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Monday, July 19, 2004

Double Cheese Wheat Bread

When you are not experienced with yeast bread, yet you love the aroma of fresh-from-the-oven bread, it can be quite hard when you are in a an environment where a bakery is at least 15 minutes drive away.

Good thing here is that there is this "wonder" machine called Bread Machine, which was a wedding gift from my Mom. The first time I used it, and smelled the yeast working on the dough, my mind was flooded with memories of my childhood, the days I spent helping (panggulo at times) around at my Tatay's bakery. It took awhile for me to get used to it, initially just being limited to the recipes that came with the manual. Then I tried visiting www.breadworld.com as advertised in the label of the bread machine yeast I was using. Yeast breads then became a common item on the table.

So for Filipinos like me who are in foreign countries missing fresh-from-the-oven yeast breads, this is a good investment. One can easily train his/her fingertips in recognizing the right consistency of the dough prior to shaping by using the dough cycle. Once trained, baking yeast bread via the conventional oven becomes easier.

The good thing about bread machine breads is the small size of the dough, just enough for family consumption.

Fleischmann's website has a lot of recipes that are suited for beginners as well as for the more skilled, and also has recipes for dough setting only. My friend's mom, who lived in a different state and was here briefly to support her daughter when she gave birth, felt the need to buy a bread machine when I demonstrated to her how to bake pan de sal using it.

In my experience with basic bread recipes, I have also tried to use the dough cycle instead of the basic cycle so that I can shape them into rolls, or wrap them around sausages or hotdogs.

The recipe page only wishes to show the readers how a bread machine works (conveniently!) so they can consider having one, too. It is really a good buy.

Among our favorites are: Basic Egg Bread, Basic White Bread, Mustard-Dill Bread, Herb Focaccia, Buttery Sweet Bread, Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Bread, and Fragrant Cloverleaf Rolls, all from Fleischmann's bakery (see the link at my side bar).


  1. Watch out ka Manang because of the carbs. Kasi nga bread is just within your reach na. Dito sa office, the common comment of my officemates are, since they had their bread machines, nagtabaan na sila. One thing I definitely enjoy is Focacia Bread. Simple lang siya but it is the herbs na medyo mahirap hanapin. I love making ensaimada dahil nga sa di na ako ang nagkne-knead. Mabusisi nga lang ang pagporma.

  2. hi, baguiogirl...I don't worry too much about the carb, kasi when I bake bread, I don't cook rice. And I have trained my kids (and myself) also to eat only during mealtimes. Bihirang-bihira na kami mag-merienda in between meals. :)

  3. interesting! I might get one (the bread machine, that is!), but I'm not really into baking bread. But still it would be nice to wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread, especially if you're the one who just woke up! hehehe

  4. Hi Manang,
    I'm baking a Buttery sweet Bread from bread world, hopefully it will come out good, this is my first time to bake a loaf of bread from my BM.Wish me luck:)


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