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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What's in the Meat You Eat?

I saw an ad in Time Magazine about the Union of Concerned Scientists that is why I visited the place. They have several sections of interest, but I focused on the food for interesting reads which I can post here.
One of the articles focused on the use of antibiotics on livestock and poultry that may contribute to development of antibiotic-resistance among patients/people.
Did you know that approximately 70 percent of all antibiotics and related drugs

produced in the United States are given to livestock and poultry? These


are used for nontherapeutic purposes such as accelerating growth and


the diseases caused by overcrowded and unsanitary conditions on

"factory farms."

Unfortunately, this practice results in

antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can

cause difficult-to-treat diseases in


Read the whole article by clicking on the title.

The food section also features a Gallery of Foodborne-Illnesses.

There is also a discussion that addresses the risks of genetically engineered foods.

And I am more intent to learn more about Sustainable Agriculture. I may just continue my gardening in the future years, and I may try to learn how to raise my own pig/chickens/beef. I am glad I have something to start with - a family that grew up farming.

Other non-food related topics can be found on the said website - vehicles, environment, energy and security. I signed the Consumer Pledge to Reduce Antibiotic Use. I hope you will too.


  1. Alam mo manang ang tanong ko sa sarili, noong ako ay lumalaki, and mga isdang binibili natin sa palengke eh exposed naman buong araw kasama ng laway ng aleng sumisigaw na bilhin natin ang paninda niya eh wala namang salmonella issue? Also, yung e-coli, maalala ko di pa uso ang filtered water noon, minsan me gumagalaw or lumulutang sa iyong baso galing sa gripo eh wala namang naee-coli? Talagang immuned ba ang system natin? or ano sobra lang talaga tayong ewan na. Minsan nga nilalangaw pa yung mga karne sa palengke di ba?

  2. Meron pang isa, ang ating mga manok nga diba naglipana rin? Kung saan-saan tumutuktok sa lupa? Eh yung ating mga baboy na kinakain, di ba recycled twice na yung kanilang kinakain?

  3. tingting, One thing I observed from my in-laws nung nasunog ang alaga nilang chicks sa barn, was that the feeds are high-protein to accelerate the growth (I don't know if there's antibiotic in the feeds, but my in-laws are quite conscious about what they eat). the acceleration is to shorten the growing period within the summer season, otherwise, the chickens will die in the cold weather. Bawal gulatin ang manok dahil baka raw mag-heart attack because of the stressed metabolic system secondary to accelerated growth rate. Pag namatay, sayang. Ang layo sa PI practices. Tayo hinahabol pa natin ang mga manok at lipad naman sila nang mabilis!
    And yes, mas matibay na ang ating immune system, generally speaking. But people here in my area say those exposed to the dirt in the farm are also quite tough against infections and allergy. I firmly believe a little exposure to dirt and germs will not kill us, and therefore, will make us stronger. My hubby and in-laws are not that finicky when it comes to spick-and-span cleanliness, and I am glad about that. We observe sterile practices where warranted.

  4. naku buti manang nahanap ko ulit site mo, naligaw ako at muntik na hindi makabalik!

    Anyhow about your post...sometimes I also ask myself..bakit ang tibay ng sikmura ng mga pilipino ( sa kasawiang -palad, hindi ako nakasali sa matitibay) pero gaya ng komento mo, iba ang pananaw ng mga tao sa ibang bansa katulad dito sa europa sa pag aalaga ng hayop..hindi hinahabol manok dito, panay patuka at pahinga lang alam nila

    goodluck sa gardening mo manang ^_^ ..dito lang din ako natutong mag appreciate ng tumutubo sa lupa, gusto ko din sana ng maliit na greenhouse man lang to grow herbs..pero siguro sa future pa na malayo pwede mangyari..

    iiwan ko sa tagboard mo ang site address ko...salamat ulit for letting me link you.


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