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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wish-Bone Marinated Broiled Chicken with Stuffing and Buttered Spinach

I offer no recipe here, but this is one of my hubby's favorite dinner: broiled chicken marinated overnight in Wish-Bone Robusto Italian Seasoning, plus poultry stuffing prepared as directed on the package, and boiled spinach with butter and salt. (He always has to have Pepsi -- drinks it as if it were water. I feel kinda hopeless about it.) Needless to say that our Pinoy tongues (mine and my kids') have also adapted to this American-style dinner. Posted by Hello


  1. hmmm.... manang, masarap ata ito. parang gusto ko ring iluto. patay na patay ako sa marinated na manok, tapos eh may spinach pa - yan pang isa kong peborit.

    my cousin in your part of the world likes to grill sea bass and we eat it with spinach and rice. yummy!

  2. But seriously, if you can't find bean sprouts, you can forego using them. I used them as extenders: matakaw kasi, and half a kilo of chicken mince does not look filling enough. You cannot NOT have the sweet basil though, otherwise there is nothing to tie it up with Thai. Patay!

  3. JriDDles,
    I have not deleted any comments...I dunno what happened. anyway, got your email messages! Thanks for the tip about bean sprouts. I just wanted to know the timing so I can cook the sprouts right away and not store it in the fridge prior to cooking.

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