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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chicken and Corn Soup


One advantage of keeping frozen chicken broth or stock in the freezer is that I can have tasty satisfying soups anytime.

Chicken and corn soup is one of those comfort foods that my kids and I love.

1-2 cups cooked chicken bits
2 quarts (4 cups) chicken broth
1 (11-oz) can sweet corn kernels, drained
2 tbsp cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 cup cold water (or broth)
1 egg, beaten with 1 tbsp water
salt and pepper to taste
spring onions (optional)

Boil corn in broth until done. Add chicken bits and let boil. Stir in cornstarch mixture in slow stream until soup is slightly thickened. Remove from heat then pour the beaten egg slowly while stirring. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with spring onions to serve.
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  1. Mmmmm, looks yummy. Tamang-tama yan medyo maulan dito. Napaaga ang tag-ulan dito sa atin. :)

  2. I love corn soup! My mom used to make it with fresh corn cobs but I'm a wee bit lazy for that. Your dish looks great!

  3. Halo Manang, I have been lurking here for days now. I enjoyed every visit i made. I can't wait to start cooking and baking again. I will definitely make the ensaymada, hopia an cinnamon rolls this weekend. Thanks. I will subscribe!

  4. hmmm.. this is my favourite winter warmer..heheehe.. ang sarap nyan manang.. pahingi naman! :)

  5. oh, i'm making this tonight!:) thanks!

  6. Hello all,

    sensya na at nagloloko ang computer ko when I am using the internet...

    thanks for dropping by!

  7. I made this soup last night and it was good!! tnx sa recipe.hindi ko na nilagyan ng salt and pepper coz just the chicken broth itself made the soup very tasty..my husband and I both love it and even my 3 yr old daughter..hehehe..

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Enjoy your soup in this cold weather!


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