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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reader's Photo Gallery #2

Here are my latest photo submissions. Since they submitted a lot, I decided to make individual slideshows for their creations. I can tell that they have also started to venture more into baking. They have also started to experiment (I know I have a lot other readers who, upon getting their hands on baking for the first time, got encouraged and experimented more, using different doughs, fillings, shapes, glazes, etc.). That is exactly the kind of spirit I wanted to stir in my readers. I was once afraid to bake, too, but after overcoming fear, I now just play with dough. With the many Filipinos who grew up around bakeries in the Philippines, baking skills has become elusive to many households; hence a lot of Pinoys uprooted suddenly find themselves missing pan de sal, monay, and all those wonderful yeast rolls that we tended to take for granted because we had them all the time everyday in a neighborhood bakery while we were in PI. My very own attempts at making them was a means to empower us who are so far removed now from that Pilipino neighborhood bakeries, and I am glad that I have inspired many.

From Ohverly Sweet:

Hi Manang,

Some pictures from my kusina to yours. I thought I lost the photos I took when I made your supersoft ensaymada. With the rest of the dough I made some glazed cinnamon rolls. Also, I made use of the Parker House Rolls recipe which you mentioned on your site. Actually it was the very first recipe that I tried from your recommendations. And I was so happy dahil I thought I accomplished so much kase I've been scared dealing with yeast. And just to see the dough doubled in size, I was amazed coz I wasn't so successful with my baking adventure. The rolls might not look perfect but they were so good, soft and moist. Half of the recipe I made ham and cheese rolls, out of curiosity lang. And so I decided to make your supersoft ensaymada, again I was delighted, even my husband did! I still have to try the other version (buttery and eggyolky) next time.
I also made an inspiraton of your beef pares and used another recipe and fused them together, too bad I did not get to take pictures kahit 2x kona naluto (maybe next time).
Thanks for sharing all these great and useful ideas. I have to always get motivated with baking (tamad kasi ako maghugas at maglinis ng kalat :) ) ikaw na bahala which photos to use.

From Bobong:
(The slideshow includes pineapple upside down cake which I have never baked mainly because my hubby expressed disinterest in it. Maybe Bobong can share his recipe here...)

Hello Manang,

Bobong here., I am sending herewith photos of the bread I got from your blogspot.
Thank you so much for the inspiration and really appreciate for your tireless effort in sharing your recipes.
Apologize, that I have to make my mail short and quick because my family is about to go for a long weekend spree in Vegas..LOL...

Best Regards.

PS. I really don't know how to label my attached photos. But it consists of my Pastel Bread with Yema filling.. Pan de Leche, Monay, Cinnamon Rolls, ensaymada and yours truly. hehe...


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

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  3. These are great! I WILL make the recipes that I've been bookmarking and saving from your blog, one of these days! In the meantime, I so enjoy looking at all the delicious foods you create.

  4. I hope to join the gallery. Food tried and tested!

  5. HI hapi,
    Thanks for dropping by!

    I also plan to cook/bake some of yours! I loved that coco-flan cake you made!

    With your increasing skills in photography, I am sure your photos will shine here! Baka makatulong sa increase of traffic! haha!

  6. how do i send pics manang of my creations pero hango sa iyong creations/recipes... thanks...

  7. HI ellen,
    Just email me at manang.kusinera@gmail.com and attach those photos. If you want to add stories, feel free to do so! :)


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