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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Beet Greens

It's a sunny day today...and that means I will have the chance to stay most of the day outside!

Yesterday we had a bit of a thunderstorm. We (me and my sons) still pulled out weeds and tilled the soil despite the drizzle. At the end of the afternoon I wanted to harvest the beet greens but I was already getting quite afraid of the thunder and lightning going on around me...the procrastinator Manang thought of doing it the next morning (which is today). Lucky me!

So this is my harvest for today. A crate-ful of beet greens, leaving me wondering how on earth I would store the rest after consuming some of it while fresh. Mom said she just boils them and puts butter, same thing with other leafy veggies. Those which will not end up in the tummy right away will end up in the freezer bags. 

I'm hoping some Filipina visitors here would give me ideas. I am wondering whether I could use this is place of pechay, in ginisa, nilaga, or even in torta or lumpia.

Can anyone give me the answers?


  1. Hi manang,

    ang alam ko sa beets pang salad lang, pero dito sa Taiwan, kahit anong leafy greens from my mother-in-law's garden, we just stir-fry in olive oil and add lots of garlic and viola! Another way is to blanch it, drain, then add the olive oil and minced garlic last (baliktad naman).

    Haven't tried beet greens though...I remember the time though nung bata pa ako, never liked eating leafy greens, aside from Adobong Kangkong. Dito lang sa Taiwan nagsimula ang love affair ko with leafy greens, pati nga yung 3 yr old son ko kumakain rin ng talbos (?) ng camote... :)

    There's an idea, how about making adobong beet greens? ano kaya ang lasa nun?!! Happy cookin'


    PS Sa chinese cooking di ba may recipe na minced meat in letttuce cups, maybe you could try minced meat wrapped in beet greens, o di kaya beet rolls instead of cabbage rolls, hehehe...


  2. Hi Bernice!

    Thanks for those wonderful ideas. That day I harvested the beet greens, I used some for ginisang munggo style (although I used ground beef and leftover baked beans instead), and the result was superb! Gustung-gusto ng mga bata (mas masarap daw kesa spinach). I used 10 whole plants and cut them up across by 1 inch intervals. The next day we used leftover leachon from a friend, added some water and same amount of beet greens. Naubos na yung greens, me meat pa!

    I left several plants at my garden to see whether the buld will get larger. I could imagine something like the sugar (?) beets I used in PI with potatoes for a colorful version of potato salad. I told my Mom about it, asking whether it was the same beets, but she was not sure about it, so she suggested I let some grow more.

    In those that I have cooked so far, some bulbs about 1 inch wide have developed, and I included them in the dish. My younger son asked what it was because he liked it, but there were just about 4 pieces. Haha!

  3. manang, nag post ako ng comment earlier, i don't know ba't nawala....


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