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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chicken Afritada

I have long been eating this dish and it is one of my favorites, but since I came to the US, I have cooked it only once.

Thanks to the different foodblogs in my blogroll, I have gotten some ideas. I also apply to this dish the same thing I do with menudo: marinate the chicken pieces first in soy sauce-lemon. I love the effect.

This is another addition to my collection of the dishes that hubby likes so much (as long as he gets the breast part).

1 pound chicken stewing cuts, marinated in
1/4 cup soy sauce
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium onion, chopped
3-5 medium tomatoes, sliced
2-3 carrots, cut into chunks
4-5 potatoes cut in wedges
1/2 cup green peas
1 handful of red/orange/yellow bell peppers (Tip: When you buy bell peppers in packs of 3s but are not able to use up all at once, you may slice the rest and place on baking pan, freeze for 30 minutes, then transfer to a freezer bag and freeze for several more months.)

Marinate the chicken pieces in soy sauce-lemon juice for at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, chop/slice all veggies.
On medium heat, sautee garlic then onion, then the tomatoes, followed by the chicken. Increase the heat until juices bubble, then lower to medium low, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes. Uncover, turn heat on medium high and let the juices evaporate, brown the chicken, then add the potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. Cover, lower heat to medium low and let simmer for 20 minutes or until chicken is done. Add green peas during the last 10 minutes of cooking. From time to time, check to avoid drying and add water in increments of 1/2 cup to the desired consistency of the sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Serve hot with plain rice.

I added hotdogs in the end for the sake of my stepd.


  1. Wow!This looks so yummy!Ma try nga! I'm glad it's easier to access your new kusina! Bilib ako sa tyaga mong magluto Manang!!I wish I have your talent lalo na't nahohomesick ako sa mga pagkain sa Pinas.

  2. anonymous, I am glad to hear that it is easier to access now. Di naman ako lagi matyaga magluto. Paminsan-minsan, hamburger helper lang or mac n cheese. :D Pero lately, due to my impending full time work status as an RN, I feel the urge to cook and bake (and experiment) as often as I can while I still can...

  3. Thanks for this recipe Manang. I tried it today. It was yummy! I like the soy sauce and lemon marinade. The only request by my hubby was to de-bone it, he doesn't like getting his hands on stews. For me, I like using my fingers with my food. Boring ang pure meat and no bones.

  4. Hi kk, Glad you liked it. You're lucky enough not to gross our your hubby by using your fingers when eating. You should have seen the look on my husband's face when he first saw my older son eating with his hands. He thought it was disgusting until I explained to him that it was usual for Filipinos to eat using hands (and of course, spoon and fork).

  5. manang K, copy paste ko ito ha, medyo ako naman wala masyadong gana lately, walang maisip.
    this looks like something my family will ALL eat. ako gusto ko sana isda araw araw pero wala akong ka sosyo kumain (except dotir once in a while).
    wala pa akong gimik dear! naghahanap, para pambili ng aking mga "laruan" sa wish list (bread machine, new hand mixer, etc. etc)
    okay now i'm inspired to make afritada. and you didn't even use Mama Sita mix! (i might cheat heehee)

  6. Manang,
    When I was still dating my now husband. I fixed "tuyo" for him, then I used my fingers to eat. With matching tomatoes and rice. Tapos may vinegar and garlic na saw-sawan. He only complained of the tuyo being very small and it takes too much work to eat such small fish.
    I guess my husband isn't as shocked because he has been exposed to co-workers from India who eat with their hands. I am teaching my daughter to "ag-kammet" or "mag-kamay" properly just like my lola. But we tell my daughter that she can only do it at home.

  7. im a lil confuse..i thought this dish has tomato sauce..but it's not in ur ingredients...but the color of the picture looks like it has...

