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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Baking Videos of How-To's

Since there have been readers who ask me to teach how to do this and that, and to make vids especially in relation to baking, I decided to compile good vids here of the most common how-to's asked. I am bad at making vids, and since baking can be a long process (from proofing to kneading to final rising), it would take tremendous amount of time to just edit and make a short non-boring vid of one recipe (let's say pan de sal). I think the only one missing is the proper way of cutting pan de sal. I would like to have the time to make a video of that, then I will add to this collection (the one I saw on youtube just was not the way I know how pan de sal is cut so I did not embed that here). If you would like to suggest additional how-to videos please do so and leave me a comment. Thanks!


Shaping dough rolls

Slashing the dough (see 4:15)


Folding egg whites into batter

Creaming Butter (or Shortening) and Sugar

Rolling a Cake/Jelly Roll


  1. Thanks for this compilaton of videos! Although I've always appreciated your slideshow tutorials.

  2. How I wish I can watch your video presentations.
    I needed to download something in my computer to be able to bring up videos. AYY, SAYANG!!

  3. Hi TN,
    Thanks! I just compiled this for others as reference. I wish i had the resources (extra hand), time, and know-how to make a video properly (complete with editing) so I can make my own, instead of using YT vids of others.

    Hi Mely,
    It is very safe to download the plugin (adobe flash player), that way you can watch youtube vids (these are YT vids only, not mine).


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