ka bang mabili dyan? mas convenient bilhin, pero it you want to create memories with kids, this is a fun way!

  6. Galing ako kay sexy mom. Napansin ko kaagad ang name mo sa blogroll dahil kusina, mahilig ako sa food.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe Manang! Simple lang pala ang recipe at procedure. Last week nagluto ako ng suman made of cassava. Pero mas gusto ko ang pitsi-pitsi pero wala akong recipe, di ko mahanap sa net din. Thanks uli...

  7. Hello. Read your blog and have a suggestion. Here in manila, they roll pichi-pichi in grated cheese. It's a refreshing alternative which I prefer plus it doesn't spoil as fast. Although you said you had to make a second batch, so I guess spoilage from keeping too long isn't a problem with you.

  8. hi antoine, thanks for that idea! One less thing to do for enjoying pichi-pichi!

  9. manang, should i grate the tapioca root ( as this is what we have here in Ireland, i guess it's the same! ) grated finely? Ping Roque, Ireland

  10. Hi Ping,
    Yap. Grate it. I also think it is the same thing.
    Welcome to my site!

  11. Hi Manang! would like to try this recipe, pitsi-pitsi. i already bought the ingridients but i want to know if i will boil first the cassava before i grate it? pls advice. thanks!

  12. Hi Anonymous,
    You don't have to grate it. :)

  13. instead of water, can I use evaporated milk 4 this pitsi pitsi recipe?


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