  8. I tried this recipe last night, and I am very happy with the result, yummy :). Thanks for the recipe.

  9. hi manang biday mztamuz my host family requested to cook a filipino dishes thier family want a boneless chicken with other vegetable included at first i have no idea what kind of dishes iv been plan to cook. i try to research in the internet now that i found your recipe thanxz ill try this today!!!!! i send message later if your recipe yummys or what???? pero salamt daan

  10. hi manang biday mztamuz my host family requested to cook a filipino dishes thier family want a boneless chicken with other vegetable included at first i have no idea what kind of dishes iv been plan to cook. i try to research in the internet now that i found your recipe thanxz ill try this today!!!!! i send message later if your recipe yummys or what???? pero salamt daan

  11. to anonymous: I thought I answered this before, hindi pa pala. I did not use tomato sauce here. I used lots of big tomatoes instead.

    To trixa: Goodluck on your cooking. I hope your host family will like it! Don't forget to marinade first before actual cooking!

  12. manang is it okay if ill add pineapple chunks on chicken afritada? this really looks yummy!

  13. Anonoymous, It hink adding pineapple chunks will make this dish doubly yummy!

  14. Hi Manang! You're awesome!im from the Phils and grabe di ako marunong magluto as in.kaya nung lumipat na kmi dto sa US e napakalaking adjustment for me na ako na lahat knowing I have a working husband and 2yr old son.So lahat ng house stuffs sakin and at ang pinakamahirap ay ang magluto.1month pa lang kami here.and when I saw Ur recipe of chicken afritada i followed it (with afritada mix reaady at the side) but when me and my husband tasted it WOW! no need for the aFRitada mix.its my first time to cook afritada with that kind of result na all natural pa.me and my husband is are so happy.cympre lalo na ako.isa achievement para sa isang di marunong magluto na nkaluto ng ganon ka sarap!grbe highly recommended tlga ang afritada mo.thanks so much tlaga manang!I love you!looking forward for more of your recipes.wer can i get dem po?tnx so much!

  15. mommy kate,
    glad you liked my recipe! I do not have a lot of recipes based on Pinoy dishes posted on my blog, but another favorite of mine is my beef pares (you can see it on my old kusina at manangkusinera.blogspot.com).
    I rarely have the time to update my blogs now.

  16. I googled some recipes this morning for chicken and i came accross your blog.. thanks for the recipe, i latered some of the ings but still good.. I also linked you on my post about it, you may check it out at chi-tada .. Seeyah!

    Salamat uli!

  17. hi chubs! Thanks for linking to my post! I saw your post pero nagha-hang yung page dito sa work (dunno why, mukang hinaharang ng admin). It looked very delish too! I will try to post a comment there once I am at home.

  18. hello manang, i tried this afritada of yours and it is definitely perfect! my family loves it and i guess pre-marinating the chicken helps with the flavour so much! thanks heaps:)

  19. thanks, krestine. pre-marinating really makes a difference. Try it on menudo as well...sarap talaga.

  20. Hi manang!

    im Charlot and it's my first time to cook afritada... i tried your recipe and it's awesome! my fiance loved it! i was telling him about your site and how i was convinced to try this because of the great comments.. and i must say.. they are absolutely right! btw.. i used calamansi instead of lemon coz there was no lemon available in the fridge this morning.... so i guess it would taste even better next time (w/ lemon) right? :P cheers! and thank you so much!

  21. HI Charlot,
    Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment (it means a lot to me!). I'm glad your fiance loved it. I think the calamansi is still the best for marinating. I just had no choice here but to use lemon as I did not have access to real calamansi.

  22. Kakagutom naman! nice blog gusto ko rin ma try recipe mo =)...May i also share sites of lots of recipes, here you may also visit this site: http://www.recipe-tv.ph/ . =)

  23. leizle, Thanks for your comment and thanks for sharing that link. It will be a good resource when I do run out of ideas.

  24. Hi Manang,
    its my first time to see your blogsite, i love afritada kly i want to learn how to cook it.. can i ask for the replacement of lemon, if ever i dont have one...

  25. Hi Anonymous, Sorry my reply is late. I was busy with work and canning. I have not tried anything besides lemon or calamansi. Maybe you can try lime or any sour citrus.

  26. This really taste great, just one concern. the chicken got cooked already long before the potato...

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