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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Typical Filipino lunch (for me)

NO recipe today...just wanted to share about what I did with spinach I harvested from my garden...

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While washing I was imagining using it for tinola, ginisang munggo, and salad (in place of camote tops eaten with kamatis with patis and calamansi). I planned on eating it with fried rice and sardines. While taking out the leftover rice from the fridge I recalled the leftover lechon paksiw from my friend Ana, which she gave the day after July 4th (we shared it for breakfast, with my kids).
I thought I would fry the rice using the leftover lechon paksiw, eaten with spinach blanched in boiling water, dipped with tomatoes, patis, spring onion, and lemon juice...
I don't feel the need to talk more about the nutritious spinach. We all know that already...It's just the season for it. I have 7 big bags of it now. I will soon have to store some of them for winter use...Thanks to a friend (balut) who already gave me some ideas...


  1. 7 bags of spinach? Matutuwa si Popeye nyan, Manang. =) Seriously, favorite ko din ang spinach. I'm thinking nga baka puede siyang iburo parang mustasa...masarap kaya yun, Manang?

  2. 'ever tried spinach dip Manang? Hmm, my kids' favorite appetizer lalo na sa Christmas and New Year! Mine too but I worry much about the fat that goes with it. Oh well, you can always add more yogurt instead of mayo. Freeze them for spinach dip later on, that is if your hubby is not so concerned about his diet. Sour Dough is year round so there you go. Cheers!

  3. I forgot to say that it looks like a typical Ilocano meal. My mother is an Ilocana and she just loved blanching everything..camote leaves, sayote leaves..and if you are an Ilocana, let's just say you add tomatoes and green onions to it with the corresponding patis or bagoong for pampalasa. I love cooking them the chinese way (i've got a little of that blood)..with corn starch and chopped garlic and oyster sauce. (PS thanks for the "blogging" advise. I just decided to be a reader instead.

  4. Doc Emer, hindi ko alam pano magburo...:(

    you got it right! My parents are both Ilokano (from Cagayan). Sad to say, they always talked to us in Tagalog. I grew up knowing very little about our dialect. SAyang nga kasi nung clerk ako, in one rotation sa Veterans, lahat halos ng personnel from director to maintenance, Ilokano.
    My children already like the patis-kamatis-etc. combi, but I am curious about your spinach dip. Paki-share naman...
    Also, you sent me the Thai curry recipe di ba? I looked for coco cream, puro milk... :( Siguro I will just try that recipe pag meron na akong nakitang coco cream.

  5. Saan ba kayo sa Cagayan? Ako sa Tuguegarao ako lumaki.

  6. Anonymous,
    Mother ko, sa Gonzaga, father ko sa Abulog. Ako sa Quezon City lang lumaki. Bopol nga ako sa Ilokano dialect. Kakadyahi pag nagbabakasyon ako...


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