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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Pork Sausage

When my friend Ana had their pig slaughtered, it was mostly processed into hams and sausages. She gave me several sausages. One whole of which can make 7 patties. My family could only consume about 5 patties. I usually prepare it for breakfast with scrambled eggs and toast.

At first I did not quite know how to prepare it. To me, sausages meant hotdog-shaped ground meat (like the German sausages that I loved). The first time I ordered a sausage during a breakfast at Friendly's I was surprised to see a disk. Anyway, before I proceeded with this I had to ask my hubby how it was prepared.

Pre-heat a heavy skillet on medium setting for about 5 minutes. Lightly grease with oil. (The sausage will render a lot of oil as it cooks.) Meanwhile, shape the sausage into patties. This is how I do it:

Using two sandwich bags as my gloves and for easier handling of the ground pork, I first shape it into a ball, then flatten it a bit with my hand.

Then using a small plate I press it against another to flatten it to about 1/8 inch thickness, still sandwiched between the bags.

Then I gently peel off the plastic, transfer to a spatula,

then gently lower it onto the skillet. I cook the first side for about 7 minutes, and the other for about 5 minutes. The patties will significantly shrink in size.

Drain on paper towels and serve with scrambled eggs (My hubby prefers eggs with just salt and pepper, no veggies. Me and my sons like it with diced tomatoes and onions, plus garlic powder.)

I usually have about 1 cup of leftover uncooked sausage. I tried to use it to make lumpia. Posted by Hello


  1. Manang, using plastic to flatten the patties was a great tip..i never thought of that whenever i would make burger patties that are too sticky. tnx

    have a nice day!!

  2. Manangk,
    Baket ikaw hindi tumataba sa pagkaing ito??? ako amuyin ko pa lang sumisikip nang suot ko huhuhu.
    Try mo na yung choc. mousse cake, it's easy as pie...and you've made so many pies!
    I have a recipe for buko pie from an old ckbk but I've never tried making here, thinking that no amount of frozen product can ever duplicate the ones from Los Banos...but there is "Cabalen" brand frozen shredded buko. watch for it next time you go to Pinoy store. O sha. 'appy cooking.

  3. you must try to use the sausages for bola bola - they are wonderful....also, When making meatloaf & lumpia, I mix a little sausage with them to add more flavor :)

    I was raised by my American Mom who tried to adapt to the culture and ways of the Philippines when I was young. When we moved back here and most ingredients were not available, she substituted with whats at hand. I know nilaga not with the typical bones and tendons but with that beef used for corned beef - hence nilaga i grew up eating was always partially red but has all same ingredients :) - just to me better tasting.

    there are so many recipe I learned from my Mom that is a cross between american, italian and/or filipino food and it is what I was raised to eat and I enjoyed.

  4. Thess, I got the idea from the CDO burger patties I bought when I was in PI. All patties were separated by a plastic sheet. When I made my patties, initially I would use my own hands - so messy and I such troublesome to wash and wipe before you can flip the burgers.
    The cheap fold-over sandwich bags are better to use as you can easily slip in and out your hands. With the reclosable, it tends to close when you are flattening the patties. Naubusan lang kasi ako by the time I was making this.

    drstel, nakakauyam nga eh, kaya isa lang kaya ko pati si hubby. Panganay ko lang ang kaya 2 patties. And when I prepare this for breakfast, we usually skip lunchtime. WE have become so used to eating 1 major meal a day, and it's usually supper. I make this kind of heavy breakfast only on weekends, then we just have light lunch and an easy-to-make supper.
    Re choc mousse cake, I will ask hubby to look for the rum (pareho kasi kaming non-alc drinker kaya bopol). I can't do the hunting kasi not driving pa eh, and no car. Now hubby has to fit that into his schedule.
    Can you email me that buko pie recipe? Right now I have prepared another pair of pie crust. Planning to make eggpie. I was able to find "egg custard pie" recipe but I am not sure if they will give the same dark top, and if they are not supposed to be cooked in a pan of water...

    Cerridwen, yeah, I was given that kind of corned beef (a whole slab of it) by my mom-in-law. When I asked her how to prepare it she described something like nilaga, so that's what I did. It was good! Then when cooked I realized that it was really the corned beef that we are familiar with, only in a different form, so I cooked the leftover as sauteed corned beef. Like the Argentina corned beef.

    Maybe you should share your recipes in your blog too. I know a lot of us Fil-Am Moms would find it useful.


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