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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As a young child who grew up in a small neighborhood bakery, I had the privilege of making some special versions of our commercial goodies. One of which is biscocho, made from bread slices which were returned to us after not being sold for 3 days. When the regular ones are made with just one side of the bread slathered with a thin layer of margarine not quite covering the whole surface then coated with sugar, I made my own special batch (1 pan) of slices well covered with a thin layer of margarine on both sides, then coated with lots of sugar (I made sure sugar covers the whole area that had margarine). It was one of my favorite snacks.

One time I had craving, and it popped into my head to make some. I was with hubby then, and I asked him to try. He liked it and requested that I make some for him too, with a sprinkle of cinnamon after toasting (and he did not like it too toasted). Whoa! Another discovery for my hubby!

Then yesterday, my younger son was looking for something to eat, but he was getting tired of the usual pan de pizza that we make using homemade pizza sauce, slices of ham or pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. I thought of offering to make biscocho for him. He was not sure what it was but he was ready for a new kind of delight. He was not disappointed, and he asked that I make some for his breakfast today. So I made some for both my sons, and the older one told me I should have doubled his share. But I have used up all the bread slices. I told him I would get more next time I go to the grocery store.

Here's how:

I usually use stale bread or hotdog rolls for this purpose, and the oven toaster. I watch carefully as I bake, because if I overdo it, the caramelized sugar burns and gets bitter. I also want to cool it down a bit before biting to it, as the caramelized sugar can be very very hot.

Don't be tempted to use a thick layer of butter or margarine, as this will only get the bread soggy, then you won't get the crunchy result that you want. A thin layer is enough, and you won't get disappointed with the crunch and the taste.

I think the best tasting biscocho would be one that is made from leftover sponge cake (but who would have leftover sponge cakes? They are too good freshly baked!)


  1. Shucks...I'm craving for these right now...

  2. Hello Manang! *kaway kaway* Kumusta ka na? Ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw, sensha na :-)

    oo nga naman, mas masarap nga sana kung sponge cake leftover ang gagamitin pero imposible yata ha ha...pero gusto ko tikman itong biscocho mo...masarap sa mainit na chocolate na may whipped cream , yummy!!

  3. ay manang, ako yan (thess/eetsmakelijk) ..bakit kaya anonymous lumabas?

  4. ladybug,
    gawa ka na! Dali lang naman...
    hi thess,
    miss you na! your link does not work (sa firefox, but I have not tried IE).

  5. manang hello! na missed din kita syempre ano!
    unang-una, mispelled ang 'creme fraiche'..so iyun po ang tinutukoy ko
    2nd, mispelled ko din itong sariling URL ko *que barbaridad na kaengotan* ..tama na itong link ko ngayon

    regards from d queen of typo

  6. ay, ang sarap nga ng biscocho from the bakery. But you know I just realized yun pala nga ang panglan nun, I had forgotten. My girls make this all the time pero americanized, with cinnamon. Ako mas gusto ko yung plain sugar lang.

  7. ay sarap! I have forgotten about biscocho. My mom used to make it for us. I was just scratching my head on how to use the left over bread when I saw your blog. We don't have a small toaster oven so I have to make it in the regular oven.

    I'm confused with the butter/margarine stuff. Which is better for us ba? My husband has to watch cholesterol but they say it's better to use real butter than margarine. Then I read something from the AHA, they say margarine is better.

  8. jmom,
    your daughters and my hubby...they love cinnamon! I tried that one too and it was very good indeed, pero hinahanap ng taste buds ko ang plain old style...
    Oo nga, I saw that study that trans-free margarine are better than butter...But I am trying to get butter made from milk of grazing cows...I read that they have higher levels of beneficial fat.

  9. Hello Manang. I'm just wondering if the procedure for the Biscocho is still available. Somehow, I don't see any after the "here's how" heading. I wanted to know at what temperature and for how long it should be baked. I've tried baking for 8 minutes at 325 degrees F. It was good and crunchy as soon as eaten after baking but it didn't stay crunchy after an hour. Salamat. - RR

    1. HI RR,
      Sorry I rarely blog now. I add just a thin layer of butter on the slices of bread (Too thick makes the bread soggy). Place sugar in a bowl and dip the bread slices (sugar should coat the buttered side; this is what makes them crunchy). Bake at 400 ºF for 2 mins on each side or until golden brown (sugar has caramelized). Cool some before eating. Or you can cool completely before storing leftovers in plastic containers.


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